Happy Birtday Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

Picture from the New York Times

You rock.
And it was awesome to see you and Bruce Lee go at it in “Game of Death.” Not to mention your career with the Lakers. You and Magic are the reasons why I’m a diehard Laker fan to this day.

And yeah. I broke my own “not blogging rule” again. Pardon me if I wanted to let you know it was the Sky Hook King’s birthday.

And since he’s leaning towards Obama, I wonder if he’d be up for doing a PSA on how black Muslims, like the vast majority of Muslims, don’t want to destroy us. The only people Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wanted to take out were the Celtics. And he took ’em out like the trash every time.

He’s just the “gentleman’s athlete” — Smart, witty and humble. He should hold seminars because these kids today, I tell you. Just do what you can with LeBron. Please. For the sake of us all. Have a “come to Muhmmad meeting” with the brother.

Wish him well on his blog at the LA Times.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birtday Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

  1. I read his blog and he is a wonderful human being. I used to live across the street from Power Memorial in NYC where he went to H.S. Lots of cute boys before it was closed down. :-)No, all Muslims aren’t out to get us. Fear is a beyotch.

  2. danielle: I don’t know how someone couldn’t love Kareem. That’s like saying you don’t Stevie Wonder. What? Not one song? He’s Stevie Wonder!So that’s how I feel about Kareem.

  3. Without question an exceptional person – one of greatest basketball players ever, jazz, writer and historian – he is one of my heroes! Happy birthday Kareem!

  4. Kareem and I are about the same age. In the middle 196O he basketball world was more excited about him than any other collegiate player. He was the best. We looked up to him in two ways, first as straight up supporter of the Black struggle and then as one of the greatest hoopsters of all time. Many of my friends were collegiate athletes, in football, basketball and track. To a person, he was universally admired and in my circles still is. Thanks for digging him, y’all.

  5. I’ve always liked the old school laker squad. Kareem, Magic, Worthy, even AC Green, but that was later….

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