Somewhere Baby Jesus Is Crying

Wyclef, above and hideous. Some alleged “Aleesha” person and Big Tigger. My God. He still has a job there?

Oh my God! The ignorance! It burns! It burns!

It was time again, unfortunately, for BET’s 2008 “Spring Bling,” their jackleg version of MTV’s longest-running porno, Spring Break. Do you think they are kind of salty that they named it “Spring Bling” back before white folks discovered the word? I mean, the minute my old paper in Bakersfield, Calif. started using “bling” I knew that shizz was DOA, yet BET clings to it. Lame, BET. Lame!

Mike Jones and this Flo Rida character. And I thought the rappers looked haggard when I was a kid. Give me Eazy-E’s unattractive mug and Biggie’s fat self any day. Long as Big keeps the shirt on.

DJ Khaled, Birdman and, dear sweet Joseph and Mary, Lil’ Wayne.

Lil’ Wayne: This ugly on accident or on purpose? Discuss.

Top, a “guest” with a Shay “Buckeey” Johnson and below, St. Louis’ own Chingy and a “model.” And I use the term “model” very loosely. Stripper, maybe. Cover girl for “Low Riders Monthly” perhaps. No. Low Riders Monthly is far too classy a gig.

I just hope that Spring Bling has 100 percent less fake lesbian making out on it. MTV used to go nuts with the Girls Gone Wild footage back when I was in high school. There’s nothing I can’t stand more than a couple of girls making out because they enjoy debasing themselves for the menfolks. I mean, if you’re an actual Lesbian I guess go nuts, but I’m going to go out on a limb and gather that most Lesbians don’t want to make out to turn men on. I mean, dare I say, maybe with Lesbians it’s not about men.

Et tu, Lupe Fiasco?

There was a time people were worried if Wreckx-n-Effect would ruin my fragile little mind. Somehow I think we’ve gone farther than Teddy Riley ever envisioned. These folks make the chick in the bikini fake playing the sax at the beginning of “Rumpshaker” look classy. (All pics from WireImage)

5 thoughts on “Somewhere Baby Jesus Is Crying

  1. i had the same feelings when i saw the pictures of Lupe at this event. it just broke my heart. the virus that is BET has got to him as well.

  2. BET is so LAME. And Lil’ wayne needs to sit the f*ck down. Seriously.And what is up with the lady( if you want to call her that) in the white shirt and white leggings. It looks like she picked her outfit up at wal-mart on the $7.99 sale rack.And the lady stading next to her with those black “skinny” jeans looks a mess as well. I mean it looks like if she were to fart her jeans would bust open. Uh, who told them they’re cute?*sigh* chingy gives stl such a bad name. WTF. I wish he would just shut the f*ck up and get a job at the white castles downtown or selligng snacks at the Cardinals games where he belongs. I can deal with Nelly ( on occassions) but chingy just doesn’t do it for me. At all.And Flo-Rida looks like a gorilla and her reminds me of a guy who I always see walking down kingshighway.And can Tigger PLEASE get a respectable job! How long has this fool been working on BET? Even Julissa knew when it was time to part ways. Can’t he get a lil hosting job on Extra. Ask Tankia Ray to hook a brother up.It’s funny how BET always copies off of MTV and it ALWAYS sucks. Just like when they tried to do the whole Baldwin Hills thing. But it wasn’t even good. Those kids didn’t have that much money. Compared to the kids on Laguna beach they are peasants. Even though I was young I remember the days of Teen Summit. I miss those days. When BET actually had something to offer.

  3. Viacom must be destroyed! I despise BET with everything in me. Black people need to step it up because Spring Bling is straight up ass.

  4. Tigger got to be almost 80 (in dog years). I need him to move up to Program Director or something. Better yet, how bout we leave BET altogether considering 1/2 the viewers are young enough to be your kid…

  5. LOL @ 1990.Even MTV dropped the Spring Break thing, but leave it up to BET to keep it going. What % of their participants are in fact students?

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