Today The Snob Had A Bad Day

So I’m going to sob to someone who cares.

Dear Leon,

Why does life suck? Why can’t it be wild and sexy like your hair? Or as soulful and passionate as your acting? Or dark and smooth like your obsidian skin? Instead it looks like Larry David in an afro wig.

With Homey D. Clown’s nose.

C’est la vie. Come closer to my imagination, Leon, so you and TJ Holmes can feed me grapes by the pool of NOT FUCKING ST. LOUIS!

Ignorance, take me away!

5 thoughts on “Today The Snob Had A Bad Day

  1. Sorry you had a bad day snob. Hope you feel better!IF you don’t mind me asking, what made you move back to st. Louis anyway? When there are bigger and better opportunities for you in other cities, as far as journalism goes.

  2. everyone: Thank you all for listening to my blog-whine.I try not to get whiny when I’m miserable, but I was just so exhausted today going back and forth between the county and downtown driving around crazy people. And there is something about driving in the city that makes everyone lose their minds because of all the one-ways and the narrow streets and the fact that St. Louis is the gothic decaying mess with lots of construction and dead zones.On top of that, I’m frustrated in my lack of job w/ health insurance. I have cramps. I’m perpetually broke and I spend a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time with my parents, who I love, but can sometimes be grating. Mama Snob is a little bossy and persnickety as my Big Sis can attest to if she reads the blog today.Also, I’m working three freelance projects, plus updating this blog and it’s been six days since I updated the SCAN site. I have ideas, I just haven’t had the time to work on them. The SCAN posts just take so much longer.Humor is not easy.1990: I specifically moved back to St. Louis in hopes of getting a job with the Post-Dispatch, but the woman who was the recuriter at the time totally gave me the run-around then flaked and said there would be no new job offers after I’d been sending stories to her, that she requested, for nearly six months. The last time we spoke I could tell that she never read not one thing I sent her.So I got all kinds of frustrated and tried PR and whatnot, but the market tightened up for writers so I’m back at zero again.I also moved home to be close to my family again. I’d lived outside of the metro area since 2000. It was hard being so far from my family even if I did love California. (Texas, not so much. But that was Midland’s fault. I’m sure if I’d been in a cool city like Austin or Dallas or San Antonio or Houston will would have married some dude in snake skin boots and had all his cowboy babies.)And yes. I find a brother who can pull off cowboy boots extremely sexy.Once again, I’m rambling. I also had a terrible meltdown at my old newspaper. I try not to get into it much (if at all) on the blog, but if you read between the lines on my ex-boyfriend stories I went through a shitacular relationship that still reverberates through my life today.And I was also broke. That too played a role in me returning to St. Louis.Girl, it is hard out there for a writer. Brutal. It doesn’t pay shit and they work you like a slave. I still love it though, so journalism is more like an abusive boyfriend.But enough psychobabble. I have to update the blog I get paid to write on.

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