One week of Eliot Spitzer and the escort service of doom

Best thing to come out of “Eliot’s Mess”: New York’s first black and legally blind Lt. Governor David Patterson succeeding him and riffing off a ludicrous question about if he’d been with any prostitutes. “Only the lobbyists,” he said.

Worst thing to come out of “Eliot’s Mess”: Everyone assuming the “whore” was happy about it.

Because the press was so caught up in the “glamor” and “exoticism” of high-end prostitution they’d all decided that “Kristen” must love this and will use this to get paid and get lots of book deals and even a recording contract since that was her original goal when she came to the city.

So they raided her MySpace page and splashed it up there in the press as if anything on the MySpace page was related to the Spitzer case. They splashed her pictures everywhere and her real name and thought nothing of the fact that she would not grant interviews and would not talk to the press.

Gee. That almost seems like she didn’t want people to know she was prostitute!

I don’t care how many ways you wrap it, if you’re a prostitute you don’t want people to know you’re a prostitute. Hence the fake names and the secrecy. Plus, whether you’re a stripper, porn actress or a prostitute you get some heavy baggage attached to you. Our society isn’t that enlightened. That’s why there’s no shame in this reporting. She’s a “whore,” she’s already exploiting herself so it’s OK for us to exploit her. She asked for it. She wants it. So we HAVE to put her topless photo on the cover of The Post.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “high end call girl.” High end call girls don’t tell their parents they’re having sex for money. They don’t tell the guys they date. They don’t tell any co-workers, current or former. They don’t tell the folks they went to high school with. They don’t tell their siblings or grandparents. They might not even tell their friends.

Women who sell their bodies for sex, no matter how much money they make, have issues. Usually horrible deep seeded, self-loathing, destructive issues. (See: Karrine Steffans)

If “Kristen” wanted the fame of being attached to a horny New York governor she would have narced on him for the loot a long time ago. She would have sold her story to the New York tabloids who are quoting her MySpace page, which strangely enough, is not about being a whore!

So in defense of the woman everyone assumes is happy about this even though no one has talked to her, only hitting up her MySpace page and chatting with some opportunistic, shady, alleged “friends,” just slag off already. In prostitution cases usually the only who gets punished is the woman. Maybe she’s afraid of being prosecuted or forced to testify. Maybe she thought she could just be a call girl on the side to make some bank then get out of it, pretending like the whole “whore” thing never happened.

Oh well! Thanks media! Good to know that all the women in the Spitzer prostitute saga are victims and “OK” with it. After all, every little girl wants to grow up and have possibly dangerous, unsafe sex with a horny politician who reduces you to your vagina and only your vagina. No big! I bet it was fun to have to talk Eliot out of whatever crazy ass “unsafe” thing he wanted to do. And I bet there’s no blow back AT ALL about being outed as a prostitute. I’m sure the people who know her will continue to treat her the same as when she was just a girl with a demo tape and a MySpace page.

7 thoughts on “One week of Eliot Spitzer and the escort service of doom

  1. No Snob.I was with you up until the deep-seated issues–unless you’re talking about some of the ones on the street. That’s not usually true.Whenever they do studies of prostitutes/escorts, 95% of them are not on the street and 75% of those actually enjoy the act of sex. They’re not usually stressed.Most are there because they want to be: some for the money (4300 dollars is a lot to have to turn down), some for the sex, some for the adventure/lifestyle, some began when they were really young and don’t know/can’t see/don’t want to try anything else. There are lots of reasons.I assume you know that a fair percentage of them have UNIVERSITY degrees and college diplomas, have had other careers, and sometimes still have other careers.

  2. Moody’s: I’m aware that when you get into the “high end call girl/soccer mom part-time prostitute” area it does involve a lot of cash. But the enjoyment angle is rather debatable. There are exceptions to every rule, but for most women to have sex with strangers you may not be attracted to involves a certain degree of divorcing yourself from what’s actually happening to you. And from all the speculation about Spitzer’s “date” she is likely not some brainy law student, but someone who wanted to break into the entertainment industry and got lost in hookertown on her way to a deal. Everyone is so caught up in all this “Pretty Woman/American Gigolo” glamor that even groups that represent women who are sex workers (I know, a sex worker union. Who know?) were beyond appalled and felt people shouldn’t let the price tag fool you. There is still a great deal of exploitation and risk at all levels of sex working. Hence the whole can you handle the guy who wants to do something “unsafe” gambit. I’m sure that’s not a rarity. The number one reason why men have sex with hookers is because she’s a rental. You don’t have to really respect her or even think of her as a human being. So there’s just no guarantees whether you’re going to an annoying pissant or an abusive, woman-hating monster. Hence the fake names, the third-party bookers, the vetting and security and the fancy high end pimps who become “madams” and such.So, I could be wrong, but lots of money or no money, to have sex with a stranger you’re not attracted to and have no connection with involves having part of yourself die inside. Now once that part is dead, sure, go crazy. You might love it by then. But you still have to kill it to get to that point. There are maybe some women who can do it without self-murder, but given how vulnerable a woman is during sex, I’d doubt it.I can’t think of the woman’s name anymore, but she was an Asian American who was a New York call girl and wrote a book about it. She was pulling down 2Gs and still hated herself, convinced herself it was great because she had money, yet every relationship she had with men was messed up in some kind of way and the madam was a horrible person, even though she’d almost convinced herself that it was great. So she would say how fun it was in one chapter, then some really fucked up shit would happen in the next chapter, and then you’d hear about her father issues.But I’m rambling. Long story short, we don’t know what “Kristin’s” deal is. And as a woman, I’m standing by my “self-murder” claim as every form of taking off clothes for money from street walker to stripper to porn star to call girl involves a healthy degree of self-delusion, even if it’s to pay for law school. I had some pervy old man try to recruit me as a stripper in college to make some extra money. Of the girls I knew who took up that offer they weren’t anything that looked like happy no matter how much money they were pulling down. And that was just stripping.Hopefully Kristen saved some of that money for lawyers and such. She’s going to be super unhappy until she either moves out of the country to start over (a la Monica Lewinsky) or decides to embrace this (gah!) for career advancement and poses for Playboy, starts touring the party circuit with Kim Kardashian. She’ll be in that ex-sex workers no man’s land like Heidi Fliess and Karrine Steffans, where you can never live shit down. Maybe gets her own show on E!, creates a line of handbags, marries Danny Bonaduche, then dies after a 48-hour cocaine bender in some D-list celebrity’s pool.

  3. Thanks Lizzy! I’m glad people enjoy my ramblings. I’m just happy to see it growing and enjoying all my regulars, like Moody up there and you.I’ll check out your site!

  4. Snob,I had a followup comment, but I don’t see it here(?).It was the one about me providing you with studies–via The Mustang Ranch and–that 75% of escorts enjoy the act of sex, and that if they’re charging lots of money, they certainly do choose who they’re with, get tested regularly, and have rules that show who the real boss is.My comment was much longer than this. Did you not get it?I spoke(typed) about listening to adult sex workers talk on CBC radio about how they CHOSE their profession, and about how telling people they like being an escort seems to close people’s ears so that they just stop talking about it. (They were on the radio to publicize their desire/need for more protection.)I spoke about my Gorgeous Blonde friend who paid for her entire BUSINESS degree by stripping, and that most strip clubs up here don’t allow touching. (Men complain to me that they resent being teased and not being able to touch. They also complain about the strippers’ snottiness towards them.)I also asked you if you’d seen that show ‘Family Business’ where the participants in porn movies are “shown” before, during and after, clearly enjoying what they’re doing. I mentioned how difficult the porn business is supposed to be to get into, and that some of the “actors” bomb.I said some other things…. Did you not receive that comment?

  5. moody: Nope. I didn’t get the original response. And I’ve heard about the Cadillac Ranch survey, but I just don’t take much stock in it. It’s in their best interest to say it’s all fun and they love it. No one wants to lose the illusion of a fun time. I just know that for most women involved in this sort of behavior it’s mostly about business. I’m sure there are those who enjoy it, but I think the vast majority just enjoy the money. I can’t see how it would be fun for anyone to have sex with someone they are not attracted to.So I’m calling them out as fakers. Fun fakers.

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