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As some of you may have gathered in the comments’ sections I’ve decided to take a brief “blog sabbatical.” I won’t be gone completely. (I’m a junkie. Writing is my crack rock. And the computer is my dealer. I don’t know what that makes you guys? Enablers? Cause I would do this whether you were reading or not. It’s that deep. But you guys do make it seem less Unabomber-like.) I’ll still check up on the site and make occasional updates, but I’ve been a one-woman blog machine for more than three months now and I’m a tad burnt out.

I’ve dropped out from my blog-4-pay gig. (I couldn’t make it work with my other freelance work.) And my blog-obsession is probably unhealthy as … um … I probably need to clean … and … hmm … probably talk to people who know me in reality-land as opposed to virtual-land.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to quit the blog crack cold turkey as surprise o’ surprise I was recently invited to start writing the occasional entry for Huffington Post.

I’m hoping this will continue to open up some doors (like DailyKos did) and maybe some day I’ll open up a door with some money and health insurance behind it.

Keep your fingers crossed!

I’ll let you fellow snobs know when I’m supposed to pop up at HuffPo. Since I can’t blog under my doppelganger anymore after I start there I’m outing myself after a total six months running around with this “not” secret identity.

My name is Danielle C. Belton. I’m not really a “snob.” I’m more of a well-educated suburbanite with unruly hair. These pictures are a tad old (like two years maybe). My hair is much, much bigger now and thank sweet Jesus for headbands and scarves or no one would ever see my eyes again.

But I’ll totally get that fixed if I ever blow up. Get myself my own personal napologist.

Right after I get some vision and dental.

Stay Snobby!

P.S. Um, I’ll be blogging sporadically for about a week. If I last that long. I swear. It’s so sick, I’m a fiend, but I promised my Canadian homie Moody that I wouldn’t die-via-blogging. That’s a lame-ass way to go. I want to either go spectacularly or of extremely old n’ happy age. You know two seconds after my husband Aaron McGruder sighs my name for the last time. And then we can be buried faced down so the whole world can kiss our … you know the rest.

24 thoughts on “All Blogged Out

  1. Just when I’m finding your beyond phenomenal blog, you’re leaving me?!!Danielle, let me just say as your, um, let’s just say much older sister, I am so proud of the work you’ve done with this site. You’ve been provocative, insightful, and made me laugh so hard I scared my grown children and my dog.I can’t wait to read your posts on HuffPo. I wish you all joy and good fortune, honey, and don’t leave us completely high and dry here!

  2. portiapm5: This is totally a forced break. I mean, I don’t want to have some wackass obit that I died while blogging. I just can’t let that happen. Anything but that. Plus, I seriously need to get out if I’m ever going on another date again.And the ‘do? It is a NIGHTMARE. And I gots to do mah taxes. Gurl, I is a hot mess right now. It’s sad really, but true.I swear, I will be back. Give me like a week. It just dawned on my I put no ETA on when I’d be back up to full steam. Probably because knowing my ass I’ll put down the blog for two minutes and be “but I must write something! The world needs to know how much I HATE LIL WAYNE!”I’m a fiend. It’s just sickening!So I’ll say a week when I’ll probably be back in … mmm … I think I could not post new material for three days. Maybe … I don’t know. We’ll see.Thanks for finding the site! I won’t stay gone long.

  3. you’ve earned the break my sista! but i’ve also garnered that you abandoned this blog for like months at some point. needless to say we don’t want a repeat performance, snob. don’t make me stalk you like we google tj! lol.

  4. Wow – congrats on the HuffPo spot, I frequent them too so I’m sure I’ll read you there.Dang, I just recently found you and loved the analysis of Black Conservatives – it was enlightening and funny.Read ya soon!

  5. Well I for one shall check in with some frequency just to see if you’ve broken your fast and posted. I’ll miss you in the meantime.Congrats on the Huff post gig – hope it goes well and leads to bigger and better.Now go take care of those taxes, girl you know those IRS people DO NOT play. LOL!

  6. Congrats on the HuffPo gig. I’ll be sure to check you out there when you start. Again–an open door–go for it. After that–even bigger, better things (not like the HuffPo is shabby to begin with!).Well-earned “blog-sabbatical”–I’ve often wondered how you could write all of this great content without getting to the point of burn-out. Best wishes in all that you do!

  7. “20,000 hits and you’re calling it quits?”I was just getting beyond my skepticism of you and your motivations. :-)(Of course the Huffington Post gig doesn’t help in that effort from my stand point)I will just have to be stuck with the assumption that your goal was to complete your series on the despotic Black Conservative and then move on. I guess I’ll just have to look for someone else to scan the line up of the Congressional Black Caucus and inspect their views of this presidential election and document how having a president of their liking will tangibly benefit their districts so that 4 years from now someone can inspect their promises when they pander for our votes in the future.Good luck on your new gig. In all seriousness – I hope that you continue to make the case to people that “their side” of the issue is not always the perfectly correct side of the issue.

  8. i’m sure you earned your well deserved “sabbatical”…i just found your blog two weeks ago and i’m hooked..stay strong…and i look forward to seeing you back on the snob and on the huffington report…*starrie*

  9. Very good on the Huffington Post gig!I visit here and read your words frequently and have to say that you are inspiring and thought-provoking! Can’t wait to read your stuff on HuffPo…

  10. I just found you too. I was thinking however how you upheld your stamina. I have so much to read from months ago when I did not know of you. So until you regenerate, I will be reading your archived viewpoints.

  11. you guys!: I’ll still be lurking about. It will be very hard not to post, like, three times a day like normal. But I’m cooking up some new material (and possibly a new logo design, I don’t know yet) when I come back full-time.And thanks for the compliments. Just so you know, you’re all enabling a blog-a-holic!FYI: By popular demand (including you, Constructive Feedback! Feel special!) I will likely be doing another “Opinions on Obama” series since this one did so well. The folks at DailyKos were listing POV’s they wanted to hear left and right. So the next one will include some members of the CBC as well as black literary, media and famous figures. I’m going to … sigh … break my fast ever briefly to put up a post asking for names I should cover. The top ten people want to read about the most (along with about one or two extra if someone I like isn’t in the top ten).Send me an e-mail to with the names you want to read about. Constructive Feedback, try to keep it under 50 names, pretty please. I’m only human. ;)So don’t fret. I will be back! HuffPo will be a sometime gig. This is still my main stage. I will return to my insane posting schedule after this week. Feel free to busy yourselves with the archives or go over to the <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>SCAN blog and help yourself to a “Wanted Poster” of Bill Clinton.

  12. Congrats Snob on your new gig!I really enjoy reading your blog. Your amazing as a writer.But then again I might be a little biased since we share the same hometown 😉

  13. Congrats to you Snob. BTW, I love the hair. You’re a wonderful writer and I wish you all the best.You’ve earned the time off.Cheers!

  14. Come back soon! Your blog is fabulous and hilarious, and your writing is excellent. Congrats on the gigs! I personally think you need to report IMMED. on the Beyonce/Jay-Z nuptials, but I suppose I can wait until 4/16 for that (yes, my taxes are looming over my head too). I also stopped blogging about a month ago, and now just guest post elsewhere, and I much prefer it. But don’t let that be a lesson to you!!Black Snob rocks!PS: I dig the photos and the hair.

  15. After seeing what you look like, I think that you and TJ would complement each other well :)D.

  16. Everyone: Thanks for all the compliments and I’m totally sucking at NOT blogging. (I’m really trying tho’! Honest to goodness!)Anon: Oh yes. TJ and I would have the world’s most newsie babies. Instead of a playhouse they would have a play newsroom with a toy teleprompter. Our kids would look like Ron Burgandy’s in “Anchorman.” Only with better hair and tans. It would be awesome. 🙂

  17. Congratulations. Thanks so much for bringing Ms.Obama. I can’t wait to see your articles on Huff Po. Have you written any books? Maybe this blog should be turned into one. Sandra

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