Alan Keyes Is Not Making Sense (On Everything But Most Especially Barack Obama)

Below, Alan Keyes and his family, including daughter Maya Keyes, left, who he disowned in 2005 after she came out as a lesbian.

This is part of a black conservatives on Obama series at The Black Snob where we study things black Republicans have said about Barack Obama candidacy for president and surmise who will vote or support for him and who will not. Previous entries were done on Amy Holmes, Condoleezza Rice, Ward Connerly and Shelby Steele.

Alan Keyes has never made sense to me.

I’ve never had much respect for him. He is, by far, one of the most disturbing and frustrating type of black Republican. He seems to only exist to provoke and destroy the aspirations of blacks who don’t share his narrow, bigoted view of America.

Keyes, most famously, was selected by the powers-that-be in the Republican Party to challenge Barack Obama’s senate campaign in 2004. He was a ringer, a carpetbagger and stooge. That the Republicans even chose him as Obama’s opponent was the ultimate insult. He was their distorted version of a “quota” hire – picking a black man with no ties to the black community in Illinois, a man with no ties to the state period, to challenge the other black man as if us Negroes would not be able to tell the difference. As if another brown face in the race would confuse us and negate the other.

I don’t like Alan Keyes. I laugh with schadenfreude when ever he fails. I mocked him, I found it infinitely hilarious when his own party locked him out of a presidential debate 1996. That they had him arrested. I chortled when Obama throttled him, his election a rebuke of the Republican’s tomfoolery and an affirmation of black intellect, of our long-history of not being fooled by these sorts of parlor tricks.

Yet at the same time I recoil in horror over Keyes. I’ve never had much respect for him, but when he was at his lowest of low for me was when he abandoned and rejected his own daughter Maya in 2005 because she dared to openly admit she was a homosexual. I don’t understand people who do this to children they have claimed to love. I have watched the mothers and fathers of gang bangers, rapists, serial killers, murders and drug runners still love their child in spite of their actions. I’ve seen them in pain, hurting for the individuals their child has harmed and still care for there child. I’ve seen people who have loved their children in spite of debilitation disability and mental illness.

Maya Keyes — liberal, lesbian and a little lost — finds herself out on her own. She says her parents — conservative commentator and perennial candidate Alan Keyes and his wife, Jocelyn — threw her out of their house, refused to pay her college tuition and stopped speaking to her.

Maya, 19, says her parents cut her off because of who she is – “a liberal queer.”

How could you reject someone you claimed to you love simply because they were gay? She did not choose it. She was born this way and I was appalled. My grandmother was angry when her son, my uncle, married a white woman, but she still adjusted. She still loved her son and accepted her grandchildren, even accepting the white son my uncle adopted. My grandmother can overcome decades of racism and white hostility and you can’t accept your daughter being gay? It enraged me.

Unlike with other black conservatives who merely exalt boot-strap pulling theories, I have little compassion for Keyes and his views. And they don’t get much worse in his views on Obama. They’re far more distorted and twisted than anything conjured up by evergreen bigots like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. Try hard not to choke your fury and bile, it’s going to be an unpleasant examination.

“He’s an evil man and he needs to be stopped.”

Those were Keyes words on Obama in 2007. Blog Too Sense wrote a post on Keyes based on the statements he made to a radio show. Keyes crusade against Obama does stop there. He assailed him on abortion, trumping his diatribe with an allusion to Hitler.

Blogger dnA observed thusly:

There are some people who are so desperate to be loved by white people, that they will do anything, say anything, to gain that approval. Alan Keyes is beside himself with jealousy that after selling out as much as he possibly could, even moving to Illinois to run against Obama for the Senate after calling Hillary Clinton a “carpetbagger” for doing the same thing in New York, that white people still like Obama more. He does not get it. It really eats him up inside, as you can see.

You’ll note that while Keyes hates Obama, he is willing to give the German citizens who voted Hitler’s Nazi Party into power the benefit of the doubt. He’s all about personal responsibility, that Alan Keyes. Come on, I mean what genius could have guessed that a guy who would say something like “In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison,” could POSSIBLY be anti-Semitic?

But the madness of Alan Keyes does not stop there. The longer you look at him the more unhinged and vitriolic he appears.

When Keyes ran against Obama in 2004 he declared that “Jesus would not vote for Obama.”

Keyes said in a radio interview at the Republican National Convention that Jesus would not v
ote for Obama … Keyes called Obama a “socialist and a liar” on a cable access news show on Monday. Obama said he wants to win big to give Keyes a spanking because Keyes wages a scorched earth campaign. Keyes then went into a very long analysis of the word “spanking” and suggested it might be related to slavery and insulting to African- Americans. He would not answer when asked directly if he was insulted.

Here his brain sounds fevered and diseased with hatred, but that racial syphilis that has afflicted his mind only worsens. He continues his assault filled with false religious righteousness.

Keyes, who has focused his campaign on abortion, said that his statement about whom Jesus would vote for was based on Obama’s pro-choice votes in the Illinois Senate.

“Christ would not stand idly by while an infant child in that situation died,” Keyes said. “And I’m not the only person, obviously, who thinks if you are a representative of me, I cannot vote for you if you would ignore the dignity and claims of that child’s life. So, yes, I did respond quite logically – you’ll see it’s quite logical, right – with the conclusion that Christ would not vote for Barack Obama, because Barack Obama has voted to behave in a way that it is inconceivable for Christ to have behaved.”

Many of Keyes rants contain an authoritarian, theocratic rage which allows him to fit in with the far right of the Republican Party. I can’t imagine most black conservatives, who are mostly right-leaning centrists, would want to have anything to do with him. I can see Condoleezza Rice desperately running the other way when she spies him making his way to her at Black Republican conventions. I can see Colin Powell looking at his watch and searching for exits. I can envision Shelby Steele, Amy Holmes, JC Watts, et al, desperate to come up with conversation ending excuses, later denying they ever knew the man at all. He’s so repellent. He demagogues everyone with fervid apostolic damnation, yet kisses up profusely to the ones who reject him within his own party.

The fact that Keyes was the Republicans third, fourth or fifth choice to run against Obama, in spite of the fact that they would have preferred former Bears football coach Mike Ditka, who had no legislative experience to run instead of Keyes, shows how they truly feel about him. Keyes will do whatever bidding his party asks of him, but he gets very little in return other than some flowery talk about what an excellent speaker he is.

He receives adulating praise from individuals like Ann Coulter, who declare him the winner of every debate, yet are nowhere to be found when Keyes is crying out for funding, backing or recognition. She did not, after all, bail him out of jail in 1996 after that debate gate crashing. There was no hand holding or consolations. He is merely a tool in the party’s machine, a parlor trick, a clown. Look at the incredible Negro. He walks and talks so elegantly!

Yet what offices has he held other than ambassador? What elections has he won? Where was his party, his “friends” when he is shunted by the party brass? Keyes deserves the Republican Party who uses him like a foolish $10 hooker to agitate the masses. He deserves to covet a love he can never obtain.

Therefore the two final questions, this time, will be easy to answer:

Chances of endorsing Obama: None.

Chances of voting for Obama: None.

The man has resigned himself to his fate of perpetual ignorant underdog. I say we leave the scoundrel where he is and bury him in laughter as he chokes on his own villainous piety and grandiose ambitions.

Check back to The Black Snob all this week and next, the series concluding on April 14th.

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35 thoughts on “Alan Keyes Is Not Making Sense (On Everything But Most Especially Barack Obama)

  1. Snob – I read through this whole post and I couldn’t even feel anger. I believe it was due to total and complete astonishment at the sheer insanity of this man.The fact that he could presume to know God’s will, disown his own child and is a one trick poney for the Republican party, all make him a figure of pity for me.Imagine spending all those years selling your soul for the pot of gold and then the ground opens up beneath you and you realize you have nothing? Bitter, thy name is Mr. Keyes

  2. I just get so angry about his daughter. That was the most mind-numbing thing. I mean, if Dick Cheney could find a way to reconcile with his daughter Mary and Phyllis Schafely could still love her gay son, WTF is his problem? What is so unique about his situation that would warrant such an extreme response? That just drove me over the edge in 2005. I knew Keyes was nuts, I just didn’t expect him to shun his own. Most conservatives (like most people in general) operate with a different set of rules when it comes to their kids.

  3. Alan Keyes and Hannity & Colmes’ favorite lil Negro Jesse Lee Peterson should get a conservative talk show together. I mean, they spew the same vile, backwards, acerbic, sulfuric crap, and they’d prolly have fun together. And white folk would love them and continually point at them as what we as black folk should strive to be.

  4. Snob, I so agree with everything you are saying here about Alan Keyes. He is like the man in the novel Invisible Man, who was obsessed with getting the product being as white as possible. Some people try to do everything to be close to whites. I do disagree that Amy Holmes are J.C. Watts would run the other way if they say him. Especially Amy, have you seen her on CNN go off about race? She can go from 0-10 in seconds. If she didn’t hate black people so much she would be Alan’s thing on the side. Two peas in a pod.

  5. Anonymous: I think Amy Holmes is a conservative pundit for the bank. She’s admitted in the press that she’s an “independent” with some Liberal views. And has also admitted that she enjoys the spotlight one gets when you’re a pretty, young black conservative pundit. If she were white, she’d never get on TV as much. There are already a bevy of blonde fembots spouting Republican jargon.I don’t know how sincere to take her bitching on black folks considering she also defends Barack when people attack him on his race, and was happy to join the “fire Imus” brigade that brought so many black Republicans and Democrats together.JC, though, is a toss up. But I think JC likes to be somewhat taken seriously, hence my assumption that he wouldn’t want to talk to him for too long (that and I think Alan must be pretty grating to talk to even if you agree with him.) The only black conservative who I think would definitely kick it with him is Armstrong Williams.

  6. Ditto. I knew knew why he defended the party so, since it was so quick to dismiss him.But he is a lesson. I’ve met other Black-save-the-unborn-babies-Repulbicans in real life. They’re just like him. They look and sound a hot ignorant mess in public.

  7. Black Snob:I have a question for you that I hope you will answer on behalf of all “non-Black Conservatives” such as yourself.I notice that you all seemingly spend more time focusing on “Black Conservatives” than you you do on the BLACK PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY HAVE POWER WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Is there any particular reason why?I mean on the one hand “Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers” (I don’t use the word Black Liberal as it does not define anything specific about the group) make the case that the Black Conservative (your label) is:* Powerless WITHIN the Black community* Not respected WITHIN the Black community* Has few ideas that people WITHIN the Black community are willing to follow* Can not get elected WITHIN the Black communityDoesn’t it seem irrational then that you and other BQPFRC would focus so much of your time on them?There are currently 10,000 Black elected official (16,000 depending on how you count them). I can imagine that 9,900 of them are of an ideology that is favorable to you. There has never been more people of our own choosing presiding over our communities.Why then don’t you focus more time on INSPECTING these people than on detailing people who HAVE NO POWER OR INFLUENCE within the Black community?Isn’t it more interesting to inspect the UNREALISTIC expectations that some Obama supports have of him than it is to focus on these few, insignificant Black Conservatives?Why isn’t the focus on the political machine that Obama is a part of that ALREADY has dominant control over the areas where we live not a more interesting subject for you?

  8. constructive feedback: Um … I can’t speak for everyone here, but me, personally, I like to write about all black people including the ones I don’t agree with and I was interested to learn what other prominent black conservatives thought of Obama considering his life story fits a lot of what black conservatives advocate of black people, re: education and self-reliance.Secondly, I don’t write about black conservatives that much. My blog is about general black issues, humor and celebrity fluff.So what’s with all the anger? You can disagree with me but are you telling me I shouldn’t be interested to know what people with different view points from me think? And why would I only want to write about people who agree with me all the time? How am I supposed to learn from that?So, once again, I can’t speak for everyone else here, but that is why I write what I want to write on my personal blog.Lastly, how is black conservative my label? Actual black conservatives call themselves black conservatives? What should I call people with a conservative or Republican viewpoint? Is conservative a bad word now? And I do say in my articles (if you, in fact, have read them) that many black conservatives are right-leaning centrists and largely left the Democratic Party over issues like welfare, affirmative action and a personal belief in smaller government.They only conservative thus far I’ve jumped on is Alan Keyes and that had more to do with his rejection of his daughter and his personal attacks on Obama.So based on what you said why are you even here reading my posts? Why am I relevant? As I said before, disagreement is fine, but your attacks seem to have little to do with the actual content of my blog.I can’t speak for everyone, but I, personally, don’t “reject” black people who think differently from me. I even admire some black Republicans, so seriously? What’s the deal here?

  9. Pre-script – Debra Dickerson is a self described LIBERAL.Black Snob – you say:[quote]So what’s with all the anger? [/quote]No “anger” here darling, just sternness. Big difference.[quote]You can disagree with me but are you telling me I shouldn’t be interested to know what people with different view points from me think? And why would I only want to write about people who agree with me all the time? How am I supposed to learn from that?[/quote]This is easy to explain Black Snob.Here it goes.I first make the assumption that you have a given purpose for your political activism and commentary. I indeed do.I second make the assumption that you desire to advance and achieve what is actively called the “Best Interests for Black America” and America. (these two are interrelated but certainly not the same).Using these two assumptions as a baseline for my scrutiny of your blog (and again – I could be wrong about your intentions and goals) I am left puzzled as I consider your blog and place it in the context of other Black themed Blogs who also delve into the realm of political commentary.What strikes me the most (and I am a political independent with acknowledged ‘right of center’ sentiments) is that nearly without exception these blogs focus on BLACK CONSERVATIVES far out of PROPORTION to their actual representation in the political array both outside the Black community and the nation at large. In fact one might come to the conclusion that it is almost PERVERTED that so much ‘ink’ is spent on focusing upon these individuals who are outside of the POPULAR sentiments of Black America…..all the while nearly ignoring the scrutiny of the 9,900 Black folks who actually hold an elective office who YOU ARE INCLINED TO VOTE FOR. (you = collective ‘you’).So you see Black Snob – I did not ever attempt to censor you. You indeed were posting your blog prior to my friend Rikyrah turned me on to your words and you will no doubt continue to do so.I hope that you will respect and appreciate my right to question your objectives as well.If INDEED our common objectives is for the measurable advancement of the Black Best Interests then certainly I am in line to ask you and others to account for your FOCUS on these bit players WITHIN the Black community, which seems to be ideologically based, while ignoring critical inspection of those who have the run of the field WITHIN the Black community.Speaking for myself I find it far more interesting and unnerving the amount of Black people who have fundamentally unrealistic notions of what a “President Obama” could do for them and their communities. If we are both committed to promoting the “Black Best Interests” then we both would be motivated to call out Shelby Steele as well as moderating the unrealistic thoughts and assumptions of those who offer unyielding praise for Mr. Obama – who is but ONE MAN.I have the historical documentary of “Eyes On The Prize – Part II” which showed how a similar groundswell was built up in Cleveland 1968 regarding the election of the First Black Mayor of that city. I also have the benefit of 40 years hence to make the case that this VICTORY in the American political system did not translate into any permanent or comprehensive benefit for the Black community in that city. I have two school teachers who work in that particular city as live references to my point.In closing – I hope I made my case about how important “What is your ultimate objective?” is in determining the agenda that we operate upon. What might be appealing to your current set of beliefs as you stand today (ie: an anti-conservative orientation) might not bear out as being the most EFFECTIVE set of beliefs as you commit yourself to reaching your ultimate goal.(PS I did not say that what you believe now is failing. I only asked you to put these assumptions and the broader POPULAR assumptions of Black America up to unbiased inspection and prove that they are indeed propelling you forward ORGANICALLY – not just because the White folks now are forced to obey the law. When you are all by yourself in a Cleveland and these assumptions must produce for your people is when their inherent effectiveness is shown as is the need to abandon them and try something else becomes apparent… those who are committed to a certain END rather than committed to their current IDEOLOGICAL PROPENSITIES)

  10. constructive feedback: The only reason why I felt you seemed angry was because you went on a sudden screed without knowing or understand the body of my work on this site. I felt like you made a bunch of broad-based assumptions in an attempt to provoke some rash response from me.I think often people don’t realize that when they write comments on the internet a lot of it came easily come off as combative or accusatory. When I read your words it felt like an indictment for me being fascinated by black people who have different political philosophies than mine.It felt like you were demanding something of me, some response as if it were owed to you simply because I chose to write about something.But, I don’t mind answering people’s questions, I just felt yours were coming for a place that was more about provocation than a genuine dialog.I don’t like provocation for the sake of it, that’s all.But if that’s not what you’re doing and I’m just reading you wrong I’ll explain my background.If you read deep enough in my postings I’m a staunch realist and pragmatist with feminist and Liberal leanings. Other than voting for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reelection in California, I have never voted for a Republican candidate.Despite my leanings I don’t take issues with all conservative or Republican ideas. I feel that many black people was a lot of energy using outdated models of protest rooted in the last successful protest movement created by blacks, re: the Civil Rights Movements. I’m almost to the point where I think marches are almost ineffective considering that part of the reason marches worked in the 1960s was the juxtaposition of peaceful protesters and the extreme response it aroused in many southern whites. No one’s bludgeoning anyone now for simply voicing their opinions. People just figured out that they can just ignore you and let you protest and go on about your business.I have not read most black political blogs. Before I re-launched my blog in January, I hadn’t even read a black political blog. I primarily read news and commentary sites like and Salon. So when I started my blog I had no idea what other black political blogs were like.I don’t consider my blog to be a political blog. It’s a topical blog because I don’t always talk politics and I use a lot of humor in my work.This is why I can’t vouch for what other black blogs did or do because I, in fact, had not read them.My curiosity about black conservatives has always been rooted in the fact that blacks, irregardless of their background, go through some similar experiences if they were born in the states. I was interested in why we both looked at the same situation but came up with different views. As a journalist I have a natural curiosity about this. I was also curious to see what many prominent black conservatives thought of Barack Obama given the fact that he is both their type yet not their type all at the same time. He shares many attributes and a background that they like, but his political views were different from there’s. But I also knew that in the case of many black Republicans, they were formally Democrats and with the exception of perhaps Alan Keyes, weren’t hardliners. They primarily parted ways over what were the best methods to foster black success.I’m pro-understanding and anti-demonization. Other people feel differently, but I don’t consider JC Watts, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Michael Steele or Shelby Steele “sell-outs.” I don’t think they are “Uncle Toms” in the way people use that moniker. They just have a different viewpoint. I want to understand and learn from that viewpoint. Sometimes I understand, sometimes I don’t, but my interest in them is a sort of introspective, Negro naval-gazing I get into from time to time trying to figure out what is what when it comes to my own people.If you have pursused my more than 200 posts you’ll notice that this series is really the first time I’ve written about black conservatives. And I’m not writing about them because I have some agenda. I’m just writing about something I was going to do on my own anyway, which was research their opinions on Barack Obama? Why? Because I was curious. That’s it. Rather than keep it to myself I blogged about it.I don’t have an agenda other than to entertain and inform. I simply like to write. I’ve been writing my entire life. I’ve worked for newspapers and Web sites. I just love it. That’s why I have this blog and a satire blog. I don’t have any sort of planned, grand goal here other than to make people either think or laugh or both.So, I guess what I’m trying to say is — lighten up. I’m not up to anything. I’m not writing about black conservatives and neglecting to criticize other black people who profess to share my views. (I really can’t stand the NAACP because I think they’ve sold out and their protest model is archaic.) I’m just one person, writing, having a good time with it. I don’t feel any sort of responsibility to do anything other than write what I enjoy and feel like writing about. I can’t help it if other blogs like to go only lengthy screeds about the wrongs of black conservatism. All I can say is that’s not what I’m doing and my blog is not about anyone else’s blog. I haven’t even read anything about black conservatives on other blogs besides the occasional anger filled rant. So I don’t have anything to compare my writings about black conservatives on Obama with.That’s it.

  11. great response. sometimes people seem so eager to argue, yet don’t even know what they are arguing about.

  12. dewfish: I know. It’s just totally bizarre. I didn’t know I could appear to be an operative of some kind. That made it sound like there some black version of the CIA doing covert missions through lengthy postings on how sexy TJ Holmes is and where Michelle Obama gets her clothes from. I’m like, they’re opinion blogs. People state their opinions. They’re biased by design because they’re based on opinions. I don’t read anything more into it than that. Maybe I’m crazy. I just don’t care what individuals write about on their blogs. I mean, it’s a blog. That just seems silly. I’m not writing laws or organizing protest movements here.But I do have a pro-TJ Holmes agenda. It involves him taking me to Atlanta and letting me have his gorgeous TJ babies.MMmmm … makin’ babies with TJ Holmes …

  13. Dewfish says:[quote]dewfish said… great response. sometimes people seem so eager to argue, yet don’t even know what they are arguing about.[/quote]But prior to this Dewfish says:[quote] Alan Keyes is a loon. Even the republicans know that.[/quote]and then[quote]Debra Dickerson is another complete loon…..[/quote]It seems to me that prior to YOU attempting to analyze ME that YOU should check the depth of the pool that YOU are wading in.You don’t seem to “debate” you seem to NAME CALL.

  14. [quote]I was also curious to see what many prominent black conservatives thought of Barack Obama given the fact that he is both their type yet not their type all at the same time.[/quote]Black Snob:For me as a Black person who is not a Democrat – Barack Obama represents that Verizon Wireless commercial. No only his words but moreso the words of the masses who stand behind him are of concern to me.It is the machine that he is in….the machine that ALREADY has dominant control over our community but with the help of so many operatives within our community who look for alignment with what they ALREADY think rather than alignment with THEIR OBJECTIVES and the need for them to CHECK THEMSELVES regarding if WHAT THEY THINK and what is POPULARLY ASSUMED to be the right thing is in fact the case based on the evidence that is abundantly around them.I am right of center. It is clear to me that Barack Obama has a problem standing up to his extreme leftwing base. He wants to tell them what they want to hear rahter than what they need to hear.The issue with Black peole then becomes “OK So what? He is a liberal. So am I. We are now getting a person who is driving an agenda that I am comfortable with. What is the harm?”I have two specific piece of “harm”.Going backward in time – Please recall the “racism speech” of a few weeks ago. Whereas Mr. Obama was verbose in identifying the conservative targets who derailed the Black progress in the Post Civil Right Movement – the Conservatives, the Talk Radio Hosts, the Reagan Revolution…..when it came to the one specific point about THE BLACK FAMILY and what harmed it – WELFARE- he left this issue as a “bastard orphan”. Who was the brith mother and the absentee father of the Welfare Policy per Mr. Obama’s speech? He did not say. HE WILL NOT SAY. For they are STANDING ON STAGE WITH HIM! How is it that you state that it has HARMED US but you won’t identify who brought us this harm? Just let him as president attempt to alter what he says is “harmful” – I assure you that these people will show themselves.How will President Obama deal with them? Will he deal with them? I see no evidence in his past to bear this out. He votes “PRESENT” when confronted with an issue that causes him to be seen disfavorably in their eyes. Now he is vying for “PRESIDENT”. The President doesn’t get to vote “present” though. Following this theme – recall back during the Democratic Debate when Wolf Blitzer asked him about his views of drivers licenses for illegal aliens. He totally botched the answer. This is because, yet again he was faced with a “PRESENT” scenario. You see there were no CORPORTIONS, REPUBLICANS or RICH PEOPLE for him to pull the pin out of the grenade and throw – let God sort out the guilty from the innocent. Instead you have the interests of Americans who are witnessing the impact of illegal immigration and then you had the image of a wide eyed Mexican imigrant watching the debate saying ‘ Mr Obama – please don’t fire at us indistriminately’ – tears welling up in their eyes. Instead he took the hit and lost a bit of credibility, not able to smoothly get out of the situation.But it gets worse Black Snob. Turn your camera from that Mexican Immigrant watching Mr. Obama toward that BLACK WORKER who has been displaced. No doubt that we will hear Mr. Obama talk about the CORPORATIONS that hire them and how, in his view THEY are the source of the problem and how he will focus on the corporations. At the end of the day – does this really change much for the Black Worker? I note that Mr. Obama and other liberal Democrats will never, never, never “go right” on this issue. If there is no way to demonize the establishment (corporations, government failures or rich people) then sorry – THE BLACK LABOR INTERESTS just get pushed to the side. They are simply NOT going to risk being seen as “Racists” by standing up unappologitically for our community’s interest’. Dr. Carol Swain, a Black professor at Vanderbilt University has been following this immigration issue and its impact on the Black community for years. We are approaching a point in which there is no more voting “PRESENT” for Mr. Obama or the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus on the issue.For me – Mr. Obama’s inability to stand up to his left wing base when they need to be held in check is a major weakness with respect to the interests of the Black community on this and other key issues. While it is indeed more POPULAR in the Black community to find some corporate whipping boy or convert the debate into a battle under the class warfare struggle – there are some issues in our society that are a matter of PURE ECONOMICS where LIMITED RESOURCES (ie: open job slots) prevent voting “PRESENT” but instead requires a LEADER who, in fighting for a given interest has enough experience to know that at times he cannot always make his base happy but instead can have them to focus on the general direction.Beyond my strong ideological difference with the man, I am not at all confident that Mr. Obama is going to play this role.

  15. Hi Black Snob, here are a few words of rebuttal re: your blog entry on Alan KeyesKeye’s Kid: Just so you know, Alan Keyes’ relationship with his daughter is not the one-dimensional “I cast thee out” that you make it out to be. They are not really fully estranged, to my understanding. Alan Keyes knew his daughter was a Lesbian since she was in high school. In 2005, when she was 20 years old or so, she was working on her father’s campaign staff. He fired her for speaking out against the Bush administration and, since the Keyes campaign was paying for her apartment, her rent was no longer being paid. She blogged that her father had left her “jobless and … homeless” and people assumed that this had to do with her sexual orientation. Keye’s rants: I also think you’ve unfairly characterized his abortion diatribe as crazy. In the context of his remarkably consistent fundamentalist Christianity it really isn’t.. the kat just don’t digg on abortion (neither, by the way, does his daughter — plus I’m a liberal and I don’t digg on abortion either).Keye’s Uncle-Tom’d-ness: While, his run against Obama in Illinois does, at first glance, look like a classic work of good old-fashioned handkerchief-headed Tomm’ing, it stands alone as the only such act of his career. I don’t think there’s enough evidence to convict him on selling out (at least not in the classical sense). I always thought so, but maybe he was just looking for a way to get into the Senate. Even you write that he’s been nothing but an ambassador all of his life. Hillary Clinton’s carpetbagger self moved to New York for the same reason. I didn’t realize that he was the Repubs’ 5th choice for the Senate seat. I’d have to say that this is exculpatory evidence for the GOP (up until now, I thought they just wanted to see 2 n***az fight) and perhaps even for Keyes himself.All-in-all, I applaud this series you’ve put together examining Black Conservatives. I think we are often much too quick to reject all Black folk who don’t automatically align themselves with Democrats. I think, however that you got it at least slightly wrong about Alan Keyes.

  16. One more thing on Alan Keyes:Here’s a statement he made to the City Club of Chicago when asked about the roles of gays in the GOP:Keyes reminded the audience all are sinners and then said, “Which one of us wants there to be a heartless rejection of our other abilities, of our other virtues, of our other qualities because we have sometimes stumbled?…There’s no contradiction between defending the institution of marriage and understanding that even when you look at somebody and you know that they’re in sin you can still remember that they are children of God, because God remembers and you treat them as such and respect them for those that He would always value in them. And that’s why Christ spent so much time with sinners. He didn’t just see their sin, he saw the possibility of their salvation and so should we.”Doesn’t sound like the kinda dude who would disown his beloved daughter. The kat is staunchly against gay marriage, but that doesn’t make him a persecutor of gays. You always gotta check the facts, maing; even when they align with what you’re inclined to believe. Peace!

  17. anonymous: Thanks for the different perspective on Keyes. Obviously, I have some issues with the man and it was hard to find news articles that didn’t focus on his more incendiary comments.But I appreciate the additional information and you sharing this alternate view of Keyes, who is a bit of a hot button character that often arouses a strong visceral reaction. I pretty much admit that I have a hard time getting past some of his controversial statements.Also, I’m glad you enjoyed the rest of the series. I got a lot of great feedback from people.

  18. Hi Black Snob:Alan Keyes is a kat who has always intrigued me. Even though I agree with almost nothing he says, I’ve always admired what I considered his amazing abilities as a debater (I study film footage from that kat when I practice my debating skills) and his very apparent, unusually high intellect. In the 2000 election season I never missed a GOP debate; I loved watching that dude shut those white guys down! In fact, it was this that first piqued my curiosity about Keyes, i.e., most Uncle Tom’s love Whitey so much, they wouldn’t dare demolish 9 White guys in an intellectual activity on national television! I started to think, maybe he’s not a sellout, and simply a kat who believes in that theocratic hyperconservative stuff to the max (plus he sounds exactly like Kermit-the-frog!)Also I’m really diggin the blog! Wish I had found it a long time ago! I haven’t picked a username yet, but it’ll probably have something to do with Brooklyn (or, more properly put: Brooklyyyyyyyyyyyn!!!!!).~bam (anonymous)~

  19. bam: I’ve yet to meet anyone who sounds like a “true” Uncle Tom.Never mind the fact that “Uncle Tom” from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was not an “Uncle Tom” by modern definition. He died protecting runaway slaves.But if we’re going for buffoonery, wouldn’t Flavor Flav be the biggest Tom ever? The dude will do anything for a dollar. I don’t care if he was in Public Enemy. At a certain point you cross that racial Rubicon and you become a Tom and Flav is cooning it up in all sorts of terrible ways.Well, welcome aboard. Feel free to comment any time or email me with suggestions. Obviously I check this thing pretty regularly, so I often try to respond.

  20. Indeed. The “Uncle Tom” term is a bit outmoded and, as you point out, misconceived in the first place. Mayhaps the next generation of Black folk will replace it with “Uncle Ruckus” :)(caution when clicking on the following link – very offensive hilarious material)

    My thoughts on “Flavor of Love” actually differ from most, but that’s another post for another day… if you’re willing to start up a thread (or even a correspondence) on what constitutes coon’in’ and tomm’in’, the homie bk-bam is down to contribute!~bam~

  21. bam: That’s actually a pretty good idea. Especially since it would give me a chance to re-educate people on “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Out of all the imagery from that book to hang on people, Uncle Tom is the most nonsensical. I mean, Topsie, by far, is the most offensive character, (I pretty much cringed through the chapter where she was featured) but that had more to do with Harriet Beecher Stowe being a 19th century white woman speaking to a white audience who hadn’t given the plight of the slave much thought.Strangely, this also sits next to my beef with black people who fly off the handle over “Huckleberry Finn” without reading it and not acknowledging the context. “Nigger” Jim isn’t presented in a necessarily stereotypical manner considering what people thought of black people at the time and nigger was pretty widely thrown around back then by everyone.That doesn’t mean you have to like it now, but you can’t just ctrl-alt-del history. I don’t like it when the Italian gangsters drop the N-word in “Goodfellas” but it’s still my favorite film of all time. (And a favorite of a lot of other black people.) And not one black person in Goodfellas gets a compliment, not even Sammy Davis Jr. and Nat King Cole, who both get hit in a profanity laced, anti-interracial dating drive-by.So yeah … we’re kind of all over the map on what is and is not cooning.I will also wait to hear your take on Flavor Flav. I realize he’s just “keepin’ it real,” but I really wish he would keep it real away from TV cameras. Work on getting Chuck D, Professor Griff and Terminator X back together. I need another PE album.

  22. Goodfellas is just the tip of the iceberg (and is also my all-time favorite gangsta flick as well). The Tarantino-written “True Lies” makes me want to throw up with that famous monologue about Sicilians.Refining my opinion on what constitutes coon’ing and embarrassing portrayals of black folk in general has been a long, long journey of reflection, research, re-evaluation and introspection and it ain’t over yet. It is in fact this very issue that’s brought it back into the forefront of my consciousness, i.e., that every last black intellectual I know is mortified by Flava Flav’s latest exploits, while I’m thoroughly entertained and not even bothered by it. Now that I think about it, I’d say the jury is still out on this one, so I’m probably not ready to share yet. I can however wax poetic on some of my prior musings on the subject; they’ve just been waiting for an audience.I haven’t actually scribed any of this stuff out yet and it may take some time to formulate the prose to my liking. If you want to try to get something going, I can probably bang out some soliloquies and dissertations on the topics below (and maybe more): o The Wayans Brothers and the onslaught of the WB/UPN in the mid-90’s (don’t have much positive to say here) o Martin (mixed feelings on the initial raw genius, eventual decline [I call this part “The Rebirth of the Coon”] and lasting influence of this show — in several important ways an overlooked watershed moment in black folk TV) o The Amos n’ Andy TV show (and how the NAACP got it wrong) o Golden-grilled, white-Tee’d hip-hoppas from the South (again, not gonna get rave reviews from ya boy B 🙂 ) o The Bernie Mac Show (and why it’s the show I always dreamed of, hoped for and thought I would never see in my lifetime – genius!)If you got the space, I got the rants :)By the way if you need another PE album, all you gotta do is pick up the one they just dropped. It’s called “How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People who Sold Their Soul” and it’s TIGHT!! I was very pleasantly surprised…~bam~

  23. bam: Well, if you get time, just scribble them down and shoot me an email, blacksnob (at) gmail (dot) com. I think it would be a fun piece and you’ve got some good ideas.

  24. This is from Adam’s Blog “… it’s blatantly false that Alan Keyes threw his daughter Maya out because of her lesbianism. In August, the story began to swirl around the blogosphere about Maya’s lesbianism. Keyes found out about the stories, but not only did Maya remain on with the campaign, but she continued to work for Keyes’ organization in Chicago. Maya’s blog from November 22nd, 2004 has this note:Well, really I had many changes of plans.But this particular change of plans was re: Thanksgiving (a holiday which, like Columbus Day, I’m not particularly fond of celebrating) – I was planning on staying in Chicago through Thanksgiving but then the parents called and asked if I could come home and I really could not pass up a moment where my family actually likes me so I had to come home and spend it with them. So that’s where I am now – at HOME, on my OWN bed (having not had a bed since August, this is excitement in itself) blogging comfortably and unhomesickfully. I’ll be here till December 2 when i return to Chicago and look for an apartment.It doesn’t sound like she was thrown out because she was “gay.” Even though they were quite aware of the fact. Indeed, she returned to Chicago and was holed up in an apartment owned by Keyes’ organization in Chicago, all the way until late January 2005. Did she take another step further into Lesbianism that signalled the getting kicked out? The media would tell you yes, but Maya Keyes on January 28, 2005 was quite explicit what had happened:A couple days ago I got my official two-week warning that I have to be out of this apartment; so finally for real I’m getting cut off. I got no severance or anything like that from my sudden termination of employment (don’t I have freedom of speech? the right to protest Bush without losing my job? Hehe… most people would think that working under a parent would be security but for me it’s quite the opposite.)…After all the arguments and tension over the years, I always hoped it would never actually get to this point, although I suppose given our vastly divergent political beliefs it was inevitable. (emphasis mine)Not “my sexual orientation” , not “his homophobia” but “divergent political beliefs” is what she blamed at the time. You see she went to the counter-inaugural featuring those And no, Maya, you don’t have the right to work at a conservative political organization, while also working on behalf of far leftist nuts.Of course, it’s not just politics alone. Becoming involved with the anti-war kooks like Code Pink is a dangerous proposition. At these type of protests, you’ll have anarchists, maybe some dangerous people, at best some unsavory people that can harm your ability to get good jobs or security clearances. She was behaving irresponsibly and in a self-destructive way and to continue to give her a rent free apartment and a job where her afterhours anti-American activity contrasted with her job was simply enabling her behavior. And even looking at her own (biased) statements, he didn’t say, “Get thee forth, you awful lesbian.” He gave her time, notice, etc. Of course, the “he kicked me out because I’m lesbian” meme has become quite popular (as well as quite lucrative.) However, the truth is far more complex.This brings me to the heart of the challenge for a Keyes campaign. It’s in the media that he heartlessly kicked his daughter to the curb because she was a lesbian. Is this truth? There’s some evidence that at the very least least strongly suggests this wasn’t the case. Were Alan Keyes to tell his side, he might gain some sympathy from political activists, most of which are closer in age and situation to middle aged parents, not troubled young adults (she was of majority age to start with.)But the problem is that not only does it look really bad for a father to “attack” his child, it’s simply not in Alan Keyes’ character. The guy gave “no comment” after “no comment” when this was raised. He doesn’t think the interworkings of the Keyes family are any of your business and I tend to agree.So, thus Alan Keyes is left in a serious spot. Either fail to respond and have people think he’s a no good rotten scumbag who kicked his daughter out only because she was a lesbian or respond, violate your character and be seen as a no good rotten scumbag who publicly attacks your daughter.In the end, we don’t know what all went into the Keyes’ family decision. We do know from Maya Keyes’ Xanga that it’s a little more complex than the official media version. Wise people would thoughtfully consider whether they, as parents would like to be tried and convicted in the court of public opinion based on what their disgruntled 19 year-old child says after doling out “tough love.” If we followed the golden rule, we’d give him the benefit of the doubt.Unfortunately, we don’t and we won’t. Most will believe what the media says without question. Keyes will ignore the issue while the media and others will totally trash him on it. Welcome to 21st century politics in America.”

  25. I like Alan Keyes. I guess modern day Americans would never elect him, but that says a lot more about the deficiencies of modern day Americans than about Alan Keyes. Alan Keyes is a truly great man.

  26. I am kind of amazed at one particular comment by danielle: “The fact that he (Keyes) could presume to know God’s will…”. Last time I checked Barack Obama was not a self-proclaimed atheist and was a church-goer, albeit, he might not have one to go to now. Where does Barack Obama get his idea that his world/political viewpoints are indeed the correct “divinely inspired wisdom” regarding abortion, homosexuality, etc? Is he willing to stand up and say that and defend his views? Or does he have actual doubts about those ideas being correct, but is he willing to say so? I feel a need to defend Keyes because he influenced me in changing some of my views about abortion back when he was running in 1996. I am a white Republican voter. I came across this weblog from google. You can say he’s full of religious…um let’s just chutzpah, but there is a real intellect to him and his ideas. I don’t know where your obsession about his phenotype comes from- admittedly, I am white guy and don’t understand that kind of context. But can’t he just be judged on his ideas, not on the fact that that only 10-12% of blacks vote Republican in Presidential elections? The worst thing you could say about Keyes is that he is too influenced by his religion and too willing to peddle common misconceptions about it- not counting his core views about social issues. Put another way, he could secularize his arguments and come across as less zealous. I think his comments about the destructiveness of single-parent families are correct, regardless of what the bible says (same thing, basically). I think he is correct about abortion and I never really agreed with the whole the abortion industry and ideology. It might be interesting to wonder what the bible says about abortion (maybe three or four verses on the subject). Or what God thinks of abortion. But Keyes’ constant usage of God in the name of the anti-abortion political ideology- which I do share, will probably strike most people outside of that group as grating. It’s a free country and he’s free to speak out politically and he helped influence my views when I was in my early 20’s. But I understand politics enough in this day and age that this this will not play well among ideologically centrist voters in a Presidential election. However, they will elect more secular sounding pro-life Republicans as has already been done twice with George W Bush.Barack Obama plays poorly in some of the most socially conservative areas of this country that decide Presidential elections, namely Florida and southern/rural Ohio. Some 35% of Hillary Clinton’s primary voters indicate that they are going to support McCain or are undecided. Do the math. Obama and Clinton are roughly even in the popular vote so divide 35% by two and you have 17.5% of Democrats supporting McCain. Bush got 15% of this group in 2004. McCain might even win Pennsylvania and Michigan- two major states that Republicans would definitely love to see flip to red state status. Have a good time commenting about Obama. He really is going to be defeated. His Republican nickname in the Illinois state senate was “Chairman Mao”. He is definitely ideologically liberal and not centrist and some of the characters that surround him, like Rev. Wright- he will unfortuneately have to keep on explaining about him. He will probably get slightly less than Kerry’s share of the vote if McCain picks up a few states that Bush narrowly lost in 2004. And Keyes will get his insecure and neurotic wish.

  27. Hello Ms. Black Snob! Google brought me to your Blogsite. I don’t really think that you dislike Dr. Keyes as much as you think you do. I just think that you are seriously misguided and extremely misled by people who truly are threatened by Dr. Keyes. I think that you are so upset about what you’ve heard about Maya–has no one ever taught you to look at two sides of a story, or to get to the bottom of a news story and/or rumor? I always challenge people who like to write that if they were to research Dr. Keyes and learn of the things that have happened to him since he announced in 2007, that writer would win a Pulitzer Prize! Every Tuesday and Thursday night, Dr. Keyes holds a Live Question and Answer session via Conference Call. He will give you a very reasoned, logical answer to your issue-related questions, even if you oppose him on the issue (just don’t be disruptive). I can’t promise that he will answer a question about Maya–he might hold that subject off limits. Don’t forget, the man graduated with a Ph.D. in government from Harvard–if that means anything to you. You and all of your readers are cordially invited to participate in our Conference Calls. As of tody’s writing, the number continues to be (231)962-8000, Access Code 340794#. The call is at 10 PM Eastern, 9 PM Central, 8 PM Mountain, and 7 PM Pacific Time. For updates, click into Bless You!LifepathMAS

  28. I agree and I just hate when black kids at my school make the honor roll. They’re trying to be white and win the approval of the “establishment”! They should stay on the street and sell crack! Make black people proud!! Don’t try to have white friends!!You liberals continue to drink the kool aid. Alan Keyes is RIGHT! I’ll tell you what’s ridiculous. I pay for health insurance and the illegal next door gets his medical treatments free. My 2nd grader cannot learn spanish in school because there is no money for it. It’s all being spent teaching illegals English. Soooo little Juan Carlos Illegal will grow up bilingual and my own child has no access to a foreign language. I work 10 hour days and the nutjobs across the road with the Obama sign in the yard draw disability and use it to fund their hobby of exploring caves!! Liberals are nauseating. Yes, VOTE OBAMA!! It’s much easier than getting a job!!

  29. I was just doing some research on Alan Keyes after I learned he is suing Obama to prove his citizenship….I have to say this man is friggin nuts.I happen to be a white lesbian living in the boonies (born and raised in Philly tho) and it’s mind blowing to me that anyone, and I mean anyone would disown their child for being gay.Those people should not be allowed to have ANY children, imo. I can’t imagine having a child and disowning it for ANY reason. It’s called unconditional love and I personally, believe that unconditional love is only capable between parent and child…….unless of course you’re some crackhead like Keyes.Incredible. Absolutely incredible.Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks.Carey

  30. Amy Holmes’ is very disturbing as a black politician, or, is she really black? One often wonders. Her response to how the republicans can rejoin their party to gear up for the 2012 election really exposed her loyalty to the black community in alignment to Alan Keyes. Her response was “the majority of blacks that voted for Obama voted against same sex marriage and a large percentage of young people voted for it – this is the community that the republicans should target for 2012”. I feel that this statement is very loaded and has the potential to induce separatism and division on a social and perhaps economic level. While conveying this, her facial expression appeared to be very enraged as though there were lots of resentment from the outcome of the historic election. This was very disturbing coming from so called black woman.She is definitely a talking point for the elite, the corporate media and the haters. To me, she has sold her soul. Switching her political hat from a republican to and independent is like the wolf in sheep clothing. What is humorous is that she appeared to switch at the time when the boat was sinking but held on to the anger and embarrassment of an abandon ship. Black women and men who want to model themselves after Amy, Alan, Conde, Clarence, etc., is only contributing to the black on black destruction in America.

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