End It On This!

Is this really what they’re fighting about?

At issue are comments (Barack Obama) made privately at a fundraiser in San Francisco last Sunday. He was trying to explain his troubles winning over some working-class voters, saying they have become frustrated with economic conditions:

“It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

The comments, posted Friday on The Huffington Post Web site, set off a blast of criticism from Clinton, Republican nominee-in-waiting John McCain and other GOP officials, and drew attention to a potential Obama weakness — the image some have that the Harvard-trained lawyer is arrogant and aloof.

Of all the things to fight over we’re arguing about how “offensive” it is call people in rural America “bitter” because their jobs dried up and blew away, never to return.

This is pretty pathetic argument where it sees there is no “there” there, i.e. this is trumped up bullshit. My fellow brother in the struggle, The Field Negro, thinks this was a major gaffe by Obama, one that opened him up to a lot of criticism that could be parlayed into a little story that goes a lil’ sumpthin’ like, “Obama can’t buy a clue.”

I honestly was not going to blog about the “O” man until after the debates next Tuesday, but apparently the “O” man went and put his foot in his mouth while talking to a bunch of fundraisers. So here we go again. Just when it seemed like white A-merry-cans were ready to forget his preacher, he goes out and tell a bunch of fat cat fundraisers that small town A-merry-cans are bitter, and ( I am paraphrasing here) that they are preoccupied with things like guns and religion

I don’t think this is that big of deal. This is just piling on of a narrative that Obama is an “elitist” which is like Republican code for “I Heart Fudgepackers.” Sort of like “nigger lover” but that’s rather redundant when you’re talking about a black candidate.

While this is one of the most closely watched campaigns in recent memory I simply do not think the bulk of the American public are watching this damn close to notice that gaffe or for it to stick in some harmful way. Some might not even think it was a gaffe, like me. Others will forget about it because it’s not a very “sexy” faux pas.

Neither was the “3 a.m. call” affair. Neither was “the man (and woman) who could not bowl” and I didn’t even find “Bosnia Sniper Fire Commando” tall tale particularly interesting. And they’ve been running for so long now. I don’t have Clinton fatigue or Bush fatigue–I’ve got Election 2008 fatigue. End already! Why isn’t January 2009 yet? I can’t take anymore fake drama.

I couldn’t decide at first which song best described how I feel about the race for the Democratic nomination–Mary J. Blige’s “No more Drama” or No Doubt’s “End It On This” from the “Tragic Kingdom” album (back before Gwen Stefani started testing my nerves.)

I went with Gwen. Let’s end this shit, people. I’m not saying Hillary needs to drop out, but dude, it’s over. Stop stalking the nomination or the nomination will get a restraining order against you. If you don’t stop writing crazy notes to it saying how ya’ll belong together and she’s going to leave Bill to be with you and only you and about how no one could love the nomination like she can.

She’s gonna put that whip appeal* on it.

I’m like, that’s really charming, but saving Obama calling the white man the devil while wearing a ‘do rag and sippin’ on sizzurp with Ice T and Coco, the nomination is not going to give her the time of day.

Let’s end it on this!

*Side note: I forgot how good that video for “Whip Appeal” by Babyface was. I loved that video as a kid. I totally wanted a long pair of satin gloves and to be all glammed up dancing with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. And let’s be real. ‘Face was sexy in that all white suit. This video was proof that back in the day being a video girl could sometimes be classy. The women are basically a throwback to the Harlem Renaissance/Jazz Age of white-owned “black clubs” only hiring light, bright and almost white girls to be “tall, tan and teasing” on stage.

(See Francis Ford Coppola’s much maligned but not that awful “The Cotton Club” for more. Like “The Human Stain,” the film really should have focused on the racial issues because the better stories and actors lied there.)

Also, if you were loving 1990s love jams you loved Babyface. He knew his audience all too well. Nearly all his songs were about how great women were, how much he loved women, how the women got him whipped, how he will pay your rent, buy you clothes, and cook your dinner too as soon as he gets home from work. It got kind of comical by the time “For the Cool In You” came out. I know that he’s “women are my world” shtick didn’t always endear him to the menfolks, but he and Keith Sweat were running neck and neck for filling women’s heads with unrealistic expectations for romance.

6 thoughts on “End It On This!

  1. Hummmm Little Town Guy?Obama takes contributions from sectors he criticizes[quote]Obama told the crowd that’s why he doesn’t accept contributions from political action committees or lobbyists.”They’re not funding my campaign,” he said. “They won’t run my White House.”However, campaign finance records show that Obama has received tens of thousands of dollars from people in many of the same groups and industries he regularly rails against.”He may not take money from (political action committees) or lobbyists, but he is taking interest money,” said Sheila Krumholtz, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign finance issues.”He’s getting a lot of money from individuals representing lawyers and law firms, security firms, real estate and Hollywood,” Krumholtz said.”You can’t say that he doesn’t take special-interest money.”State lobbyists and nonwage-earning spouses of lobbyists and lobbying firm employees contributed $115,163 to Obama’s campaign through March 20, according to the center.People in the oil and gas industries have given $222,309 to Obama. He received $528,765 from the pharmaceutical and health industry, making him the largest recipient of its largesse.Obama’s Democratic rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, has raised $309,363 from the oil and gas industry and $506,001 from the health care and pharmaceutical industry.Her campaign received $865,290, the most of any candidate, from lobbyists.[/quote]

  2. “Stop stalking the nomination or the nomination will get a restraining order against you. If you don’t stop writing crazy notes to it saying how ya’ll belong together and she’s going to leave Bill to be with you and only you and about how no one could love the nomination like she can.She’s gonna put that whip appeal* on it.”Snob you are HILARIOUS!! Lol. And I definitely choose Babyface over Keith Sweat. Probably because I can’t stand all that whining and because Face has gone on to write so many hits for other people.

  3. fantastically misunderstood me: Thank you. I love any excuse to work in 1990s R&B/New Jack Swing references.And Babyface was the better of the two. Especially since he was behind so many other artist’s hits as well. He’s a genius. He took begging for a woman to uncharted levels. I don’t know if there is a male singer out right now as blatantly “I-Love-U-Girl!” as ‘Face.And his brothers’ group After 7 was also on hit. I loved them almost as much as ‘Face. And I love “Shoot ’em Up Movies” when ‘Face was with The Deele. He’s just awesome. He was sweeping up Grammys all through the 90s like it was nothing.But I don’t know if he could make it in today’s market. Everyone’s all tatted up and thugged out. I still remembered being very underwhelmed by Jagged Edge’s “Let’s Get Married” a few years back, primarily for the line “we ain’t gettin’ no younger so we might as well do this.”Wow! That’s romantic! Boo! Jagged Edge. Booooo! Kanye and Jamie Foxx did slightly better on “Slow Jams,” but that was only because they called out every R&B crooner in the history of crooning.R&B is kind of cruddy right now. I hate that Chris Brown “With You” with a passion. I hate all them dudes who sound the same — Mario, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Ray J, Omarion, etc. Even Usher’s new song sucks and I REFUSE to listen to R. Kelly. Why can’t someone just write a song about how they would die if I left them? Is that so much to ask?

  4. I don’t think I ever heard an After 7, joint. Wait, did they sing “Sarah Smile”? But I do remember when Kevon Edmunds came out w/an album. That song “24/7” is still a favorite of mine!And of course that’s too much to ask! R.Kelly ushered in the era of the R&B Thug. (can’t stand that Peeing Pedophile) But as far as I’m concerned most present day R&B is his spawn, lol. So now you’ve got Trey Songz, J Holiday & their brethren talking about “beating it up” and “breaking your back”. On the flip side, you’ve got the questionable ones like Ne-Yo, (who is a fairly talented song writer) and Ray J selling oversexed songs.It seems like the late 90’s Maxwell, Kenny Lattimore and Brian McKnight era crooners of love are out of style. Even on the women’s side, things aren’t much better. The lyrics are superior to men’s as far as actual love songs, but it’s almost impossible to have a number one album unless you’re rolling around on the floor in your underwear and dancing with your legs wide open half dressed (I love Beyonce, God knows I do, but come ON! Also refers to her protegee Rihanna). Others like Emily King and Ledisi seem like they’ll always be marginalized.

  5. What I don’t get about the whole thing is, with Obama’s gaffe being so minor in comparison to just outright LYING, Clinton is going door-to-door in PA now, pointing out how much Obama is “out of touch.” Sigh!i. can’t. take. much. more!Did anybody else notice how little media grate-on-the-nerves time Clinton’s LIE got? And then then Hubby-Clinton’s continuation of the LIE? I wish Obama and/or McCain had ripped into her about that one. At least he was telling the friggin’ truth–although he really should more carefully watch his mouth at this point. I was shocked myself–I, too, was kind of like, “Daym! That’s going to be misinterpreted BIG TIME.” –Although we all knew what he meant.Anyhoo, I miss Maxwell, man. Dude had such a unique sound–and he was just foyne! The guys nowadays–ilgh! I’m not a fan either–I’ve not listened to the radio in years. Leave it to folks like Jamiroquai, Jamie Lidell, and Robin Thicke to take it over…and do a not-so-bad job at it too.

  6. there are a few R&B singers left that do quality albums. A few years ago, there was Glenn Lewis, Raheem Devaughn is good, Darien Brockington from North Carolina has a good sound, and Amel Larrieux is still my favorite among the female singers. As far as the ones tamra mentioned, I don’t feel that is the “future” of R&B. For the most part, the whole “blue-eyed soul” thing still comes off too gimmicky to me. jamiroquai is old, and Robin Thicke will become the next Jon B and fade into obscurity. Some white artists suffer from sounding “too black” (see rick astley), and will never get the same pop acceptance as Justin Timberlake (and if Justin Timberlake started out as straight R&B instead of getting acceptance via boy bands first, he would probably be in the same category).

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