Google Stalking TJ Holmes: CNN. Pictures. Gimme. Now.

This picture was taken by CNN of TJ while he was in Atlanta filming the last of the Black In America College Tour and was posted on the blog, All Things CNN.

While they manage to keep track of comedian Jon Stewart’s Wolf Blitzer fetish they are not nearly as TJ-riffic as I require. The amount of TJ-formation was paltry. Where’s the love, All Things CNN?

Also, a special request:

CNN has a special photographer who takes pictures of TJ Holmes sometimes??? Um … does anyone know someone at CNN so I can contact them and be like, “Hook a sister up. I will do nothing BUT tell people how awesome my future husband is!

I will be his Michelle Obama. Yes we can, TJ! (and CNN.)

It’s that deep!

Don’t just share with All Things CNN. They don’t have the time to give the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of TV News the attention he rightfully deserves.

Make it happen, CNN! We can do this!

For more pictures of TJ, please check out the archives on my flickr page. Remember! If you have a picture of TJ don’t be a TJ hog. Some of us have NEEDS!

Thank you.

PS. Random note … that All Things Anderson blog is kind of creepy. I mean, I love me some TJ, but there are so many stalker-ish Anderson Cooper blogs. And not of the Google/joke variety. I mean, All Things Anderson is the least pervy, but Coop-Oop-a-doop has real stalker problems. Us TJ lovers are just a bunch of slightly bored women (and gay dudes) who like news hotties. We would never get all weird on TJ on a dark street to the point that TJ has to pretend he’s on his cell phone and cross to the other side.

13 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: CNN. Pictures. Gimme. Now.

  1. On this day, 4/24/2008, I am admitting that I to have always had a crush on TJ Holmes. Glad to know that instead of looking all over the net for pics and articles, I can come here.You have gained yourself a loyal reader!!!! LOL

  2. i actually do have a friend that works for cnn, i mentioned that i need him to put me down w/tj. apparently that was funny to him. sounds like a no-go. lol.and WHY when i saw that “all about anderson cooper” was i like why doesn’t tj have one?! he deserves it! lol. i’m still mad @ him about that “black in america” thing, so i’m not going to be the one to start it. lol.

  3. fantastically misunderstood me: I know. TJ may not have his own evening show, but he’s on every weekend. And yeah, he was all lazy on “Black In America” but the brother’s better looking than Anderson. I’m sorry Cooper fans. He just is. And he’s younger. TJ is the hotness. He should have his own internet shrine. God knows how many TJ holics stumble on my site and cry out “I thought I was the only one! Thank you, Jesus, and you have pictures!”If someone knows html I will share my stash of TJ pics to create a TJ Mecca for us all to babble over. Only we’d make our site way cooler and funnier than All Things Anderson. Our site would kick All Things Anderson’s ass!

  4. I dont like how they treat TJ on CNN. No commentary, No Interviews Nothing.Why does Don “I wear too much MAC” Lemon get all the good stuff?!?!?!?WHY!?!?Don has ZERO News personality and I’m very bored with him.I’d rather watch Tony than DON!-I have to be anonymous. I’m a GROWN!!!

  5. all: Maybe we should start a “Promote TJ More CNN!” campaign … we could do what those “<A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>Save Jericho” folks did, only instead of peanuts we wound send Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.Nah. I couldn’t do that. Give me a Reese’s and I’m gonna eat them. That’s why I dubbed him “The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of TV News.”He’s delicious.

  6. Oh and another thing. Am I the only one who notices Betty Nguyen talks an awful lot, during their show.It’s like TJ says, “and back to you Betty”.I wish she would stop talking being that she fills in for Heidi Collins at LEAST 3 times during the weekday.No offense Betty, but the weekend ratings are high because of TJ.I just want to hear him talk MORE.ANd WTFX’s up with Dr. Gupta interrupting my daily dose of Saturday fineness with that Pre-recorded reports?!?!*sigh*Maybe MSNBC needs to find their own TJ Holmes so we can all be happy.Team TJ. He’s sexy.

  7. lola gets: That’s my whole goal. I want TJ to find the blog and let me be in charge of his fan club and to hip me to cute pictures of him and let me interview him. I’m sure he could use the publicity boost a fan club can bring.So call a snob, TJ! I will make you look good!

  8. I think this site is so funny…kind of scary, but funny nonetheless. I had to visit the site after hearing about it from one of my classmates. Yes, I attended high school and college with T.J. He was fine then as he is now…LOL! Good luck with you attainment of pictures. For a small fee, I suppose I could scan pics from our yearbook and post them on this site…LOL! Just kidding. Seriously!

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