Google Stalking TJ Holmes


Suzanne Malvueax, you lucky bitch!

Because I careThe Black Snob works her best to scour the internet to find you the best in random TJ Holmes coverage.


1. Did you know that last year GBM News named TJ their “sexiest man alive” of 2007? It’s a gay men of color blog site. Who knew! Also: comforting to know that not only do I have to fight Chili, all you other TJ-a-holics and the gays to get to TJ. Thanks gays! Yet another thing in the way.

2. But wait! Is there hope? Some random blog says that Chili has pumped and dumped TJ already? Dump TJ? That has to be a lie. Who would dump TJ? You don’t dump TJ Holmes, as his ex-wife can attest, TJ Holmes dumps you! Or, um … yeah, maybe I stole TJ from Chili. Yeah. I’m putting that story out there. It was me. Hands off gays!

3. Did you know that TJ was an actor in one episode of some British show called “Doc Martin?” Who knew?


And that is all for this installment of Black Snob’s Googling Stalking TJ Holmes. Feel free to satiate yourself with pictures of TJ from my flickr page or check out my previous stalking coverage.

14 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes

  1. I don’t know man, something about his eyebrows give me the willies…Don Lemon’s eyebrows are a little on the weird side too. Looks like he’s toned them down a bit though. lol!

  2. tamra: I think TJ’s eyebrows look neat and fantastic. But I’m incredibly biased. Don looks like … well. He shouldn’t be in pictures with TJ. Don looks better when he’s standing near one of the lesser hot black men on CNN. Like Alphonso. Or the old dude whose name I can’t recall.All news men who are anchors have to have a certain degree of “pretty boy.” They’re all vain because they have to be on the TV.

  3. girl, did i tell you how much i love you?! lol. and oh yes, i meant to tell you that!! chilli said in her sister2sister interview tj was “a nice guy, just not my type. he lasted a couple months longer than the others, though.” i said apparently, fine, intelligent, sexy, nice guys aren’t her forte’. because there was also a rumor she was dating hill harper and that didn’t work out either. oh well, more quality for me! lol. there are also rumors that she’s part of the reason tj & his wife didn’t work out…

  4. oh yea, it’s not a surprise he won that award either. there is a VERY high gay black male concentration in atlanta. matter of fact, i don’t feel like tj’s safe down there. we need to call in the special forces and rescue him. lol.

  5. Yeah, I know about the pretty boy factor–I was actually going to add (I initially withheld) that TJ looked like he’s way high maintenance… Too high, in fact. But, I’ll be quiet and try to let you enjoy your TJ moment. šŸ˜› Don actually looks a lot better in person. I actually felt sorry for him because I saw him dining alone one evening. I’ve often thought that he and Tamron Hall would make a cute pairing.I mentioned previously that Chili/TJ thing just wasn’t quiiiite right… It reeked of incompatibility–but you never know what drives folks. Since it looks like he’s back out there, I think now would be the perfect time for you to be introduced to him, perhaps?

  6. fantastically misunderstood me: Hill Harper too? This heifer is just throwing away good men. Does this have something to do with how Usher did her? Now she’s just going to fling around hot, smart black men? Do you know (of course you know!) how hard it is to find a black man that is hot and smart and interesting? A guy hit on me after asking me for change last week.A guy who asked ME for CHANGE!Toss ’em aside then, Chili. More hot, smart black men for the rest of us!tamra: I’m aware that TJ probably does not know how to fix a flat tire and would take up a lot of room on my makeup counter, but I’d be willing to put up with that as long as he’s as magnificent as he exists in my head.Or at least cleans up after himself.

  7. snob,I love me some T.J. Holmes but I don’t know. He just seems too good to be true. How is a man that fine, that intelligent not taken yet? Tell me!I don’t know…something tells me something just isn’t quite right.

  8. You and this TJ obsession ain’t gone bother me…Ya’ll missing out cause ROLAND MARTIN is where it’s at! Those beady eyes, that wavy baby hair, that chubby baby fat face that goes on for days…*swoon*In fact, I think I’m going to start counteracting your ‘TJ Obsession Posts’ with info about the RO Man!

  9. I found this site by Google stalking TJ because I, too, am a young black journalist nerd and snob. Bless you for all that you do šŸ™‚

  10. 1990: TJ Holmes is so good, I’m almost positive he’s a cyborg from the future invented by a black female scientist/historian who identified with our personal jihad of having no hot black men to love us up. So she created him and sent him back, Terminator style, to save us all from weekend morning boredom.Chili just doesn’t know how to treat a TJ-borg RIGHT!grown: Must you keep cracking me up with the Roland Martin talk? Don’t you know how he haunts me! Two months have passed and I’m starting to think he really didn’t pass on my message to TJ that I said “Hi.”The nerve! <3: Welcome to our pot of TJ gold at the end of the CNN rainbow! Always glad to find other Google stalkers out there!

  11. That comment about Roland Martin was hilarious! I don’t get it. If he’s so nice, etc…what happened with his wife? Something tells me he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  12. Anon: We don’t really know what kind of fellow TJ is. I, personally, don’t want to know as it could possibly conflict with the TJ-cyborg in my head.But I do know that Roland Martin read my blog once and complained about it. I’m too lazy to find the link, but I’m sure if you google “Roland Martin” and “black snob” it would pop up.

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