Who Knew the Negroes Everyone Loves to Hate Were So Popular?

Image by the National Black Republican Association.

I’m just on day four (going on day five) of my two-week examination of prominent black conservative opinion on Barack Obama and the response has been smashing. Things are going so well cross-posting on The Black Snob and Daily Kos that I’m tossing a few more black conservatives onto the barbie by popular request.

Here’s the updated schedule!

Sunday: Amy Holmes
Monday: Condoleezza Rice
Tuesday: Ward Connerly
Wednesday: Shelby Steele
Thursday: Alan Keyes
Friday: JC Watts
Saturday: Colin Powell
Sunday: Armstrong Williams
Monday: Michael Steele
Tuesday: John McWhorter
Wednesday: LaShawn Barber and Herman Cain
Thursday: Star Parker and Eric Wallace
Friday: (NEW!) Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell
Saturday: (NEW!) Juan Williams
Sunday: A final analysis, “Who Would Clarence Thomas Vote For?”

More black conservatives than you can shake a stick at! Oh, we’ll disagree on so many things!

And for those not wanting to subject themselves to our Republican brothers and sisters I promise to continue my regularly scheduled TJ Holmes/Black Snob blog slash-fiction and Michelle Obama fashion updates.

Stay snobby!

4 thoughts on “Who Knew the Negroes Everyone Loves to Hate Were So Popular?

  1. For Keyes I was tempted to write “sanctimonious moron” over and over again with lots of exclamation points.It was hard to write a serious discourse on that fool.

  2. Hey, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t link the New Leadership blog with the NBRA. if you do a little research on our blog, you’ll notice that I’m one of their harshest critics.

  3. Christopher: No problem. I just found the image on their site. But since it is definitely your group’s image I’ll take their name down. No problem.

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