Fey Is Like Gay, But Not: Gov. Matt Blunt

Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt, Kind of Fey but not in the way you’re thinking.

This has nothing to do with nothing, but I was downtown in a government office today and saw this portrait of our current Governor Matt Blunt and was dumbstruck at what had to be the feyest, most effete depiction of a politician since 1787 when the politicians still fancied white curly wigs, knickers, brass buckles and stockings.

OK. That was hyperbole. The picture isn’t that queer, but maybe it’s the way his left hand is clasped over his right wrist, resting on his thigh while he pertly sits on the edge of a chair giving him the illusion of a slight hour glass figure.

Not noticing it? I’ll ramble on anyway. This will only take a minute.

Our governor is quite amazingly not embroiled in any current sex scandals, is not a “toilet stall” trisexual. He doesn’t have a healthy appetite for hookers (that I know of) or underage interns and pages (that I know of). He’s also not involved alleged corruption schemes, like building some bridges to nowhere, I think there’s at least four degrees of separation between him and Jack Abramoff, and he hasn’t started any intractable wars on false pretenses. Nope, all Blunt has is good ol’ fashion cronyism and ethics violations!

Just takes me back to a simpler time where political crisis were all complicated, dull or hard to follow (Iran-Contra, anyone? Teapot Dome Scandal?)

Yet despite only being yellow threat level corrupt he’s stepping down after only one term. I think it had something to do with everyone hating him for cutting Medicaid. While I can’t say I’m a fan of Lil’ Boy Blunt (re: he’s a Republican, son of Rep. Roy Blunt), he sure was an especially boyish, sweet-faced looking governor which probably contributed to the fey, foppish dandy thing he has going on in this picture.

But then maybe it’s just me? Right?

It’s me, isn’t it? OK. You’re probably right … but I don’t care!

That picture is totally fey!

8 thoughts on “Fey Is Like Gay, But Not: Gov. Matt Blunt

  1. snob,I always thought that Matt Blunt was gay but doesn’t he have a wife and some kids?But I was reeeaally dissapointed when I found out that Mike McMillan( the cities license collector)was gay. I thought he was cute…but that’s just me…I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Francis Slay is gay though.He and Blunt would make a cute couple, and together thay could take over Missouri politics.

  2. 1990: Really? Mike McMillan? I didn’t get a gay vibe from him when I met him. I also thought <A HREF="http://www.flickr.com/photos/pubdef/2352733085/“ REL=”nofollow”>he was cute.Blunt is just really squirrelly and boyish to me. But to accuse him of being a homosexual would be insulting to the gay people. When I insinuate people are gay, I like to pick people the gays might actually want. Like Wentworth Miller.Or Mike McMillan.You know? A compliment. I’m pretty sure the gays didn’t want Mark Foley and Larry Craig, yet people insist on trying to give those pervs to them.It’s like how I get insulted when someone calls Shelby Foote black.Please. He stopped being black a long time ago.Of course, when it comes to politics, I kind of assume everyone’s gay or getting some on the side. That appears to be the trend.

  3. snob,Yeah, I know what you mean. Larry Craig is just…uh…I don’t think anybody straight or gay really wants him(except for his wife). LOL @ Shelby Foote.I know that I might sound just a tad bit obsessive but Mike McMillan is really good looking.And I love his gray eyes. He’s got a progressive career and has the chance of becoming mayor some day. And all that wasted on the gay life. I mean I have nothing wrong with gays but…there goes another good black man.But apparently he doesn’t bring his partner out publicly to events and what have you he just brings him around to family stuff and his partner is white…if that matters.

  4. 1990: As TJ Holmes’ no. 1 stalker in Missouri, The Snob ENCOURAGES obsessiveness! There’s nothing wrong with finding someone attractive and going on and on, belaboring the issue until it starts to make other uncomfortable.Please do bring your obsessions to the blog. Better that than getting arrested for <A HREF="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093010/“ REL=”nofollow”>rabbit murder.But no. I find Mike very attractive too. I didn’t know he was black at first when I met him and we got to chatting and I kept wondering why I was so insanely attracted to him. I mean, I like good looking men irregardless of the ethnic background, but my incognegro meeter was flipping out all over the place. Once blackness was confirmed I was smitten.But gayness could explain the lack of wife. I mean, let’s be real. The marriage market for attractive, upwardly mobile black men is like trying to cop a pair of new Jordan 23s. The only ones you ever see already belong to somebody else.Lastly, I’m starting to fret that my gaydar is broken. He was incredibly smooth and kind of leery when I met him. Like he was half-flirting, half-not and kept switching his game up. I was very caught off guard by it all.I mean, this is probably TMI, but I dated a guy who I’m almost positive was gay for two years. I figured out he was gay around date four two months into the relationship, but kind of rationalized it away until two years later when he was ready to graduate from Morehouse. So I like to think that after learning every tip and twitch of the covert gayness I could pick up on it pretty astutely, unless he, like my ex, is overcompensating for the gayness with a little extra-hetero-ness.That said. Gay Morehouse ex and all. We both agree that Mike McMillan is hotter than a Hot Wheels track. That doesn’t mean we’re sick or wrong in any kind of way to engage in this sort of speculation. It’s not like he’ll be the only switch-hitter on my fantasy baseball team of sexiness.

  5. snob,LOL you seriously crack me up!But I thank you for accepting my obsessiveness.It’s refreshing.I first met Mike when I was interviewing him for my school newspaper back in October. I was sitting across from him in his office and I swear that I was about to melt right out of my seat. I instantly knew that I could be the Michelle to his Obama. I mean sure he’s 19 years older than me but like Aaliyah said, “age aint nothin but a number.”Anywho, I was searching all over his office to confirm if he was black but I didn’t see any family photos. But my mom told me he was black( I guess being from Louisiana she has a “creole radar”?).Anyway, later that day I saw him at the Obama rally and introduced him to my white friend (who has some strange attraction/fetish with light skinned black men).She was literally foaming at the mouth.But he’s really nice and would make some cute kids. I guess my problem is just that it seems wrong to waste all that fineness. I mean I know Wentworth Miller is gay and I just got word that Channing Tatum is gay. But since its Mike it just hits closer to home.So yeah, thats my Mike McMillan story.Maybe since he was flirting with you that means he’s bi. Hmmm…maybe there is hope.

  6. Word from the curb is that your hunch may just be fact, which is why he’s not seeking reelection. But I won’t believe it until I see it on CNN.

  7. I was just told by a friend who works in Jeff City that Matt announced (to a small crowd today) that he is, in fact, a homosexual. Wasn’t he the one who signed the ban on gay marriage in Missouri? Isn’t he married to a woman? Huh.

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