What I Like About You …

Is that you read my blog … and you leave comments … and that you are all awesome!

Yes. That is Arnold giving you the one-thumb salute at the end of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” Yes. I’m a geek for Sci-Fi. I’m not ashamed.

That out of the blogs in the blog-o-verse you decided to Google/Stumble/Blogroll your way onto mine. That said, here are some things you can look forward to in the coming few weeks on “The Black Snob“:

New feature “Dereliction of Duty”: Due to the overwhelming response to post on black Greek life, I started talking and writing with others about how so many of our long standing institutions meant to help black people seem to be stagnate, inadequate or worse, derelict of duty. I hope this will be a weekly feature based on items as they come up in the news as well as profiles on these institutions and their original purpose. I will give my take on why these groups were once great, where they went wrong and how they can be relevant again.

Some examples of who (or what) I’ll be writing about include: The NAACP, historically black colleges and higher learning institutions, the Congressional Black Caucus, the National Council of Negro Women, the Pan-Hellenic Council, 100 Black Men of America groups, various politicians, integration, the public school system and many others. Feel free to suggest a group, project or individual you think needs a reality check. Drop me an email or post your suggestion below.

More Incognegro: Who knew people liked to talk about not-black-black-people as much as I do? Incognegro is going to become a weekly feature that not only profiles the racially ambiguous among us, but also reports on Incognegroes in the news (celebrity, local or otherwise). A profile or news feature will run on Mondays.

Upcoming profiles to look forward to include: Unemployed Actor Vin Diesel, Ex-Wrestler turned Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien. If there is someone in the public eye you’d like see profiled in “Incognegro,” please, drop a Snob an email.

More “Sexy” people: Starting next Wednesday, I will profile an individual from my “Great Wall of Sexy,” currently under construction on Flickr. These will be every Wednesday and I promise to keep them short, sweet and sexy. You can submit your names of sexy people of every ethnicity, color, occupation, age, gender, sexual orientation, alive or dead to be added to the wall. Of course, you have to tell me WHY this person is sexy. Looks alone (while important) will not get you on the wall.

More Snob art: It might take me awhile to get this up and running, but I may revive my old cartoon strip “Nerd Girl” on The Black Snob. (Pictured on the left is the main character’s best friend Rebecca.) I started the comic back in high school when it was called “Hazelwood Central,” after my alma mater. It was changed to “Nerd Girl” after I revived it in California with the intention of publishing it (after some words of encouragement from cartoonist Keith Knight of “The K Chronicles.” I will write about the crazy weekend I met him another day.) But it got lost in the shuffle. So I don’t know when it will make its official comeback, but I will keep you posted.

More Critical Thought on Obama: After the success of the last series people were crying out for more, so I’ll give you more! Unlike last time the entries will be more spread out, not daily, like before. I’m trying to reduce the level of burnout and up the quality of the posts. But here is the list as it stands today. (You can still e-mail me for suggestions or people you want to read about.)

Former Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown

NAACP leader Julian Bond

DLC leader Harold Ford Jr.

Rep. John Conyers

Author/TV Host Tony Brown

Rep. Maxine Waters

Rep. Charles Rangel

Former Ambassador Andrew Young

TV Host Tavis Smiley

Rep. John Lewis

William Lacy Clay

Academic/Author Cornell West

BET founder Robert Johnson

Author/Activist Kevin Powell

Author/feminist Bell Hooks

Author Michael Eric Dyson

Former Poet Laureate Maya Angelou

Author Toni Morrison

Washington Post columnist Eugene Washington

Chicago Newspaper columnist Clarence Page

Democratic strategist Donna Brazille

Washington Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehart

The articles will run every Tuesday and Thursday beginning tomorrow with ex-Mayor Willie Brown. If you don’t see your favorite media/political/activist/author/guru on the list, please continue to submit names. Keep in mind, some of these individuals may not be written up due to what I can or can’t find via the internet and the library.

That is all! Stay snobby!

12 thoughts on “What I Like About You …

  1. Your blog is terrific; I’m impressed how you manage to be funny, erudite, topical, and have all these different themes. Go you! I’d like to see the hot guy from Criminal Minds featured on the wall of sexy. Unfortunately I can’t remember his name but he is FABULOUS.

  2. redstar: Thank you for the compliments! I’m just happy people like to read what I write. It’s really rewarding to know I’m not just writing to myself over here.That said. If you’re referring to former model, ex-Young and Restless star Shemar Moore on “Criminal Minds” he is already on “The Wall of Sexy” <A HREF="http://www.flickr.com/photos/blacksnob/2424339864/in/set-72157603995600495/“ REL=”nofollow”>in all his sexy glory.

  3. I LOVE this blog snob!!!! If only I could get this enthused about my school work.You are such a great writer.I look foward to what you have coming.

  4. *whew*….as always, looking forward to see what topics you come up with on one of my favorite blogs! outstanding job!*starrie*

  5. dereliction of duty – I’m looking forward to those posts. I can be irreverant to long-standing Black Institutions, too. My favorite whipping posts are the National Urban League, the AME Chruch, and the state of urban education/general education of black people.can’t wait.

  6. ooooooooo Fun! Looking forward to all the new topics.Uh Snob – what happened to the blogging break? Not that I’m complaining because I worship The Snob.

  7. If more Icognegro means more *salivatory worthy* Wentworth (and others, but mainly Wentworth), then yes! 🙂 I love your site 🙂 Keep up the good blogging and congrats on your NPR thingy!

  8. Last weekend I found out that Carly Simon is part-black. Her mother was black and Jewish. Who knew? I certainly didn’t. That means Carly is 1/4 black. Please Incognegro her. Thanks.

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