Kanye and Alexis Over, But What About Me???

First Foxy Brown and now this? Why Kanye and Alexis? Why?!?!?!? I just put you up on “The Great Wall of Sexy?” Why are you denying me the opportunity to make jokes about you getting married dressed like Max Headroom while strolling down the aisle to a Daft Punk/Justice remix of the wedding march?

Rapper Kanye West and his fiancée of a year and a half, designer Alexis Phifer have broken off their engagement, Phifer confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“It’s always sad when things like this end, and we remain friends,” Phifer tells PEOPLE. “I wish him the best in his future and all of his endeavors. He’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.”

I can’t say I’m surprised this happened. Kanye’s mother died suddenly last year. Even though he’s been a trooper, working, recording and crashing award shows he has not been his usual insane drama queen self. Save for getting a little pissy about not getting into all the fashion shows in Paris this winter, he’s been a mere shadow of his former ridiculous self.

So between depression and a hectic pop star work schedule things didn’t bode well for the relationship. I was hoping it would work out because my dark heart springs eternal for true love, but I can see how it might not have worked out as planned.

At least Jay and Beyonce made it through the fire and down the alter. Thank God. I’ll always have their love to ruse.

11 thoughts on “Kanye and Alexis Over, But What About Me???

  1. Am I going to have to be like those people on Bossip and stuff and shout “1st!!” into the comment box over here? I predict soon. Lol.And although I agree that Kanye has been skipping his usual dramatics since his mama passed away, is it possible that what he said was true and the thing w/her just “wasn’t working out”? I guess in industry standards a 1.5 year engagement is not long at all, (BeeJay denied their relationship for 6 years before Creole Ball of Spring that was their secret wedding) in the real world that’s a long time to be rocking a ring w/no wedding date set and no other plans made.Perhaps he saw that clothing line she designed over on YBF and threw a bitch fit @ her lack of style. Lol. Cuz those clothes were looking like woah… Draperies much?

  2. jasmine: I think she was tired of him taking up so much room on the bathroom counter. Between all those bougie outre Italian designer et du toilet bottles, Yaki weave, boxes of S-Curl, tampons, cotton balls and Axe Spray Body Shots she was probably wonder where she could put her 367 limited edition Bobbi Brown makeup kit.That’s a lot for one counter to handle.fantastically misunderstood me: Hey, I’m willing to entertain “it didn’t work out.” Shit doesn’t work out all the time. But they have been dating since before “The College Dropout” came out. So that was a long relationship by most standards, even if it was “off and on” for some stretches. It was probably rough for either of them to hang it up.And the clothes were looking like drapes. I agree. I think she was going for some Grecco-Roman theme and misfiring. And I’ve said this many times now, but MUST EVERYONE HAVE A CLOTHING LINE???I’m two-seconds from starting my own BLACK SNOB line of fine products a la Juicy Couture, only all the clothes will be in black and gold with lots of leopard print.

  3. Black and gold in leopard print? No!!! No more. Remember that writer Deborah Gregory was pushing that get-up and then finally struck with the Cheetah Girls. The prints and catwoman behavior never worked for her, but she did strike relevance gold with her tween sensations in kid literature. I respect her for making it work somewhere.But just yesterday a co-worker of mine and I were talking about “No more Baby Phat and Baby Phat knock-offs”. I love what Kimora is doing now that she is maturing but I don’t think she will admit that Baby Phat line is part of her former self. It all goes with “acquired taste” and the luck and gumption twist of free market venture.If you started licensing Black Snob on anything, I will stop reading your blog. Why don’t you just cut Black off the name anyway? Just go with SNOB. Go with something but just not Black Snob. It’s too…uhm…well…you know.I kind-of know you would never do anything like that in creating another sensationalized stunt to capture the numb and empty minds of our people for pure exploitation to get them momentarily high to drop them after you go to hide behind your golden gate estate. We don’t need anymore “good intentions gone bad”. Our co-dependent addictions request the abuse but I know you would never be the next to make more of us captives to more of the insanity of self-idolatry manifested by worship of fantasy-aroused clothing.

  4. @ The Black Snob: May the Lord bless you for the “Wall of Sexy”. As I viewed your collection, all I could do was nod & say “yes” & “unh hunh”. I love how you incorporated such a variety of races/hues. You have great taste. I believe you have just about everyone covered already, but just in case, do you take requests/submissions?D.

  5. Jasmine, I am the biggest Kanye fan ever but I’m a gone head and put it out there cause it needs to be said:Kanye is gay.There it is. IMO, Alexis always “lookalikeaman”. And his boo, Johnny L. was not having all this engagement talk. He told him to call it off or else…Besides, they just would’ve fought over who’d have the biggest Vera Waang gown anyways…

  6. grown: I wasn’t going to call the brother “explicitly” gay. But you just had to throw out the fey word.Maybe he LIKES fashion and going to Paris and complaining about not getting into all the shows because the frogs are “haters.”Maybe. It could happen.andrea: And you don’t have to worry about seeing any Snob apparel anytime soon. Especially not in gold lame and leopard. (Although I may do something with my artwork at some point.)

  7. Now that would be HOT!Are you channelling your inner Elizabeth Catlett?I would love to meet her…you know…before she passes.You know…why don’t the new sorority here take a road trip to Mexico to find her and honor her. I know someone here in DC that knows here. They say she is slightly frail but she deserves our love.

  8. Kanye likes white girls. Listen to his lyrics. He thinks he has reached a point where his fans are non black and he can get away with it without his mother looking crazy at him or being hurt in the pocket from the black fans who will disapprove.

  9. I know things look kinda suspect right now, but I am still not willing to say Kanye is gay just yet. That word is thrown around so much when it comes to famous people it’s practically useless. If I say “its gonna rain” every day and one day it does rain, I didn’t predict the weather.

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