Gone to Arkansas!

The Snob will not be updating this or the SCAN blog over the next three days. I gotta go to Arkansas to wish Granny Snob a happy birthday. Regularly scheduled blogging should resume late Monday. I’d blog from Arkansas, but I don’t think they have Wi-fi in big ol’ City of Newport. So until then, everyone have a Happy Easter, happy weekend, happy whatever. Just be happy!

BTW TJ Holmes totally came to the Ozarks in Missouri to report on the flooding. I felt bad for the people affected by the flood, but I still couldn’t help but squeal with delight of seeing my little Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of Journalism in a red CNN poncho talkin’ weather. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “Gone to Arkansas!

  1. ooh! he’s from arkansas… maybe he’ll be there & u can stalk him in person, lol.? don’t make me cut u, though! stay @ least 20 ft away. lol. i love “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of Journalism” that’s his official nickname from here on out. lol.

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