Things TBS Turns to When The Rainbow Is Enuf

Comic Book Parodies

Parodies of hip hop songs I hate

Excuses to blog about men I find sexually attractive

I’m just all Mariah Carey over Isaiah. Even though I try I can’t let go! If wanting a man who will love you even if you’re bald is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

Cold Stone Creamery

I’m actually partial to the now retired Strawberry Shortcake Serenade.

Pictures of me rocking The “Aaliyah” Hair in college

I couldn’t find a pic with my long bangs swooped over my forehead partially concealing one eye.

New Jack Swing Era R&B

Drawing cartoons

And of course … a certain someone on the CNN

Oh, TJ. If you were a drug you’d be a Valium with a Percocet Martini chaser. Sigh.

That’s better. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let the blood pressure lower and let your inner Whitley Gilbert fly! Say it with me!

Relax, relate, RELEASE!

3 thoughts on “Things TBS Turns to When The Rainbow Is Enuf

  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m sure you’re aware that TJ is into Chili, right? And, he was *supposedly* married when all of that began. ;-(Is that a weird pairing or what???

  2. tamra: I’m aware of TJ’s extra-curricular activities with, gah, Chili of all people, but since my attraction is based on the most superficial of things I can overlook it.He’s cute! And he reads the news!That’s all I really care about. As for the whole Chili situation, I hate to quote Beyonce but he needs an upgrade. Or at least a downgrade back to his wife. If you’re going to dump your spouse you dump her for Angelina, not Jen.But back to the superficial!He’s cute and he reads the news!

  3. *Sigh* I thought I was the only one who’s into TJ. Shoot, I make a point to gaze at him before I leave for work!!! Carry on Black Snob, carry on.

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