Stans of the World Rejoice! Jay and B forever!

The Beyonce and Jay-Z ghettofabulous couple of your dreams is man and wife … if you believe AOL’s celebrity gossip blog OMG!

The OMG says they made it official at a star studded affair yesterday and didn’t even invite The Snob. The nerve. Anyway Stans, make like Journey and “Don’t Stop Believing” in … do they have a nickname like “Bennifer” or “Brangelina?” Jay-Bey? Yayonce? Jay-B? Anything?

Sigh … imagine all those big-head babies. Let’s hope they all take after their mama.

3 thoughts on “Stans of the World Rejoice! Jay and B forever!

  1. I am so happy for her too! I am a stan of the Bigga and I am proud of it too!Even across the Atlantic, black people in Bristol are happy for you Bee! Lol, enjoyment aside, I agree with fantastically misunderstood me – it is fantastic to marry the man you love.Good for them. I remember a VIBE interview once with her and she saying how when she was younger, other girls were thinking about the days when they would get married and she was thinking just about singing and making it. I think just from that, her ambition is clear. Power to her.

  2. fantastically misunderstood me and aulelia: Jay should be proud. He married the greatest high maintenance woman an extremely wealthy rap star could ever have. She’s our “Creole” Princess Diana.I will be happy when the photos from the nuptials start to trickle in. Or maybe they signed on for some throwaway cash for a People Mag exclusive.J. Lo got to show off her twins, and who cared about those kids? It’s all about Jay and Bee! Put them on the cover, please!

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