50 Cent = Jerk

But you already knew that right? Who’s surprised? Who?

I’m sure this is all a misunderstanding. This woman is probably manipulating him in some kind of way, I’m sure. Fiddy would never disrespect a woman. I’m sure Lil’ Kim and countless video “models” can attest to Fiddy holding women in the highest of esteem. And children. I wonder if this is the same kid that used to go on the stage with him and they would wear father n’ son bulletproof vests.

I’m sure she’s screwing you, Fiddy. And not in a good way.

Good luck, Fiddy’s ex! I hope you make you as abundantly as Kim Porter did on Puffy. Take no mercy!

Not until every time a Fiddy song spins your son gets his cut. If his dad is going to be a sexist, N-word-dropping, death-worshiping, wanksta asshole the least thing he can do is send you to the good the finest private schools and a six-to-eight years of post-graduate education. At Harvard. Or Yale. Or whatever’s the most expensive.

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