John McCain’s “Dream Date!”

When I read that McCain was dreaming of his ideal running mate, preferably a young, male, married conservative stud with political pedigree and a kink-free, non-gay subtext, I imagined McCain kicking back with his friends in the Straight Talk Express, pulling cards to find out who John’s Mystery Dream Heart Throb Barbie Date could be!

Oh the possibilities!

A young-ish, studly Mormon? A wacky preacher man with comic timing? Condi?

Who could it be?

If only George hadn’t screwed him out of the nomination back in 2000. That son-of-an-ex-president, Christian conservative, non-gay faux Texan would have made a heckuva running mate. One can dream!

Cruel Cupid, why must you temp John McCain with the one man who’s heart he can never claim?

One thought on “John McCain’s “Dream Date!”

  1. OMG! I so had the Dream Date game! and Meet me at the Mall! Remember that one? I can’t wait to see who the VP nominee will be for both sides.

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