Kimora and St. Louis: Back together again

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that my Flo-Mo homie got all choked up from all the love the Lou was giving her. In town to jump start St. Louis’ fashion week (coming up next weekend) She was given the key to the city and her own day and a throng of family, friends, classmates, local dignitaries and fans were there to cheer her own. She was just so verklmepf, ya’ll. She just didn’t know what to say!

“I’m very overwhelmed. I don’t usually stutter, you’ve seen my (television) show. So I’m deeply moved and greatly honored,” said Simmons, who was accompanied by crews filming an episode of her Style Channel reality series, “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane.”

She didn’t have a prepared speech, and instead spoke in her usual blunt stream-of-consciousness, which is typically humorous and self-effacing. When she forgot to say, “Thank you for letting me be here,” her 5-year-old daughter, Aoki Lee, prompted her from the front row.

Simmons dutifully complied with her daughter’s suggestion and later said, “See how they treat me.”

It’s always nice to see St. Louis lay off the haterade once in a while and celebrate their own. Plus, Kimora was “kind” enough to bring her TV show with her, which means I have to start watching “Life in the Fab Lane” again just to see the St. Louis episode.

Until then, St. Louis’ official fashion week is now on fire with fabulousity!

Below are two video reports, one from local Fox affiliate FOX 2 News and the other from The Post-Dispatch.

In other random Kimora news: Every gossip outfit is saying Kimora is knocked up by her hot man friend Djimon Hounsou. If she is, that’s totally awesome. She’s an ex-model. He’s an ex-model. They’re both tall and good looking. They can dance together while Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do Without You” if they get married and have a wedding.

And considering that Djimon is still in the same shape he was during that video, it would be all kinds of awesome to dance to that at a wedding of any sort. And the song is probably pretty apropos for any relationship with my favorite drama queen.

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