The Diva Has Landed

Here at The Black Snob you may have noticed a theme with me. That I’m obsessed with politics, black people, not-black-black-people, TJ Holmes, the media, Jayonce and larger than life, incredibly fabulous/difficult women.

And I just love those crazy broads.

The big hair. The big ego. The abuse of plebeians. I’d never want to be BFF’s with these women as I want “no more drama in my life,” vis-a-vie hip hop diva Mary J. Blige. But I love them all the same. Those big Nubian Amazonian Asian Monoliths of Prada, diamonds and cocaine.

What’s not to like?

Which brings us to Whitney and her long return from the depths of Bobby Brown and their co-dependent crack marriage.

Houston, with her legendary voice and weird mix of classy n’ trashy, has been popping up at every little event showing that the Diva is back and ready to mingle again. She’s dropped the ghetto facade and returning to her roots of suppressing her inner philistine just long enough to do things like appear at birthday parties and gala openings.

This time she popped up at a Muhammad Ali celebrity fighting event in Scottsdale, Ariz. Let us see how the recovering Bobby-holic worked it. (All pictures from WireImage)

Cousin Dionne! You look fab! Cousin Whitney, your boobies look awesome!

“If you’ll be my bodyguard I can be your long lost pal.”

And super producer Clive Davis makes three. Is it just me or is Clive Whitney’s sobriety coach? Or Cocaine Anonymous sponsor, because that old queen is everywhere Whitney goes.

And now for some other things at the event:

Actor/All-Day-Fool Terry Crews “performing.”

Holly Robinson-Peete looking fierce. Yet another black actress who can’t seem to find regular employment.

Shaq n’ wife Shaunie. I guess they settled that she only wants me for my papers dispute.

9 thoughts on “The Diva Has Landed

  1. kitty: That Bobby is such a skazz. I mean, dude, she’s still the mother of your child. It was horrible enough you sold that reality show to Bravo, because as cracked up as Whitney was at the time you know she did not cosign on that shit.I mean, that’s just 10 gallons of haterade there. So Whitney made HIM crazy for cocaine? Really? Is that why his career was on the skids even before that got married and he already had a rep of being a deadbeat dad and a habitual DUI offender?But maybe that was a “legal” answer, like “I never did coke before Whitney because before I got with her all I could afford was crack, meth and black tar heroin.”

  2. I can’t belive shaq took shaunie back after she took all that money just to have an affair with her trainer. I mean shaunie is pretty and intelligent but shaq is a fool for taking her back. but what do i know?

  3. Hi Snob,Haven’t been able to get into commenting too deeply lately, but I just had to take a moment to comment on girlfriend’s boobs. WTF??? Can we say, “IN YO FACE”??? LOL.Great posts elsewhere–just haven’t had time to sit down and totally indulge.

  4. tamra: They’re the boobs of sobriety. Nothing says clean living like squeezed-in-red-fabric boobs.They’re totally ridiculous.And thanks. I’ve been a blogging like mad of late. It’s totally cramping my social life. (And cleaning, and talking to friends, and everything else.) After I finish my black conservatives on Obama series I’m taking a blog vacation for a few days.

  5. wait shaq is a fool for taking HER back? like he didn’t do his dirt w/groupies? come on now. weren’t they together (albeit unmarried) during his super head days?and did whitney get a boob job? lol @ boobs of sobriety.

  6. Whitney looks amaaaazing…Oops…looking at the closeup now….oooh dear…..well, at least she appears to be getting a handle on her life.Holly Robinson-Peete is a bit of a has-been. It’s great that she’s relaxing her hair because it takes away from the fact that she’s dying it way too pale. Her hair looks much nicer than usual here. It almost makes the dress look good. Almost. The problem is that the dress almost sinks into her skin colour.You know exactly what Shaunie told Shaq: that she bought that land to surprise him with as a gift some day.Shaunie did the trainer? Shaq was busy too? Doing whole groups? Egads. Unless they’re now officially swingers, if they both want to cheat, why be together? Love clearly has nothing to do with it.

  7. Snob,Yes, do take a break. Believe it or not, as much as I want to read everything you write, um, I don’t always have the time to. This is why I feel okay updating my own blogs 2-3 times a week. I know that you and others are busy too. I sometimes mark something of yours for reading later =D.

  8. Hvae a good vacation Snob. You’ve earned it. Whitney is making strides. Holly looks amazing. I have NO WORDS ofr Bobby Brown.I don’t even know what the hell is going on with Shaq and his wife.

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