Man, can anyone keep it in the pants?

I wanted to blog about this yesterday, but I was wrapped up in my two paying jobs, unable to devote my full blogging attention to the revelation that newly sworn in New York Governor David Paterson outed himself and his wife as reformed habitual adulterers.

I was non-too-pleased, but not because I’m some sort of morality cop, but, geez-a-fucking-lou, politicos are narcing on themselves now? My God, America, what the hell is wrong with YOU? Dipping out on your spouse is a bad idea, but it’s none of my business. You didn’t marry my ass. I didn’t give birth to none of your chitlins so why are you telling, David Paterson?

Oh, that’s right. Out of fear of blackmail, of course!

Really? This is what it’s come to – preemptive political marriage character assassination? I get that he wanted to get this out before someone started the shake down, but … what about me? Thanks David, thanks for ruining my third black governor since Reconstruction high. I got to feel good for a day. A DAY!

Can New York not go 48 hours without a sex scandal?

I’m so very pleased to know that the political atmosphere is so toxic even affairs that don’t involve breaking the law with hookers can make a man trot the miserable wife out for another act of public self-flagellation. Why is the press conference of shame so necessary? What are we? A nation of pious prudes? Most of us puny Puritanical popes of pervasity couldn’t pass our own snuff tests with the sex, the booze, the drugs, the guns and all the rock n’ roll. (Never mind the violence, bigotry and road rage.)

We’re a nation of whores, people! Get over it already! It’s enough to make me long for the bad old days when there was a “gentleman’s agreement” between the all white male bodies of both political parties and the media elite to not disclose all the fucking around lest they all get burned by it. That didn’t stop all sex scandals from surfacing, but it at least didn’t mean any self pre-outing of all your sexual “bidness.” Next thing you know candidates will start submitting a list of their sexual partners to go with their medical records.

That said, despite looking like she’d rather get shot in the face than go on another trip down “my husband and I screwed a bunch of people who weren’t each other” lane, Michelle looks very pretty.

3 thoughts on “Man, can anyone keep it in the pants?

  1. aulelia: I believe that Paterson’s wife is a Negro. She looks really pale and ashen in that picture (probably because she wants to throw up. I know I wouldn’t want everyone to know about my “multiple” affairs). But I’ve seen other pictures of her and she is a lovely shade of light brown.She looks like she’s either biracial or came out of one of those ritzy east coast “pass a paper bag test,” Jack and Jill set colored folk dynasties.

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