In Other News … Naomi Campbell + United Nations = WTF???

My favorite insane supermodel, Naomi Campbell, managed to go to the United Nations Tuesday and not to kill anyone. All class, that girl. All class. Look at the way she stands next to that rent-a-cop and smiles. See? She’s not a mentally unbalanced black belt phone-fu master. She’s a sultry quasi UN Goodwill Ambassador using her fabulousity to change the world. Maybe she showed up because she thought her favorite South American socialist, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, was there.

They were so incredibly sexy together at that day when Chavez seduced her into a photo op in Caracas.

Oh well. I guess she’ll have to settle for Paolo Zampolli pictured with her above. Anyone know who that is? Because WireImage was totally lazy with their descriptions.

5 thoughts on “In Other News … Naomi Campbell + United Nations = WTF???

  1. ok, I can see in the comments that I wasn’t the only one completely distracted by that fright of a wig. I mean, it’s the UN for chrissakes–couldn’t she have stopped at 125th Street first?

  2. What are you people commenting a bunch of racist haters?You bunch of worthless losers!!!Does it make you feel better to say shit about a famous beautiful celebrity who is not white

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