Clutch Yer Pearls!

Foxy Brown is out of Rikers.

Rapper Foxy Brown is out of jail. Family and fans greeted Brown Friday outside Rikers Island as she was released from the jail after serving an eight-month sentence.

“The first place I want to go is church. I’ve got to get on my knees,” said Brown.

Instead, Brown went shopping in Harlem, had some soul food and was driven to her childhood home in Brooklyn in a white Rolls Royce Phantom.

Her mother, Judith Marchand, presented her with smiley-face balloons and the two hugged outside the family’s home in the Prospect Heights neighborhood. A VH1 crew captured the reunion for an upcoming reality show.

“I did almost a year in prison, a year in prison, just because my name is Foxy Brown,” she said.

Sweet merciful Lord. She’s our own personal Nelson Mandela! Eight whole months for breaking her probation after mutiple incidents over the last five years where she’s attacked manicurists and beat people with cell phones.

She can’t even come up with her own original ways to beat peasants. Throwing phones is Naomi’s thing.

Is it just me or is it sad that people are celebrating this like she was Tim Robbins and this is the Shawshank Redemption? I’m fine for all this fanfare when it’s some poor guy or gal (like St. Louis’ own Ellen Reasonover) who was wrongly accused and imprisoned. Go nuts when you get out! But Foxy (like Lil’ Kim and Remy Ma) committed a crime. Why the fanfare? She should be ashamed, sneaking out the back door. But wait, we’re talking about Americans right?

Never mind. We got rid of shame in this country a long, long time ago.

I don’t advocate listening to Marilyn Manson’s music (because it’s terrible, not the whole creep factor), but every time some shit like this goes down with cameras flashing and film rolling and everyone getting caught up in manufactured hype (is that redundant?) I truly believe that “we’re all stars now in the Dope Show.”

6 thoughts on “Clutch Yer Pearls!

  1. So what’s your solution to this? I have a few ideas.What you said summed it up. It’s a free market economy and she is exploiting her chances. That’s all she knows and that is all a lot of know. Amazing how some people only see themselves as a commodity they must exploit of themselves for survival (economic and soul).

  2. To echo Andrea, you’ve summed it up.The whole “the first place I’m going is to church so I can get on my knees” comment followed by her going shopping…yeah, color me unsurprised. One can only hope that she went shopping for better hair than she had before she went in the slammer, because as Diddy told Babs on MTB, Foxy needs to “seek better hair options.”

  3. andrea: Foxy, like a-many black “rappers” is about getting paid. The woman can’t even write her own material (Jay Z and the like did the heavy lifting early on). She was essentially a “gimmick.” This, unfortunately, happens a lot to female MCs. Ones with talent (your Queen Latifas, Bahamadias, Salt n’ Pepas, Jean Graes) have a hard time getting deals. Most rap producers would rather pick up a cute girl off the street and write her really raunchy things to say (a la Biggie and Lil’ Kim.)Foxy is basically an insult to any female MC. Jean Grae and Princess Superstar were the last two female rappers I spent money on. And as far as I’m concerned they were the only two worth the money as … dear Lord … they have talent.So Foxy is just doing to herself what Jay Z and LL Cool J originally did to her. I hate to say it, but she is a glorified stripper. She doesn’t really understand why things are the way they are but she knows her personal self-destruction sells so her dignity is going for about $1,500 right now. Sense of decency is about $500. She already sold her soul for her career. She’s having an “everything must go” bargain bonanza.tallulah: Outside Jesus literally parting the clouds from the sky walking down to earth and personally smacking her on the head like they do in the “should’a had had a V-8” commercials, I’m totally with you. But she is further proof that for me everything is better with a British accent. But then Naomi’s ass is ten-thousand percent more glamorous with better hair extensions.And no one is fake walking on the runways for her. She totally sobers up all on her own and does her own walking for cash.

  4. I’m still trying to figure out whether foxy brown is batshit crazy or just really, really ghetto.

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