BET could surprise me …

And not pick up the reality show Suge Knight is shopping around, vis-a-vis Bobby Brown’s reality show of a couple years back. (From

I could go into length about why Suge Knight should not have a TV show. But instead I’m going to not waste time, tiring myself out with details and just bust it bullet point style.

  1. Suge is a has-been.
  2. Suge totally knows who killed Tupac (yeah, I’m in that conspiracy camp).
  3. Wasn’t “Being Bobby Brown” punishment enough?
  4. SCAN already has too many things to boycott. It’s getting ridiculous.
  5. Suge murdered West Coast Hip Hop by being a dumb ass poser who wanted to impress people by acting like the black Tony Montana, and I am tired of watching rappers act out lame versions of perfectly good Italian mafia films.
  6. Seriously? We’re still taking about holding Vanilla Ice out the window? You and Robbie Van Winkle have been pimping that story for years as if it made either of you look better. Robbie got shook down by a poser and Suge shook down Vanilla Freakin’ Ice. Who’s hard rock in this situation?
  7. Rap is good at embarrassing itself! Don’t need your help, Suge!
  8. Black people, perfectly good at embarrassing ourselves. No help necessary there either.
  9. As if black death wasn’t celebrated enough …
  10. I thought the Crips won the gangsta rap wars? Celebrated Crip Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. is skipping free, escaping numerous charges of everything from simple marijuana possession to concealed weapons to a murder case thwarted by the part-man, part-legal myth, Johnnie Cochran. And Snoop’s still universally popular despite being a neutered cartoon version of what he was ten years ago. So Snoop won! Please don’t show up on the BET, Suge!

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