Did You Hear About ABC’s Debate Sucking?

Sadly … no, not sadly … nonchalantly, I missed the Democratic debate on Wednesday. All those car crash reviews in the press gave the impression that an old man and a former member of the Clinton Administration couldn’t conduct a mindful, provocative debate.

“The nation has witnessed, first hand, George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibson for who they really are: pandering yellow journalists. Carnival barkers …,” blogger Bob Cesca wrote at www.huffingtonpost.com.

Nearly 17,000 comments flooded ABC News’ Web site, many of them pouring scorn on the moderators, who were booed by the auditorium crowd near the end of the debate.

“Stephanopoulos and Gibson are the worst of hacks. Asinine nincompoopery. I’m glad they were jeered at the end,” one poster, identified only as Splendoline, wrote.

Damn! Out of all the shitty debates, from Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper talking to YouTube to various debates Republicans refused to show up for, I miss this one–the one that apparently took crappy to a whole new level.

Since I missed it (as I’m really, REALLY on vacation. I got my hair done today and I’m sore all over from moving muscles other than my fingers) please feel free to fill me in where all that the negative press left out.

Other than that … seriously. He worked for the first Clinton Administration. You didn’t think that would be an issue, ABC News? Because it doesn’t matter if you leave the White House in a huff, saying you were famously disgusted and disappointed by your boss’ skirt chasing. That gives you even more reasons to say, “Hey, Disney. Maybe I should really sit this one out. Let someone who actually went to J-school and worked at a TV station in Fresno for two years have a shot. You know. Someone who didn’t just stroll in off the street after having a fight with their boss and take a job some other poor journalist, like … I don’t know … Cokie Roberts had worked so hard for and was denied yet again.”

Oh, Stephanopoulos. When will you ever learn?

4 thoughts on “Did You Hear About ABC’s Debate Sucking?

  1. After I saw the whole thing (<A HREF="http://gentrydesignco.typepad.com/monkeymindoftige/2008/04/if-this-wasnt-t.html“ REL=”nofollow”> I kind of protested about it a bit throughout), I was convinced that Camp Clinton had to have paid-off ABC, Gibson, Stephenopoulos or all to conduct the interview in the manner that they did. I was really disturbed that, more often than not, they didn’t even give *both* of the candidates the opportunity to respond to the same question–e.g., they’d ask Clinton a fairly non-aggressive version of a question, but before allowing Obama to respond, they’d re-phrase the question with a slightly more-negative slant. As I’m sure you’ve seen, they REALLY tried to hammer him on some really crazy–absolutely crazy–stuff. They didn’t get her nearly as aggressively as they should have for LYING. And unfortunately, he didn’t seem to be 100% throughout. I’ve never liked Gibson (who I’ve always thought is a weak, boring journalist) or Stephenopoulos; however, I really can’t stand either of them now. Other people don’t seem to view this particular incident the way I thought it happened–at one point, I *thought* I saw/heard Step actually chastise Obama about his claims that the questions they were asking him were diversions–I felt Step, who had no place to, told him basically to just suck it up because he’s going have to “deal with this” if he’s the candidate in the general election. The tone, verbiage and body-language were just wrong and to me, intimidating–for lack of a better word.So, yeah, I’m so sorry you missed it–would love to have heard your opinion. Heck, shouldn’t it be on Youtube or something? Find it so you can tell me I’m not crazy… I wanted to reach through the screen to get Step for that.

  2. I forgot to add that my “protesting post” is a wee bit of a rant–I was just so flabbergasted by what they were doing…

  3. Girl. I only caught the beginning in between commercial breaks of ANTM but…George Steph showed his ass. Everytime I tuned in, he was asking Obama some salacious, tabloid driven question. This went on for at least the first hour of the debate. At first I thought that I was crazy cause the debate seemed biased to me, but when I read the reviews the next day, I felt better cause I knew it wasn’t just me who was seeing this. Tamra, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Even the tone in which George S. asked the questions had a hostile feeling about them…I normally don’t even watch ABC but they definitely lost a viewer in me…

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