Songs that time forgot

“She Ain’t Worth It,” Glen Medeiros featuring Bobby Brown

I loved this song as I loved any song Bobby Brown rapped on in the late 80s to early-90s.

2 thoughts on “Songs that time forgot

  1. Dear Black Snob:We are related–we are both 30, both Libras, both freelance writers, have both grown up in the south. And now you mention the Bobby Brown thing! I think we were separated at birth.

  2. rnspencer: Bobby is underrated as a rapper. Sure, he was no KRS-One but he made a generic pop R&B track like “She Ain’t Worth It” edgy come to life.And was better at it than Ralph Tresvant. Much better. I couldn’t listen to Ralph rap without laughing. I love him, but “Rated R” was like the worst rap song ever created in the history of rap by a rapper not named Geraldo on a single not named “Rico Suave.” But we might be related. Are you a pragmatist who is partial to sugary deserts and the musical stylings of Prince?

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