Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Update!

This post is exclusive of those willing to tolerate my fan girl obsessing with TJ Holmes! If you need some sort of political fix right now hit up or The Root.

Snob stumbler Lauren the Intern hit me up over the weekend after I posted my Google Stalking series on TJ Holmes. She’s with the Houston based magazine Haute Glam which just finished shooting a video interview with TJ and an extensive fashion photo shoot. Naturally, I was very interested in that. Lauren and I are going to stay in touch so I can perchance borrow some of that video footage and snag a copy or two of that magazine.

Lauren swears up and down that TJ is “really unaware of how popular he is.” Really, she says. He has no clue. What? He didn’t pick up on all by lust heat waves burning through the cable TV? Did Roland Martin NOT pass along my message!

The issue of Haute Glam with TJ is set to drop in May. Until the next update, I have some stills from the video via Lauren on the flickr account. Enjoy!

PS. Remember, if you have a TJ update of any sort, please do share. Really. SHARE! Don’t be a stingy little hairless rat-faced TJ hog. You’re not the only one Google Stalking!

6 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Update!

  1. tallulah: Prince is the shit, all day, every day. I blew through $600 in concert tickets during his Musicology tour. ($1,000 if you consider gas from all the driving, food, Prince merchandise and hotel rooms.) I told my friends Prince needed to stop touring California where I was living at the time because I was not going to stop going to his concerts. Every concert was AMAZING!

  2. grown: I specifically told Roland to tell TJ I said “hi.” I’m still waiting to hear back from him! I’m starting to think all that man cared about was me getting my facts straight. The nerve! What about my needs? My TJ Holmes needs? The nerve, I say!I like Roland but he has to know that between Don “So Sour It’s Sweet” Lemon and the Prince of Deliciousness he wasn’t going to rank very high. fantastically misunderstood me: Google stalking is much better than actual stalking. It saves gas mileage and keeps you from being banned from the CNN center in downtown Atlanta.

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