Could It Be? Marriage for Camel Joe and the Lace-front Diva?

You dream of this day coming but … but … I’m so verklempt! I just don’t know what to say!

Reps for both Knowles and Jay-Z refused to comment on the couple’s betrothed status or seemingly pending nuptials, but People quoted an unnamed source saying the license, obtained in Scarsdale Village, a suburb of Westchester County, is good for 60 days. (A quick glance at the calendar shows that the “I dos” would go down by June 1, if the report is true.)

With the news of the possibly very big next step in their relationship coming after business hours on the East Coast, the county clerk’s office couldn’t immediately be reached for confirmation.

Knowles, 26, and her 38-year-old beau, whose real name is Shawn Carter, have been dating for more than five years and, despite the inevitable breakup rumors and stepping-out speculation that has dogged them at times, the duo is apparently still going strong.

Alas, Beyonce and Jay have pulled this prank before. That’s why I still have an unwrapped box of his n’ her Jacob the Jeweler pimp cups circa 2006 underneath my old leather pants on the floor of my closet.

Wisecracks aside, I initially thought five years ago they made a really bizarre couple, but over time I realized they were really just another version of Russ and Kimora, only Beyonce has some talent to go those lace-front wigs while looking good in a bikini. They’re both ghetto fabulous. They both celebrate gross materialism. They both think they’re the hottest ‘ish eva. So why not? I hope Jay-Z will surprise me and love B forever and not do what I’ve always feared – drop her the minute she’s not able to lose the 45 pounds she’s going to retain after she drops his big head baby.

Take it from The Snob: A sista with thighs like that? She’s gonna blow up like the Hindenburg!

5 thoughts on “Could It Be? Marriage for Camel Joe and the Lace-front Diva?

  1. this couple are wicked!! get married beyonce! i know i sound like of those stans on gossip sites but lol, can’t get enough of Jayonce. they are fabulous in their own excessive way.

  2. fantastically – I think the same thing all the time. Like, how can Jay stick around KNOWING what she will look like in 30 years…*shudders*Well good luck to them if this time turns out to be real…In the great words of Jagged Edge, “We ain’t getting no younger, so we might as well do this.”

  3. I can just see her, pregnant, ripping into a rack of ribs with Tyra Banks and Kimora talking about where’s the sweet ice tea and the pecan pie they ordered? And the cheesecake? And the potato salad? Yelling, what bitch do I have to cut to get me some damn sweet jalepeno cornbread muffins!Oh, it will be a delicious time!

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