YBF Stalking TJ Holmes

I need to get on that Lauren the Intern at Houtson’s Haute Glam.

Why does Young, Black & Fabulous have TWO pictures of TJ from the shoot and all I got was one???

You know YBF only wanted that picture because he used to date Chili. Who the hell is Chili? I ain’t never seen that heifer read the news! Does Lauren not understand that TJ is the SUN in The Snob’s celebrity universe? Chili would be lucky if she got to be one of pieces of crap off that satellite the government had to shoot out of the sky.

Anyway! It’s a good thing I’m always Google Stalking TJ Holmes otherwise I would have missed YBF’s better pictures!

And YBF’s sez the issue with TJ in it ain’t coming out until June 12th now. Lauren, you know you my girl, right, but you need to get on the J-O-B!

Want to look at these and more pictures of TJ? I’m collecting them as fast as I can. Click here.

And if you find some pictures, please share! Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!

6 thoughts on “YBF Stalking TJ Holmes

  1. rikyrah: I do love it when two big egos become one!danielle and 1990: I know. It’s RIDICULOUS for a man to be that fine. And in that first picture, he is straight up making love to the camera.

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