Jack Moves

The Carpetbagger Report has the scoop on some top dollar Clinton supporters trying to shake down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for having the gall to say that the Democrat with the most pledged delegates should get the nomination.

It’s our girl or we cut of the funds! Or that’s at least how I read it when I saw the letter they sent Pelosi on Talking Points Memo.

I swear. They are like a phalanx of Freddy Krugars. Just when you think they’re dead they all pop back up again, foaming at the mouth, flinging themselves onto whatever they can. Not to mix metaphors, but their crazy does not die, it multiplies.

Once again, I applaud the Clintonistas for always going that extra mile to dig themselves deeper into that grave while attempting to toss dirt on the Great Black Hope Mongerer. It’s not working, considering the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that he only moved down two-points in popularity, post the big “race in America” speech.

Poor Hillary’s Q rating is at a seven year low.

But I admire their fortitude. When Obama becomes the nominee, I’ll appreciate it when they stop impeding progress and start doing this to John McCain. Someone’s going to have to be the heavy for the Dems, pushy Clinton backers and I think the heavy is you.

3 thoughts on “Jack Moves

  1. Wow. She has such a penchant for breaking the rules–both those written in stone and those implied.Wonder what kind of response that would get if Obama or his supportedrs tried that? And, I wonder what kind of media coverage that’ll get in general (and from what angle…). They’re still talking about the Wright flap here. Sigh!They’re all such big, desperate babies and sore losers. –How low can she and her peeps go–and what’s next after this??? _____________________What’s your opinion on the “I mis-spoke”/landing under sniper fire flap?

  2. Knowing that Clinton is aware of mathematics I won’t say that she doesn’t understand numbers.Her fear of not getting into the white house, putting her ass in the same seat her husband once sat in is clouding her better judgment.I hope this ends soon. She is only making things worst. Not that she cares at all. It is pretty clear that she has her own agenda and that her actions aren’t about the unity of the country or maintaining the integrity of her party.

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