Barack Obama and the Preacher of Doom

From, Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright

So, is this whole “black truths” preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Wright scaring the non-Negro laity going to derail Obama’s campaign? Was there a C-O-N-spiracy by the MSM to jump on this thing now when FOX and right wingers have been hitting the “black truths” bong for six months now? What’s going on here?

I get that it freaks out the white folk to hear a man tear into the sins of America like a jungle cat on an antelope, but he’s speaking to the heart of black folk. Black people who don’t celebrate the Fourth of July. Black people who don’t get as emotional over their patriotism as others. It doesn’t mean we don’t love our country, its’ just our country hasn’t always loved us. But how do you explain that to people who actually believe George Washington chopped down that cherry tree?

Rev. Wright was saying things black folks primary say to other black folks. It’s rare to hear this in the public square. One person’s “radical,” is another person’s norm. Listing American’s sins against black and brown folk, and testifying on our warmongering as well as discrimination at home is just what we do. Bitching about our country is our right. I understand many white people see this differently than us, but how can you accept it if you haven’t lived it? We just sound like haters to them.

Michele Norris of NPR’s “All Things Considered” tried to lay down the truth behind Wright’s “truths” on “Meet the Press.” She explained how he is speaking to the heart of the black community. None of the other panelists touched that one, mostly because they were all white men and Norris might as well have been speaking Latin, because her language was dead to them.

I’m going with the MSM picked it up suddenly because of Hillary’s so-called comeback and the right wing media’s steady pimping of all things negative on Obama. Never mind all the criticism the press took regarding their coverage of the race. I hate to say it, but I really think the Saturday Night Live skit did a number on their heads. The press seemed really rattled by it because most reporters fear coming off as biased or partisan, hence the scrutiny on Obama’s unfounded garbage.

And it didn’t help that the Rezko trial started.

Things are only going to get more ridiculous. Be prepared for more shenanigans and chicanery.

2 thoughts on “Barack Obama and the Preacher of Doom

  1. Why is it I feel that this assault against Obama’s spiritual mentor is tied into the negative opinions expressed about Michelle’s– although her statements were twisted and contorted –feelings about America. Obama is being asked to”denounce and renunciate” his ties to Farrakhan,and now to break ties with his spiritual leader… then there was the uproar about Oprah’s support, and the allegations that Oprah was a racist for supporting him…Me thinks they want him to denounce his ties to his lovely and intelligent wife……Are they ready for a black women as first lady? It’s no surprise that HC’s supporters are predominately from the older white women segment of the population. Here we have this fine, intelligent man who chose us instead of one of them. No Tiger stuff goin on here. Maybe it’s just to uncomfortable for the psyche of the older white woman, for a man raised by female non-person of color, to choose a person of color for their soul mate…. Could they secretly want Obama to denounce and reject his blackness?

  2. I love Jeramiah Wright.Actually I love any old black person who speaks their mind to anyone about anything:Dick GregoryNikki GiovanniCornel WestBill CosbyDammit, they are old. They earned the right.

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