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Warning: If you don’t want TJ Holmes, the winner of the Ed Bradley Award for Journalistic Hotness, to take you away, Fefe Dobson-style, from your daily drudgery to Atlanta to be his “Georgia Peach” 4-eva, you probably should stop reading now. But if you are unhealthily obsessed with all that deliciousness, stop going through his garbage and read this post. You know he already has that restraining order out on you!

I’m Google Stalking TJ Holmes and I don’t care who knows. Oh, and that’s Y&R’s Victoria Rowell in the bottom shot with him. I, personally, like Victoria, but right now my mind is all, “You lucky heifer. How could you resist not tearing that shirt off with your teeth?” (WireImage)

The Snob has a lot of fake boyfriends (Aaron McGruder, Wentworth Miller, Dwayne Wayne, Prince, etc.), but the most wonderful and fairest of them all is Sir TJ Holmes of CNN Weekend.

It’s like someone put two of my favorite things together: hot black men and the news. God, he’s the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of TV Journalism!

I don’t know if it’s because TJ looks like my break dancing high school crush (sigh) melded with that really hot Trekkie for Jesus guy I dated back in Bakersfield (double sigh with the Lord). Now, if I could only find a break dancing lazy Christian who likes Sci-Fi and the news (triple sigh).

That said, among the many, many features at TBS (including Not Helping!, Pot Calling Kettle, Vanity Fair and Incognegro) I’ve come up with an excuse to work in more TJ Holmes references.

I’ve put together a flickr collection of nothing but pictures of TJ Holmes. When I find new pictures I will add to it and will, of course, let you all know. I realized I needed to put them on the flickr because I wasn’t about to post more than 70 pictures to my blog lest I kill all the people who don’t come to TBS to hear me moan about TJ’s too much sexy and peanut butter cups.

This new batch of news porn is technically “old.” They’re from last summer when I didn’t have a Wire Image account. TJ’s at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans interviewing a bunch of people. Blah, blah. WHO CARES! What’s TJ doing? He’s wearing sunglasses and he’s smiling and he’s so thin yet athletic looking. I wonder if he can do a pop n’ lock routine? Because if he could do a pop n’ lock routine and, dare I say it, beat box, I would catch the vapors and pass the fizzuck out!

Quadruple sigh! … Enjoy!

PS. Feel free to share any video, photos or secret reconnaissance of TJ to add to the arsenal of sexy. Just send it to The Snob at or post the link below.

34 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes

  1. WOW…Is all I can say. This man has it going on for real. I just want to say thanks for making this site on him. He is doing his thang and I have no problem watching any news when he is on and reporting it. He is fore sure my crush!!!

  2. TJ is sooooooooooooo dammmmmmmn fiiiiiiiine!!!!!! I just realised this week just how hot he is! I’m gonna meet him and put up pics for y’all!!!! Love you TJ!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m totally in love with TJ! He’s so adorable and makes watching CNN even better! I found your blog while I was, of course, stalking him since just watching him on the weekends (and occasionally during the week) just isn’t enough anymore!

  4. Sweet Jesus.Not only is he dirk digler (“i’m a star”… scene) hot… that voice is like smooth jazz on a saturday afternoon…

  5. i went to west memphis high with tj, although we called him “T.” i threw myself at him everyday in english. he politely rebuffed my increasingly desperate attempts. such a classy guy.

  6. I found T.J while watching the news a few months ago, but didn’t take note of his name at the time. So I was super thrilled when I saw him on CNN over the weekend. OMG!!!! does it get any sexier, if so I don’t want to see it because I couldn’t stand it. Hands off ladies the boy is mine.

  7. TJ is not only very attractive, he actually comes across as a pretty cool guy. I know a lot of guys who look as good as him and who just have a great personality and there’s nothing more beautiful. Well, Black men are beautiful. Anyway, hopefully he’s not just looks alone but is a good journalist who has breath and depth. Ed Bradley was the king of media….intelligent, well read, a genuine presence, extremely attractive, etc… I want to see TJ on the cover of TIME Magazine, not Playgirl so hopefully he’ll be taken seriously.

  8. I used to work with “Lou” in Fayetteville AR. He is truly a class act. OOooozes beautiful out of every pore! He truly takes your breath away. I knew he would be a star someday. He has a beautiful Sister too. His parents deserve all the praise.

  9. Hey, ran across this site and enjoy it but please tell me why everytime a positive post comes out about a brother doin his thang, you have some hater, envious, self hating individual making negative comments… whether your a man or woman making these types of statement get a damn life and seek professional help. T J my brother God’s got your back..keep him first.

  10. I must say, I have developed a serious case of “happily married mother of 2 but have a serious case of lust” for TJ. He is this irresistible combination of beauty and brains, and innocence yet undercover bad boy sexiness . . . oh my goodness I need a moment LOL ! And to the “anonymous” that claims he is gay, please, stop hating. And let us enjoy our awe. thanks for confirming my belief that this brother may possibly be the sweetest thing since chocolate-covered strawberries and croissants.

  11. furthermore, if you have google-stalked him even a little bit, you know that he is a divorcee who was recently dating Chilli from TLC.

  12. ALL: Please continue to share your love of TJ but PLEASE, keep it clean. I just had to delete a trio of pornographic comments. Don’t make me have to come in here again!

  13. TJ Holmes is the hottest most delectable human being alive. I have had a crush on this man since I first laid eyes on him. To create a man this beautiful has got to be a sin.

  14. I’m sitting here watching the Houston hurricane coverage and T.J. Holmes keeps distracting me! He’s absolutely gorgeous. I was like let me google him and find out some more about him….since I gush over him whenever I see him on CNN. Nice to see I’m not the only one lol.

  15. He is really SEXY, and smart, but that voice, Imagine that voice next to you in bed, too bad he does not like guys.

  16. I love him! and I seriously feel you on the whole “happily married with one kid but dayum!” lust for him too.Black Snob thank you so much for also mentioning my other baby daddy in my fake world “Wentworth Miller”…although TJ is hot Wenty is not far behind him…..Whew. Is it a little hot in here?

  17. lordy jesus ! yes do u know what i would do to him…he is sooo scrumptious , when i make it to the big leauges and up on cnn u better bet i’ll be workin close to him shoot i ‘ll even be his intern now nd i’ll be his lil monica but since im black im not gonna gonna put him out there…and yes i internet stalk him also thats how i found this page lol…

  18. Looks, talent, that smile, that voice…and humble too? This man is so fine I almost wish he WAS gay, that way I wouldn’t have to suffer if I saw him with a woman other than myself. I just missed my favorite afternoon show ’cause I caught him standing in for someone on the Monday edition.

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