Michael Steele Will Choose Barack Obama If You’ll Stop the Bitching

Snob fact: For Senate Michael Steele was endorsed by Mike Tyson and Don King. Tyson is the ex-husband of Steele’s sister.

All this week, and all the next,
The Black Snob is taking a look at the views of black conservatives on Barack Obama. We’re examining who likes him, who doesn’t. Who will vote for him and who won’t. So far we’ve looked at the views of Amy Holmes, Condoleezza Rice, Alan Keyes, Colin Powell, Armstrong Williams and more.

Republican Michael Steele was at one point the highest ranking black official in the United States as Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. That was before Deval Patrick was elected governor of Massachusetts and before David Paterson was upgraded to governor of New York after hooker-gate.

He was the, pardon my parlance, the HNIC, “Head Negro in Charge.”*

But if he truly was the HNIC, he was a figure-head, only holding sway in his state and among other Republicans. Most blacks outside of Maryland didn’t know who he was and disregarded him the minute they learned that he was that dreaded anathema, a black conservative.

Coming from a Democratic household only to later convert to Republicanism in his youth, Steele was aware of his “odd man out” status among the majority of political minded African Americans.

There was the phantomOreo cookie” incident, where Steele famously claimed that a plague of locust-like, black and white snack treats rained down at his feet at a 2002 gubernatorial race debate in Maryland, moderated by the Balitmore NAACP.

“Maybe it was just someone having their snack, but it was there,” Steele said after the debate. “If it happened, shame on them if they are that immature and that threatened by me.”

Steele claimed opponent Kathleen Kennedy Townsend’s campaign handed out cookies to the audience beforehand, but other than Steele and his communications manager, no one could corroborate that the incident actually took place.

Steele rose quickly as a star in the party after his stint as lieutenant governor in a largely Democratic state. He spoke at the 2004 Republican Convention, giving the counterpoint speech to Barack Obama’s as the Democratic Convention. He was persuaded to run for senate in Maryland. Despite having a clever “I’m not a puppy hater” commercial, was throttled by his Democratic opponent, Benjamin L. Cardin, 55-to-44 percent.

This doesn’t look misleading at all. See? It’s Steel Democrats! Get it?

Steele’s loss could also be attributed to some financial shenanigans with the party and a shady flier that gave the impression he was a Democrat and was endorsed by other prominent black Democrats, none of which were true. As seen in the photo above, this was not misleading at all. It says Steele Democrats on it. Of course, they could have put “Steal Democrats” on it and it would have been more apropos. But honest mistake, I’m sure.

Steele also tried with some success (and some failure) at appealing to the black community to give the other side a shake.

“There was this wall, this separation, this question of my blackness and where I stood on issues and what it all meant and I would start every conversation with what do you see,” Steele said at the State of the Black Union earlier this year.

Steele argued that he was still a black man who’d lived through similar experiences as other blacks and that black people must recognize that blacks do have a diversity of thought. He mentioned the works of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others, saying “We’re the generation that is a great beneficiary of the work of Dr. King and many others who got us to the lunch counter,” Steele said. “Now we have to realize we have to take ownership of the diner.”

Half-jokingly/half-serious, Steele encouraged the audience to vote Republican in the fall.

Steele is anti-abortion, anti-embryonic stem cell research, pro-tax cuts and pro-death penalty. But Steele is not a hardliner on other core conservative issues, speaking about inequities in blacks receiving the death plenty more often than whites. Streele is also surprisingly for Affirmative Action, the usual scourge of black Republicans. He sees it as a necessity considering the glaring gaps in education, income and employment between blacks and whites.

Steele is presently working for the Republican National Committee, but doesn’t rule out a return to office. He’s made the pundit circuit talking about Obama’s candidacy and while he doesn’t give a lot of specifics in his tr
ue feelings for the Great Black Hopemongerer, Steele calls Obama’s ascension a proud moment for all black Americans.

At the State of the Black Union, Steele exclaimed his pride over a Barack Obama candidacy.

“I’m very proud of Barack Obama to do what he has done and proud of what he’s doing,” he said, adding that while he is the “polar opposite” to Obama’s, “We can all be proud at an African American Republican achieving such success.”

Steele made some similar statements in an interview with Marc Fisher, reported on Fisher’s blog “Raw Fisher” on the Washington Post Web site.

“What’s kicked in is this sense of pride,” says Michael Steele, the Prince George’s Republican who lost a race for U.S. Senate two years ago. “Initially, all the talk was ‘we don’t know him or what he stands for,’ but after the Clintons did their show in South Carolina, it kind of moved black people beyond any sense of allegiance to the Clintons. Now you have a Shakespearean melodrama being played out between Lady Macbeth and Hamlet.”

Steele, who grew up a Democrat in Washington, says he has watched his friends in politics–many of whom are black Democrats–fall for Obama in a big way. “This whole Camelot thing, falling in love with the idea of a black president–putting him in this bubble does all of us a disservice. In fact, he’s extremely talented. But you need to apply the same standards you would to anyone else.”

Steele appears to have warmer feelings for Obama than some other black conservatives, like Obama’s former opponent Alan Keyes, who takes Obama-hate to new, psychotic levels. But he’s a bit of a toss up for the ultimate test for Obamaitis.

Chances of Endorsing Obama: Not if he wants to keep working for the Republican Party. No matter how Steele really feels he’s made a life for himself as a Republican and is in a good position with the party that could lead to work in future presidential administration or a possible VP ticket in the future. He’s not going to rock the boat.

Chances of Voting for Obama: I think not, considering Steele is anti-abortion and that can be a deal breaker. Steele actually considered the priesthood, so he likely takes his pro-fetus stance seriously. (Although Steele doesn’t appear to support a constitutional ban on abortion.)


*Correction, Steele’s claim of HNIC-ness has been challenged by DailyKos reader Bendygirl. The Maryland State Archives site says he was. But the Ohio Chamber of Commerce site says “Hell. To. The. No.” Jeanette Bradley was the lieutenant boss with the sauce.”

19 thoughts on “Michael Steele Will Choose Barack Obama If You’ll Stop the Bitching

  1. i know in america, we can be who ever we want to be, but i can’t wrap my head around “black republican”…it doesn’t roll off my tongue easily…*starrie*

  2. I think there wouldn’t be so much hostility towards Black Republican’s if some folks didn’t feel the the party despises us for being black.I think folks are genuinely puzzled at how black folk could represent for a party that seems to have no respect for our concerns.Strange days indeed. This an excellent series snob.

  3. This was sooooo funny, because its soooooo true. Never heard of Michael Steele until the State of the Black Union in February. And my friend rattled off all this information about him, about him being Lt. Gov. in Maryland and I was really trying to figure out why I hadnt heard of him.Then two things came to my remembrance. 1) He’s IS the anathema: the dreaded black Conservative. Beware and lock your doors because they do exist. And 2) this was the home state of Alan Keys, I’m sure Alan’s bug-eyed rants kept Steele very much in the background of black Conservatives.Listening to him at the SOTBU I had an appreciation for him, but again, on FoxNews, your credibility is shot for me. I’ll never understand black intelligensia, be they Republican or Democrat subjecting themselves to the rants of Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly.

  4. yes…i am one of those who is puzzled by black people who choose to be part of the party that shamelessly ignores our concerns and drag up negativity about us to further their cause…foxnews is evil…for crying out loud, bill o’reilly used to shill for “a current affair”… and sean hannity…ugh…but these two clowns seem to draw a loyal crowd…can’t understand it…just like i would be driving a see a beat up car in front of me with a “bush/chaney” bumper sticker…my blood would just boil…*starrie*

  5. [quote]But if he truly was the HNIC, he was a figure-head, only holding sway in his state and among other Republicans. Most blacks outside of Maryland didn’t know who he was and disregarded him the minute they learned that he was that dreaded anathema, a black conservative.[/quote](Personal Note: Bite your tongue, stay focused. This is not about challenging anyone. This is about getting them to see the portion of their notions that don’t make sense)As we go forward into the year of our Lord, 2008 – the reports say that there are roughly 10,000 Black Elected Officials across America. (This figure jumps to 16,000 if you go further down in various organizations and include those who are appointed having been confirmed rather than elected).As I attempt to reconsile the fact that today in 2008, WE HAVE MORE PEOPLE OF OUR OWN CHOOSING IN POWER OVER OUR OWN COMMUNITIES – where we have the CHOICE to put into place anyone we choose…….there are some things that I just don’t understand.Despite the presence of these POPULAR figures, put there by POPULAR VOTE from the Black community……many of the same issues that were present when a more adversarial figure was in place presiding over our communities.With this fact in mind – I am lead to believe that there are two main concepts that must be introduced to the debate regarding the so called “Black Best Interests”1) Those methods that are POPULARLY THOUGHT TO BE in the “Best Interests Of Black people” and thus anyone who is opposed to these policies enjoy the wrath of the POPULAR agents of Black political activism 2) Those methods that are MEASURABLY and IN-FACT “The Best Interests of The Black Community” as it can be PROBABLY shown that in following these initiatives BLACK FOLKS have moved closer to our collective goals.With that said – I must note that too many of our people mistake what is POPULAR among the masses of Black folks as being our “Best Interests”, mostly because it is in alignment with the common thoughts and biases that are contained within our group. Rarely do these ASSUMPTIONS get road tested. As more political power is obtained via the people who advance this ideology and method it would SEEM TO BE THE CASE that those who are interested in BLACK ADVANCEMENT closer toward OUR COMMON OBJECTIVES, and not JUST the acquisition of POWER would take a step back and take such measure.For example – with the POPULAR political machine firmly in control in various cities one would think that in having control over the public education system either via the school board, the mayors office/city council and in many cases BOTH would also translate into improvement in this vital area for our people. If you assumed that this would be the case – you would be dead wrong in many instances across the nation.Thus – coming back to MICHAEL STEELE’S affilation being the key problem with him and grounds for rejection of his ideas – it is clear that this is yet another instance of POPULARITY trumping any notions of EFFECTIVENESS. Before Mr. Steele even opens his mouth that (R) after his name is enough to tell the Black observer all that he needs to hear from Mr. Steele. The fact is that a REPUBLICAN CAN’T WIN DOG CATCHER in a majority Black district. If we are contented with POPULARLITY alone then this would stand. Mr. Steele should just move on, not waste his time or money because “We Black folks ain’t buy’in nothing”.BUT WAIT. Why isn’t the counter question and argument ever entertained? Why is there seeming carte blanc with regard to the Black guy with the (D) after his name? With so many of them IN POWER VIA OUR OWN CHOOSING – our communities where they are dominant SHOULD BE ROLL’IN right now.Instead what we have is a condition where the DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS NEVER HAD MORE POWER WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY, there has never been more people of our own choosing (Black or White) over our communities and yet STILL the misery and grievance indexes are at record highs.The question must be asked again – Who are you WORKING to benefit in all that you do? (YOU = generic ‘you’)Shouldn’t you have more to show from your 90% loyalty?Instead of being marketed to regarding WHY you should vote a certain way your vote is so ‘in the bag’ that now it is a matter of gettin you TRANSPORTATION to the polls so that you can do as the ultimate beneficiary KNOWS what you are going to do. (And you have WHAT to show for it again?)

  6. [quote]But if he truly was the HNIC, he was a figure-head, only holding sway in his state and among other Republicans. Most blacks outside of Maryland didn’t know who he was and disregarded him the minute they learned that he was that dreaded anathema, a black conservative.[/quote]danielle:How do you reconsile your OPINIONS with THE FACTS?If the one guy is IGNORING your concerns….but the other guy is IN POWER OVER YOUR COMMUNITY and has it on lockdown?What is the photographic negative of the “guy who doesn’t care about your INTERESTS” and thus he leaves you all alone to fend for yourself?For me it becomes a “CSI moment” in which you ‘inspect the finger prints on the steering wheel and the gear shifter’ and make not that THESE ARE NOT HIS!!!As Black people we let it be known – WE DON’T LIKE NO STINKIN REPUBLICANS!!! After we ran them out and their ‘good ole boy network’ with them……..WHO ASSUMED POWER in our communities?Better yet, Danielle – now that these forces are IN POWER over our communities when it is that we transition from the mode of “Republican/Conservative Eradication” over to the notion of “We gave you the POWER over us, not because we HATED THE OTHER GUY but BECAUSE WE BELIEVED THAT YOU HAVE OUR BEST INTERESTS IN MIND…..we now need for you to EXPRESS and EXPOSE ‘our best interests’!!!”Do you see how it works Danielle? For most people there would be an “OR” after that quote above – “Express our best interests OR we’ll START SHOPPING ONCE AGAIN!”.Unfortunately this is not the case for those who don’t have their own BEST INTERESTS in mind but instead who “Hate their enemies more than they love themselves”. The fact that THEIR ENEMIES have no power over their local communities where they have the final say is just fine with them. This is all that they are asking for.What is your “or else” Danielle, others?

  7. [quote]yes…i am one of those who is puzzled by black people who choose to be part of the party that shamelessly ignores our concerns and drag up negativity about us to further their cause…[/quote]Starie:I agree with you. Anyone who uses NEGATIVELY about Black people to advance their own agenda is shameless indeed, and they don’t deserve our support.Unfortunately you seemingly only consider one end of the spectrum. There is an entire (and I would argue LARGER) other side of this concept that uses Black afflictions to further their cause. More disturbingly, however, is that they USE us and have our POPULAR SENTIMENT in the process.If Fox News is evil as it attempts to stereotype Black people then I can only imagine what you think about the various left-leaning media outlets that are most confortable with us when we “assume the position”:Victims, empoverished, ignorant, and too feeble to fend for ourselves absent their help.Starie: If Fox News parades various “Black Conservatives” in front of the camera and thus embarrases oru race what do you say about the ACLU and other left organizations? Did you read about the case in Palm Beach County FL in which the photographic negative to Sean Hannity – the snarling White Liberal – provided HELP to the Black folks who are failing the high school there, saying that THE HIGH SCHOOL is responsible for the fact that only 55% of Blacks had graduated versus 80% of Whites? Do you believe that the “Anti-Sean Hannity” is all altruistic in his ways, no hint of racial supremacy crossing his mind?If the Black Conservative is at most 8% of the Black populace – what does his photographic negative on the opposite end of the spectrum represent?I still don’t understand the disproportionate focus on the “shady character” known as the Black Conservative”. He HAS NO POWER NOR CREDIBILITY WITHIN the group known as the Black Community. If a person is really interested in finding out “what ailes him” he would not go to the drug label on his prescription and focus on the INERT INGREDIENTS as they are IRRELEVANT in his CURE….he would instead focus on the ACTIVE INGREDIENTS and the impact that they have on his body….this is the OVERDOSE that could KILL HIM. (Please note – this is NOT directed at the BLOG ADMINISTRATOR but instead is a GENERAL statement)

  8. I’m a Black Republican. There are definitely some Republicans that are racist but most aren’t. There are also some racist Democrats. Racism is not limited to one party. In case you don’t know, Martin Luther King was a Black Republican.What I find interesting about the Democratic party and the Black community is that 95% of us support this party despite their racist history. They have done some good things but if you look into the histories of both parties over the last 150 years, the Democrats have done far, far more to keep the black community down then Republicans. Yet, nearly everyone always votes Democratic. What party worked to pass Jim Crow laws in the South? The Democrats. What party wanted to keep black people in chains as slaves? The Democrats. After the Civil War, who fought Republican backed civil rights legislation for nearly 100 years? Democrats. If you don’t believe me, check your history books. The Black community doesn’t need more welfare. We don’t need more handouts. We don’t need more government programs. We need school choice, something which Democrats have fought for years. We need to make sure our children are staying in school and going to college. We need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Racism exists but it can be overcome and success is possible with hard work and persistence. If the solution to all of the problems we face was simply voting Democratic, why, after over 40 years of voting Democratic, is the literacy rate in our community lower than it was a hundred years ago when racism was far worse than it is today? Thinking that one political party or the other is going to come in and transform our community obviously hasn’t worked. Education, hard work and persistence always work.

  9. I’m a middle class white Republican female from the Midwest (Indpls, Cinci, Detroit, greater Chicago), lived in the northeast (New York), in Texas (Dallas), and now living in the south (small town ARK); I have friends in both parties all over the country (in the places we’ve lived). If you mean the LEADERS for the Republican party despise you for being black, I would contest that, but I can’t give any PERSONAL testimony about it. I look at Republican policies though, and I believe, IMHO, they are actually better for blacks than what the Dems offer, as has been pointed out in previous comments. I lived in Detroit and black Dems in power really did nothing for the black community–this was also pointed out in previous comments.However, if you think the average member of the Republican party (i.e., not the leaders/elected officials) despise blacks, you would be wrong, at least in my experience. I know it’s purely anecdotal, but of the hundreds of Repubs I know, only a VERY small minority would I saw aren’t comfortable around blacks CERTAIN blacks (the ones that talk a certain way, for example). And I would not say they DESPISE them, just aren’t comfortable around them or may avoid them. In my perhaps limited experience, most of my Repub friends have black friends, are married to blacks, adopt black or biracial children (a whole other issue, I know), their kids attend schools with (sometimes many–up to 80%) black students and have black teachers, join groups with black members (such as home school support groups), and attend church with black members. Many of my friends are pro-voucher and anti-teacher union because we feel the public school system is failing the poorer of the black communities and these changes would help.As someone commented earlier, both parties have racists. I just get tired of the Repubs being labelled as the racist party all the time, when I just don’t see it. I don’t believe their policies are racist and I don’t believe the members of the Repub party in general are racist. At least, not in my experience. McMurdo

  10. I agree with Adam the black republican and McMurdo. From my experience as a former democrat now republican from NYC, who happens to be white I have seen more racism exhibited by people who I know who are democrats than I have from my friends who are republicans. In many cases, democrats, my family included who are staunch democrats and see me as blacks see Mr. Steele as a black republican, as someone who is betraying their community– feel a collective guilt for slavery and the immoral systemic racism of our country’s past. They frequently think of African-Americans as incapable, or hopelessly incapacitated by because of this past and refuse to acknowledge the strides we have made to move forward as a society. Certainly, we should keep this in mind, but there’s one thing to keep in mind the injustices previous generations have suffered and the idea that because of that leveling the playing field by affirmative action assumes some importance but to assume blacks as incapable is an outrage and a general concept espoused by the democrats. I can’t understand why there aren’t more African Americans who recognize this and continue their knee jerk reactions to black republicans and republicans in general–they demonize republicans and profess us as espousing racism. It’s almost as if there is something blocking their ears not allowing them to hear the message which is a good one for all people:Republicans generally believe that anyone can succeed in this country given hard work and perseverance and in that they accept blacks to be just as capable of whites. Where is the racism in this? Fundamentally, republicans believe success is up to the individual, the sheer determination, the will, the human spirit which when tapped into illustrates and serves to bring forth everyone’s potential, everyone’s capacity. Pandering to helplessness is a gross injustice–it denies people the chance and doesn’t give them the opportunity to reach within themselves for the strength to succeed. This might sound like bizarre, like an alien concept (to democrats) but it happens to be the very concept that made this country great and what the rest of the world lacks–the concept of “yes we ca” to coin a phrase from our new president. I just disagree on who the”WE” is–I believe that that we is me, that that we is you and NOT the government because the government can’t give you what you can find and seek from within–the human drive and spirit. The best way to illustrate what I am saying is this–to coin the words of another black leader. Al Sharpton who once said “You’ve got to demand self respect” So if you see a black republican and wonder how he can betray his people, how he can espouse a cause that is not in his best interest or his community’s just remember that he has by his sheer will and determination has succeeded and understands the magic ingredient–it’s not hand outs!! that you can not give away, you can not get from the government, that is the one thing that is attainable ONLY by the individual themselves. By the way, if you look at cities like Detroit or Newark…etc, you see governments, democratic, predominantly black time and again betray their constituents–isn’t it time for all of us to be asking why? Maybe, just maybe it’s the message. Maybe, just the republican party has the answer. Let’s join forces, shall we?

  11. First-Republicans freed the slaves, fought a war for it to be precise. A republican president fought for the freedom of slaves. I am amazed that you would suggest Michael was not black because he has conservative values. I guess if you don’t think as the majority of disinfranchised democrats than you are not black. You can’t have it both ways free thinking people of any color and forced thinking to surpress their ideas.

  12. Interesting comments from both sides of the issue. Question, are the interests of the black man or woman served better by the Democrat or Republican Parties? In all reality and truthfulness, the Republican Party wins hands down. Why? Because the Democratic Party both uses and abuses, as well as takes for granted their support. Sometime ago(2004), I wrote an article stating that the black American needed to get off the plantation, that plantation being the Democratic Party. That observation and proposition is still a valid and most vital point today,The Democratic Party is there with a hand out, and what is being offered is both destructive counter productive, whether it be the welfare system or the public school.Putting aside the welfare system, which poisons and imprisons the recipients, take a brief look at the public school.The public school is a complete failure, particularly in the inner city. No amount of money poured into the system will help, because the system itself is askew. Failure to teach the three R’s and instead concentrate on multiculturalism and the further lack of discipline has made the public school system a disaster. Yet, the Democrats, along with the National Education Association, refuse to consider, let alone implement, school choice, a proven successful alternative. The Republicans believe in a hand up, not a hand out, and there are plenty of spaces that are waiting to be filled by God-fearing, family value opiented, black American men and women. Let me further say that, a man like Michael Steele, would be more sympathetic and energetic towards meeting the needs of Black America as well as white America than Barack Obama. Why? Because Mr. Steele’s philososophy and character is much more akin to the values of traditional America. Unfortunately, and I pray that I am wrong, we may find this much sooner to be true shortly after Mr. Obama assumes the Presidency. You see, black America is more inately family value oriented than white America, and more particularly so than the Democretic Party, which championsabortion and homosexuality with it’s abhorrent claim to the sanctity of marriage. It will be a cold day in Hell before the God of the heavens sanctions that sacrament ignominiously bestowed by reprobate members of the judiciary. In closing, indeed there is much room for improvement in the Republican Party, both in it’s failure to adequately articulate it’s values and speak with unwavering clarity on the issues, as well as formally or informally invite the membership and participation more black men and women of America. Michael Steeleis the man of today who can accomplish the above objectives with vitality and conviction, and he has my undivided support in obtaining the position of head of the Republican National Committee as I truely feel he is the most capable and most qualified to fulfill that most important position. The very future of our nation and it’s people hang in the balance.Attorney Ken Shaw145 Niles-Cortland Rd. NEWarren, Ohio 44484Ph. 330-856-2922Shawlaw2000@aol.com

  13. I am seeing all this talk about white vs black etc. and I don’t understand it. I have never, nor has anyone I have ever known made judgements based on skin color. We do however make judgements based on behavior. But that is an individual thing, not a group thing.There can be one or hundreds of individuals engaging in a certain behavior, but that does not make an entire group of people guilty be they white or black.My husband and I worked, we sent our children to public school, we made them do their homework even when they didn’t want to, we kept track of where they were and what they were doing all day and night, every day and night. They graduated, they earned scholorships and got student loans and put themselves through school, then went on to whatever career they chose. Every individual in this country has the same opportunity available to them.The purpose of government is to do for the people collectively what they cannot do for themselves as well individually.The federal government should only be involved in things that are national concerns. Militairy, interstate highways, etc.State government to address things that involve the entire state, and local government to be concerned with local communities etc.It is unfortunate that we can’t paint everyone purple so we can get off this tired horse and perhaps finally get something worthwhile done.

  14. MLK was a black Republican. It was a Republican president that freed the slaves. Sen. Al Gore Sr. (D-Tenn) voted against the Voting Rights of 1964. Sen. Robert Bird (D-W.Virginia) was in the KKK, btw he’s still in the Senate. It was a Republican that made Colin Powell a 4 star general, it was a Republican that made him Sec. of State. He thanks them by supporting the most liberal person in Congress. A person (Obama) who voted in the US Senate against the surge in Iraq and a person who refused to support the born alive infant protection act in the Ill. State Senate.The Democrats have done more to hurt black people than they’ve ever done to help. Keeping lower income blacks and whites on welfare for generations in order to secure their votes. Now they’re doing the same thing to Hispanics. Democrats support abortion. Most women who have abortions are also lower income people. Can’t have too many brown kids around, might take their power away. I agree with the poster who said our public school system is a failure. The Democrats in my local government’s only solution is to poor more money into the schools instead of addressing the problem. I have a friend who was a public school teacher. She said she couldn’t teach the children because she was too busy disciplining them. The Democrats look at blacks as well as other minorities as useful puppets to get what they need. Just like the communist do their people in N. Korea, Cuba, etc., keep ’em ignorant and dependent on government handouts.

  15. It is naive to think we have the same opportunites in America. That being said I do think we should all work hard no matter who we are. For those of you talking about the history of slavery and political affiliations read your history. In 1948 the Republican party no longer wanted freedom for slaves. No party has a monopoly on treating people equally. Racism is alive and well but so is my Savior, Jesus Christ. I trust Him not a political party. God Bless you guys.

  16. For the person who said the Republican Party is better for blacks, the Republican Party is beloved by the KKK my friend. I agree with the other post. No political party has a monopoly on equality and fairness. They are all corrupt

  17. If people would actually read their history, they would discover that the party that really doesn’t look out for you is the Democratic Party. Did you know that most of the racist throughout our American history have been democrats. George Wallace was one of the biggest racists in history and he was a card-carrying democrat. Even your beloved JFK kept a constant surveillance on MLK, even after MLK endorsed him. That is also where the shift in mindset began. Please read the Clarence Mason Weaver book, ” It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” because many black folk are still living there.

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