I’m only going to blog one time tomorrow. And one time only. For real. Stop laughing.

And it’s going to be about how amazing Michelle Obama looked on Colbert Report tonight. My girl was on FIRE with her hotness. She had the satiny emerald green knee-length dress. The bob was health, full, sensuous and fierce. She looked “beans don’t burn on da grill” good. I was jealous. But I won’t hate. Never that. Because I HEART Michelle Obama. If I had to pick a female action figure it would Ms. O-time, every time. Will write more tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “I’m only going to blog one time tomorrow. And one time only. For real. Stop laughing.

  1. The Obama team’s already got <A HREF="

    REL=”nofollow”>the video up on Youtube. Favorite Question: Why would you want to be First Lady? You’d never get any sleep because I understand the phone keeps ringing at 3 AM.

  2. I want a Michelle action figure to put on my desk too. I would SO buy one. In fact, as much as no kid of mine would have dolls, THAT is indeed the doll (action figure) every little black girl should have… You–blog “one time only” tomorrow? Puh-lease. You’re addicted, and we’re enablers. You keep writing, we’ll keep enabling! 😉

  3. Snob; er, Danielle,I also would own a Michelle Obama doll, if available. Thanks for the conservative postings; they were informative. Also, thanks for the Jean-Grae hookup; I first heard her on LiquidSoulElements.com about 4 months ago. Loves it.ps= methinks that constructive criticism dude has waaaay too much time on his hands

  4. deedlelee: I became hip to Jean Grae a few years back when Salon.com had a free music download blog. I own her release “Attack of the Attacking Things” and it’s pretty awesome.

  5. Again, thanks for the Mrs. O post. She is my hero. Just as much as I think that it would be awesome for young black men to turn on the TV and see President Obama; I believe that our sons and daughters would benefit greatly from seeing that bad sistah, First Lady Obama, working that big white house. Her new hairstylist is fierce(with a snap). The bob is perfect. My shero!

  6. rikyrah: A Michelle Obama doll would be the best thing ever. I’d give one to every little black girl and not-black-black-girl to show that intelligence, beauty and class should be their aspirations as opposed to Barbie’s big boobs and bimboism.And a Michelle O. doll would go right up there with other great black American dolls, like my Florence Griffin-Joyner doll. I loved that thing. It’s much better to have your daughter want to be the fastest woman in the world (and stay fly while doing it) than have them think all that matters is looks and sex appeal.

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