Break Out Before You Get Bumrushed!

Snoop was gangsta country when gangsta country wasn’t cool.

Where’s Kool Moe Dee and when did they integrate Country Music Television’s awards? And why would they use Snoop, Bobby Brown and Sisqo to be the Jackie Robinson’s awards’ show guests? I mean, I know Sisqo did that gawd awful “Wild, Wild West” song with Will Smith that I will never erase from my memory (thanks MTV), but … oh, well. I guess he makes as much sense as Snoop. Carry on.

Singer Diana DiGarmo, Sisquo and TV Personality Maureen McCormick.

In tribute of black and white coming together over that hearth of Nashville’s finest here’s a taste of the best black western mashup this side of Mario Van Peebles’ “Posse.”

4 thoughts on “Break Out Before You Get Bumrushed!

  1. I think this is a clear case of “color placement”which is when people of color are purposely featured to hype / promote an unbelievable product or idea Other cases of color placement1. John McCain / Condi Rice ticket2. Madonna’s adopted son3. The funny black co-worker in that movie

  2. I’ll be honest. I just wanted an excuse to work Kool Moe Dee references into my blog. Soon I’ll be dropping “How Ya Like Me Now” and other pearls o’ wisdom from the Moe Dee.Of course, I’m more of a Classic LL person. I actually have verses committed to memory of LL. Unfortunately, I haven’t enjoyed most of his work after he delivered the coup de gras to Moe Dee on “Mama Said Knock You Out.”Man, that was good battle rhyming. Biggie and Tupac really took the fun and games out of that. There was a time you could just rap about delivering beatdowns but very few people actually got beatdown. As Classic Ice Cube would say, it was all about “Banging On Wax.”Sigh ….

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