Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Fashion Mag Update

Lauren the Intern with Haute Glam Magazine in Houston is keeping me updated on that fashion pictorial with The Reese Peanut Butter Cup of TV News, slated to come out in May. But rather than satiate all my TJ desires she keeps tossing out these dribs and drabs of TJ breadcrumbs.

When Lauren? When will I get my TJ magazine sandwich?!

Sigh … Until then, here’s slideshow from Haute Glam with a new picture of TJ in it (there are a few in there I’ve posted already to my TJ gallery on flickr.)

13 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Fashion Mag Update

  1. torrance: I told you, man. The blackness has got me wide open.I find all sorts of men attractive, but there is special section of my brain that does the Humpty Dance the minute a fine, intelligent brother comes along.And if he loves Star Trek too? Double back flips all the way. And if he’s a B-boy? The first black boy I fell in love with in high school had the world’s tightest pop-n-lock routine. I’m a fool for a B-boy. It’s ridiculous.Sweet Jesus, I love black men! I won’t lie. You see I can’t quit Isaiah Washington either. I keep hoping Shonda Rhimes will rehire him and put him back on “Grey’s Anatomy.”He promises not to bash the gays again, Shonda. Cut a brother some slack!

  2. yes yes yes!! that pic made my day. and lol@ the tj sandwich. loving the visual. but snob, i can’t get w/star trek. i just, can’t… :(i also love isaiah washington, have since he was savant in love jones. “everybody’s tripping, sliding falling all over themselves to fall in love. somebody ANYBODY, please, tell me how to stay there! do i love my wife? hell yes. is she here? hell no…”

  3. snob,This isn’t as exciting as TJ google stalking or spotting but I did have a McMillan spotting this past saturday.Such a shame that ALL that sexiness must go to waste.sigh…

  4. 1990: Was it at the Jefferson Jackson dinner? Because I was totally there on Saturday. He looked delicious per usual.fantastically misunderstood me: I don’t know why I love sci-fi. I just do … But Isaiash, makes me want to hollar, I love that guy. I love his voice, I love his skin, I love his everything. I too loved him in “Love Jones.” I even loved in him that Karyn Parsons flick that, like, two people saw “Mixing Nia.” I even loved him on “Get On the Bus.” I just love him. He’s like fo’ real kung fu and sexy, unlike Wesley who was just kung fu.I never got why people though Wesley was hot. So he can do Capoeira? Isaiah can too and he actually looks sexy while doing it. And he’s just as good of an actor.Seriously. If it weren’t for racism he’d be George Clooney.

  5. snob,no, it was the razzle dazzle ball for the st.louis crisis center nursery.Did he happen to have a woman with him at the Jefferson Jackson dinner? Because he did at the one I was at. I was wondering if it was his siter or just a cover up.It was funny because he asked one of the people working there if she could show him where his table was at and she said, “I thought only black people were supposed to sit at that table.” ( I think the table was for 100 black men) And he says” Sweetheart, we come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.” I just had to chuckle. Poor little white girl, she didn’t know any better.Speaking of 100 black men, are you goign to their event on the 21st?

  6. 1990: I dunno. When I saw him he was standing with a woman who *could* be mistaken as his date, but he didn’t introduce me to her and we only spoke briefly about how good his photos turned out on the Web site. I was wearing my hair in the super-duper magic ‘fro and he told me that he didn’t remember my hair being all curly like that. I don’t even remember what my hair looked like the last time I saw him. I was all, “My hair wasn’t curly?” and he said, “Mine wasn’t either.”Then he said a bunch of junk to me that I couldn’t hear because everyone was loud as hell, and then I got sucked into a five minute conversation with some dude who’s wife is running for state treasurer. He was white and she’s black and for some reason he told me the entire history of their relationship. It was murder. If I was her I would not let him talk to voters. He totally said at one point that while dating he wondered if their relationship was about “the fever.”I’m like, “Jungle fever?” Whoa. I mean, I’m fine with interracial dating, but throwing jungle fever out there is a loaded term. Hell, even “down with the swirl” is kind of foul. I don’t think the wife would want to know that you’re equating your eight year marriage to some black-on-white fetish.

  7. snob,LOL.Is this the couple you are referring to? that is the couple you are talking about,they have cute kids.Lets hope they take after their mother.Wow. That is strange. I mean even if their marriage was based on “jungle fever” then why in the hell would he be telling you that?He probably thought he was “down” by saying “jungle fever”.He’s probably the type that people try to ignore at office parties and what not b/c he talks too much and is always making a fool of himself.But I don’t get it. You said “My hair wasn’t curly?” he said “Mine wasn’t either.” What was the significance of him saying that? Was his hair supposed to be curly? I’m lost.

  8. 1990: Yeah. That’s the guy. He told me he had “three beautiful biracial children.” God, the way home skillet was babbling you think they’d just started “officially” dating and he was adjusting to being in an interracial relationship. Sort of like gays who’ve recently come out of the closet and are all extra gay until they get realize that they can just relax already and stop introducing to themselves as “Hi, I’m Shelly and I’m a Lesbian.”And yes, I did have a girl at my college paper who totally did that for, I don’t know, three months after she came out.I’m like, dude, you’re gay. I’m happy for you. Now could you PLEASE stop talking about it?So Andria needs to have a sit down with her hubby and give him the “chill the fuck out” speech. If she knew he was going on and on like that to anyone who would listen I have no doubt she’d be mortified.As per Mike, he was making a joke. As you know he rocks a closely-cropped hairdo. I’ve always gathered that his hair is probably somewhat curly and turns into some sort of Jew-fro unless he keeps it buzzed.

  9. snob, HA.I can’t believe the chick at your college used to actually introduce herslef like that. WOW. At least she was only on your newspaper staff and you didn’t have to share a dorm with her.

  10. It’s funny you mentioned Star Trek, because I saw dudie-boy here and your TJ-stalking crossed my mind (–I was watching an Enterprise rerun (background noise, actually)). Since I can’t have him, I present <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>Anthony Montgomery for your viewing pleasure–I think it’s time you had a new crush… LOL. ;-)Can we say Q-T PIE? His eyebrows are much more tolerable.

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