I’m still on break! Honest to God!

This is just a request for input. Not a real posting. I swear, Moody! I’m totally not going to blog anymore today!

By popular demand (including you, Constructive Feedback! Feel special!) I will likely be doing another “Opinions on Obama” series since the one with black Conservatives did so well. The folks at DailyKos were listing POV’s they wanted to hear left and right. So the next one will include some members of the CBC as well as black literary, media and famous figures.

Send me an e-mail with the names you want to read about. Constructive Feedback, try to keep it under 50 names, pretty please. I’m only human. 😉

Here are some names thus far. Feel free to toss in what you like and I’ll count up who everyone desires the most:

Rep. Maxine Waters

Rep. Charles Rangel

Former Ambassador Andrew Young

TV host Tavis Smiley

Rep. John Lewis

Rep. William Lacy Clay, Jr.

Cornell West

BET founder Robert Johnson

Author/Activist Kevin Powell

Author Alice Walker

Author/feminist bell hooks

Poet/Author Nikki Giovanni

Author Michael Eric Dyson

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

Poet/Author Maya Angelou

Author Toni Morrison

Washington Post columnist Eugene Washington

Washington Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehart

Newspaper columnist Clarence Page

Democratic strategist Donna Brazille

I know I’m forgetting some other good ones, so tell me about five people who you like off this list and add who you think I forgot and would be good to look at too.

Thanks! I’m going back to NOT BLOGGING, for real this time!

7 thoughts on “I’m still on break! Honest to God!

  1. BlackSnob – not to be “snooty” but I have a running vow never to do anything to contribute content to The Huffington Post after a run in with Dan Brown and (by extension) Jonathan Kozol on the subject of education for African American students. I’ll pass but thanks for the offer for me to contribute.Poor Inner City Black Student – The “Black Poster Child” For The White Liberalhttp://functionalculture.blogspot.com/2007/08/poor-inner-city-black-student-black.html

  2. I wasn’t offering you to contribute to HuffPo. I was asking you for names for my new series to be on this blog! Dude. You’ve got to read more closely! I know there are some CBC folks you wanted to name for me to write about. 🙂

  3. constructive feedback: BTW, Jonathan Kozol gets on my nerves too. I had to read a lot of his work for a freelance project and after awhile my eyes got stuck in the back of my head.Then he went on that fast. My GOD, that was insane. Even Ted Kennedy started to find excuses to avoid him. And you know it’s bad when Ted Kennedy’s hiding from you.I agree with him that the inner city education system is a travesty, but he just sounds crazy half the time. I have the same issues with Noam Chompsky. I always start to agree with them, then they start going off the deep end and then I close the book and put it down and do something else.But strangely, I like Chompsky more than Kozol. I think it was the fast. I just couldn’t get passed that. “Manufactured Consent” made way more sense than fasting over NCLB.

  4. Dang it! I need to get on Constructive Feedback’s level! in less than 3 days he’s gotten a shout out in 2 of my favorite blogs! Field Negro shouted him too. *sighs*Now this could reveal my obvious prejudice, but I say Nikki Giovanni, Alice Walker and Toni Morrison. Lol. Just kidding. I already read Walker & Morrison’s takes, but Giovanni would be interesting. Angelou was running some ads down here in TX for Hillary, so I already know how she feels. Let’s go bell hooks, Kevin Powell, Bob Johnson (although he may be too busy. I think a lotta people still have him out there on the lawn as a jockey)and Maxine Waters. There’s also a state senator here, think her name’s Sheila Jackson Lee.

  5. [quote]Dang it! I need to get on Constructive Feedback’s level! in less than 3 days he’s gotten a shout out in 2 of my favorite blogs! Field Negro shouted him too. *sighs*[/quote]Ms Misunderstood Me:When you say “Shout out” what do you mean?Now that I think about it – I think you mean that the blog author has directly referenced me in their posts.I try not to make it “all about me” though. Once it reaches that point then people believe that in opposing “me” that they are actually advancing in their own objectives. This is hardly the case. Too many people operate based on “popularity”. In finding like minded people who think the same way that they do does not prove that they are correct. It didn’t work back in the day when there was a concensus that “the Earth was flat”. It does not work today – particularly in the face of our community in which so many people with so much potential have it squandered because in our activism we are acutally advocating for things that having proven to be in our best interests.(Now I could talk about the blog’s author and her choice to affilate with The Huffington Post at this point – but I like her – despite what she thinks my views of her are. 🙂 )

  6. I think Angelous would be interesting even though we know who she supports – I need to know why!Tavis would be interesting.Don’t forget Bob Johnson.I can’t wait – hurry back.I don’t like a lot of journalists and media organizations, but I keep reading and watching because I believe it’s important to know waht the opposer is saying.

  7. Ex-Mayor Willie Brown, San Francisco Julian Bond John Conyers,Congressman Detroit Michigan Tony Brown, Author/TV Host Mayor Ron Dellums, Oakland California

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