Angela Bassett Gets Her Star

And the “Best Actress for Receiving An Award” goes to …!

The luminous Angela Bassett. And isn’t she just dainty and lovely?

It’s not an Oscar, but who’s being picky? And I’m sure this honor has everything to do with Angela’s fabulousness and nothing to do with that little “Meet the Browns,” Tyler Perry flick she’s starring in with Rick Fox that opened this weekend. I’m sure that’s a mere coincidence.

That said, no matter how you feel about Tyler Perry’s body of work, his films are a perfect venue for Angela as Tyler Perry essentially makes films that appeal to black women of almost every age. Angela is a universally loved actress by black women. He might even trick me into watching a film if he casts her in another one. After all, she tricked me into seeing Forest Whittaker’s adaptation of “Waiting to Exhale.” And I didn’t even like the book!

Aw. Babies.

Here are some additional photos from the after party, obviously thrown by a certain gin company as they were ubiquitous in some of the shots I did not post here. The most gratuitous one I have is this first two shots. I only picked them because Angela looked too cute in them. Courtney seems older and more haggard looking than I remembered. But maybe that’s because Angela is still looking pretty ageless by comparison.

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