You can take the girl out of Compton …

Venus and Serena Williams at the ESPN Magazine 10th Anniversary party.

I’m a fan of Venus and Serena Williams, but this has to stop. I swear, for a pair of aspiring fashionistas they sometimes make the worst choices in clothes, hair and make up. (Actually, only Venus’ hair looks suspect. Serena’s do looks nice.)

I don’t get the shapeless mini dresses. They would both look more flattering with an A-line skirt or dress, cinched at the waist to show off their shape. Especially Serena. An A-line effect would actually make her look less bulky. (God, I love her, but she can be a little “Manly Stanley” sometimes.) And I don’t get Venus’ broke down look because she is very shapely and slender. She could look very classy if she went more conservative with a splash of “ghetto fabulous.” What’s the point of being six feet tall and shaped like a super model if you’re just going to wear a satin pillow case? Boo pillow case dresses, Williams sisters. Boo.

9 thoughts on “You can take the girl out of Compton …

  1. Yes, you do understand.They’re having a self-confidence issue with their bodies that evening.They’re also being lazy in their choices of appropriate event dresses. They look like they’re going shopping then off to lunch. And not lunch at a swanky place either.I love the 40’s hairdo, but not for a mini-dress and not for the occasion.These two can afford to do better. As per taste, um, I haven’t seen them on the runway lately.

  2. they don’t look their best but they don’t look THAT bad. I’ve seen most of them look MUCH worse.

  3. 1990: It’s true that they have looked worse, but this was like they didn’t even try. At least during the gawd awful outfits they were trying to pull of some ghetto haute couture chic that misfires spectacularly. They seriously look like their wearing shapeless satin pillow cases. And they have that “been lying on the floor at the foot of the bed for a week” look about them and we all know they’re rich enough for dry cleaning and maids.

  4. You can’t tell them girls nothin’ b/c they definitely have the money for a professional stylist but refuse to get one. I am no fashionista myself but even I can tell their since of style is way off. And to think Venus actually graduated from Fashion school!

  5. Every time I see Serena I can’t help but to remember the infamous “Cat Suit” she displayed at the U.S. Open………………………..enough said.

  6. ya’ll need to just chill coz serena actually looks good…and all this crap about serena looking ‘manly stanley’ well the point is…who cares???? serena looks great with her body and we all know thats natural….so good on her for being proud of her body…okay venus hairdo..well i agree venus looks way better with long hair and i do agree with her outfit this time, she looks very lowly styled…have u guys seen the actual cover for espn?? well the girls look so flyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! so ya’ll just relax and let serena and venus be themselves coz they aint gona change!

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