And now he’s fired …

It only took the Clinton campaign until now to fire a man who should have lost his job around … hmm … any day in the month January this year.

I don’t get the hold-up as Mark Penn–the ineffective Karl Rove–has done a shitacular job on her campaign. I mean, really. The whole thing has been schizo (not to insult actual people with the disorder) and bipolar (not to insult people who are bipolar) ever since the Obama won Iowa and the best they could come up with were some “Jesse Jacksons” and Cheech n’ Chong jokes. But he wouldn’t have lasted this long if he hadn’t been doing what she liked and it is telling that he caught the jackboot for flacking the Colombians, not–you know–for making up shit. Or harping on Obama being some sort of young Eazy-E-esque, angry black Harvard Law dope slinging crack dealer who pimped Chelsea Clinton to pay for his campaign.

Yeah, that’s right. I went there. It’s called satire.

Mark Penn, I know that the chant “Rock man! Rock man!” sound similar to “Barack, man! Barack, man!” but that’s still no excuse. I can’t say that I’ll miss you. Perhaps you can get a job as a commentator on FOX. Maybe you can pick up some pointers from Rove who managed to keep his job for more than eight years. He managed to fart out effective crooked tactics to get his boss elected and to stay in office. Although I don’t know what Dem or Republican in their right mind would touch you. Especially since I doubt Hillary is going to give you any references. Ever.

3 thoughts on “And now he’s fired …

  1. Wanted you to know that I’ve become addicted to your blog. Your site is very well-rounded, informative, and at times out right hilarious. I know this has nothing to do with this post but ehhhh…*shrugs.

  2. he should’ve been gone long ago..atleast for that hideous hair…hills like this type of person…i’m sure she’ll play victim on this somehow..”starrue”

  3. If you’re going to be a demonic spin doctor at least be good at it. He just really sucked at his job. He really did. Oh well, good riddance to bad rubbish.

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