Kimora parties St. Louis Style

St. Louis isn’t the most glamorous place, but when Kimora is in town it almost makes up for all the sweatpants and dirty Cardinals baseball caps. Here are the pictures of her Fashion Week launch party at Lumiere Place Hotel & Casino in downtown St. Louis featuring her friends making faces in photo booths, the Vau de Vire Society Circus and the St. Lunatics performing. Let the fabulosity begin! (All photos from Wire Image)

4 thoughts on “Kimora parties St. Louis Style

  1. I absolutely love this woman. She is herself at all times (as evidenced by the last few photos). Bitch is fierce.And now it’s time for a Public Service Announcement *sigh* Dear White Girls in the Last Photo:Must we be all on each other at the party? Really? Is your friend that tasty to where you feel you must bite her in the middle of a set? You almost ruined my Kimora high…almost.

  2. Satin is not your friend, unless you’re about twenty minutes old and without a single flaw. This is my problem with almost all of Kimora’s “designs”, they’re just this side of tacky and unwearable. She looks like a big ole glass of grape soda there and I love grape soda but …I enjoy watching her though, even though she makes me sad what the naming her daughter “Ming” but that’s just my own personal, asian issue.I still choose her show over most anything else as far as “reality” television. Even when I’m laughing at her I still think she leaves all those Housewives, Next Models, Next Designers, Next Chefs in the dust!

  3. Oops, as to the white faux lezzies ~ it’s been the Thing to do for years now. Every male’s dream, you know, girls making out for their viewing. Some public girl/girl grinding evidently makes up for lots of other shortcomings in the looks dept. Meow.

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