“You like me! You really like me!”

I hit 20,000 visitors this month. Being a non-techie Snob I have no idea whether 20,000 is awesome for three months worth of work or not, but it’s a big damn deal to me. Thanks for you black snobs, nerds, intellectuals, artists, geeks, writers, fanboys, fangirls, fashionistas, politicos, weirdos, friends, freaks and CNN’s Roland Martin for reading and putting up with my ramblings. This is really wonderful considering I totally did not update this thing for two months. Thank you for spreading the word and pimping my blog when I was too busy/lazy to pimp it my damn self. I really appreciate all the feedback good and bad.

Thanks guys!

Yours truly in blackness,

The Snob

8 thoughts on ““You like me! You really like me!”

  1. Well, after only two months myself, I’m surprised as hell I’m pleasantly have over 2,500 visits to my blog, so congrats, Snob. Keep it up! Sound like good numbers to me.

  2. Lisa Turtle: Actually, Jill Marie Jones is cute. That’s a candid shot of her. I picked her because I loved her as Toni Childs on “Girlfriends.” Toni was my favorite self-absorbed “snob.” In some ways the greatest TV black snob since Jasmine Guy played Whitley Gilbert on “A Different World.”

  3. I think that number is pretty damned awesome! I came here twice during that time period, so naturally, I feel somewhat responsible.:)Great site: Keep up the good work!L

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