Yes We Can Do ‘The Colbert Report!’

The Obama campaign didn’t waste a minute getting up Michelle Obama’s appearance on The Colbert Report. But I thought I’d wait for the show to get their video up because I knew it would be of better quality. (And if you want to see even better quality, click here.)

One. I already raved that she looked beautiful.

Two. I found it both hilarious and a little cringe-worthy when Stephen started fake hitting on her.

Three. I thought she did a decent job considering she was doing her best not to fall into Stephen’s elaborate comedy traps. I would have liked her to loosen up a little and let more of the funny fly as she has a deft sardonic wit, but considering how every “um” and “urh” coming out of her mouth is scrutinized I don’t blame her for playing it safe and rattling off some talking points. Although the “yes we can” bit was classic Michelle, being that it was both kind of funny and had some unintentional sexual energy behind it that I’m sure was really about “Yes we can, wash the dishes” and “yes we can take out the garbage.” Not “yes we can” whatever my lizard brain was picking up on.

Four. Way to show some leg. Those stilts were long. If you got it, flaunt it and my God, she was flaunting it.

Five. It really would be awesome for Barack to come on the show and administer a beat down on Stephen for his lewdness, but we know that’s not going to happen. Barack isn’t Dennis Kucinich or Mike Hucakbee, who both had free range to act a damn fool on Colbert every time.

BTW. Did anyone see Chris Matthews on The Colbert Report earlier this week? Talk about cringe-worthy. He went all earnest and started talking about running for senate from Pennsylvania in 2010. Dear sweet Joseph, Mary and Jesus, there are already too many whack jobs in Congress. It’s bad enough he’s on television.

6 thoughts on “Yes We Can Do ‘The Colbert Report!’

  1. I love Steven Colberrr (spelling it how he pronounces it) and the Colberrr Report…even more so than The Daily Show *gasp*. I loved Michelle’s dress! And I did see Chris Matthews say that he wants to run for Senate. As if it weren’t already loud enough. Also, I loved how he tried to get on to Steven about being boring and Steven told him, “You have put me to sleep at 6 PM many a night sir.” Hilarious.Barack v. Colbert…that would make for the funniest Colbert Report ever.

  2. I LOVED her response to the “who are you supporting” question. Absolutely amazing woman! I had to smile through the entire interview. Think I may go watch it again…

  3. I heart Michelle too. I think she did as well as she could post “Proud-gate”. She is so fab.Thank you for keeping us abreast of the Mrs. O news.

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