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TJ Holmes, CNN

CNN is all over the CNN today talking to black people about racism. CNN is doing this “Hey, did you know that America has black people? And they’re kind of bitter! Who knew?” story. It’s called “Conversations on Black America.” JT’s in Greensboro, NC and, as usual, he looks delicious as the Reese Peanut Butter Cup of TV News that he is. And I love the undone top button, no tie look. I’m sure he was a hit on that college campus interviewing kids today. Everybody loves TJ. The kids, the ladies, the gays, pets, birds, protozoans.

Michael Baisden will also be on CNN as part of the “Conversations” special, but he’s not sexy, so I don’t care.

11 thoughts on “Stalk TJ From Your TV Today!

  1. as they are currently interrupting the “Hey Black Folk Actually Exist” story on CNN with a press conference on the captured marine accused of raping this other marine, I must comment that yeah, I was just a little miffed by the whole story. Beginning with the Jeremiah Wright story, I think some Americans actually realized that despite our spending much of our money enriching the coffers of those outside of our community, we really do operate in our own microcosm, the Black Church definitely being one of them.It was kind of a tongue-and-cheek for me because I was happy that someone was devoting a whole three hours to talking about it and not relegating us to a 2 and half minute segment on the evening news program, but still it was kind of like feeling like a side show feature on display from the carnivals and local fairs and expositions of back in the day. We get carted out in front of the TV screens of Americans who’ve had little if any encounter with us and they get to point and look at us as some sort of novelty, “Look at the lil’ darkies.”This should be interesting to watch, especially since “we’re not a monolithic people.”

  2. About Michael Baisden not being sexy…at one point, he had an entry on where some scorned woman put him on blast and of course ended with the ultimate diss of a black man: “He got a small you-know-what.” Don’t know if that entry is still there or not. That site makes me laugh and weep. Oh, the ignorance of my people.

  3. the uppity negro: I usually have to suppress a bad case of the eye rolls on this. The faux earnestness and sincerity kind of it sickens me. I respect CNN more for having more black people than any other cable network working in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. And they at least attempt to slop something together on Negroes, but it does get tiring because of the “carnival show” aspect you wrote about.I wish they’d learn better ways to incorporate black views and stories into regular news coverage just as they’ve done with the on-air talent. The goal is to not have it seem so jarring and unusual by cramming a year’s worth of black bitching into three hours.Never mind how I think most of this is about Barack Obama running for president. Let’s pretend it has nothing to do with the historical nature of the presidential race.I guess I just don’t want CNN’s charity, you know? Either be serious about making black people and issues just part of your coverage, or just be like FOX and go “Black people? What black people?” all the time. Sometimes I’d rather be ignored than see some hack piece slopped together.

  4. ferocious kitty: I don’t know if you ever read Michael Baisden’s first book. I can’t remember the title but I have it somewhere in my house. It was about why men cheat and he got on every talk show in the mid-1990s talking about it. Basically, the book was criticized because it seemed to black these “loose” women for enticing men. He acknowledged that men just cheat because they can, but that half-naked harlot seduced me!He also admits to being a “player” as well. The whole book was ridiculous but I keep it as part of a collection on horrible people who blame their relationship problems on others.

  5. Would it be possible for you to let TJ just exist as a person, a reporter, a journalist and someone trying hard to do the right thing (media-wise) without turning him into a slab of man meat?The sexism claim goes both ways you know…

  6. ^^ He appeals to us as a journalist and he just so happens to be irresistable in the mean time. Also, I wanted to let you ladies know that TJ is featured in a post on Young, Black, and Fabolous. He is part of the post with Kanye’s lady Alexis.

  7. ct: My TJ obsession is parody. I do find the man attractive, but the over-the-top nature of the posts are meant in jest. It’s part of the humor portion of my blog which can sometimes be rather serious and I get bummed out, hence I write about TJ’s prettiness.

  8. What I would like to know is why MSNBC doens’t have more black reporters. Well, besides that black lady who comes on in the morning( I think her name is Tamara) and Eugene Robinson. Sometimes they’ll have Michell Patterson on Hardball or some other random black person on a panel. I would think a liberal station like that would have more diversity.

  9. 1990–I think you’re referring to Tamron Hall. She used to work for Fox here in Chicago. I thought she was pretty cool–she was the ONLY reason I would watch Fox, for the most part. Snob–Yeah, I saw the schedule featuring the CNN racism piece and had to roll my eyes and smirk… If I recall correctly, you can *even* give your input on your “black experience” on their website. Sigh!I continue to love your TJ parodies. –I still think you should check out dudieboy from Star Trek… 😉

  10. Tamra:Your correct. Tamron hall is who I was refering to.LOL@ being able to give your imput on your black experience on their website. SMH. WTF?

  11. protozoans, snob? really. lol! i also had that “how and why men cheat” book by baisden. someone borrowed it and never returned it. obviously it didn’t help, cuz she still got played, but i digress. all i can remember is him breaking down the types of cheating men & one was the dawg & reminded me of the guy i was dating at the time. LOL.

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