Dammit Hillary, can’t you see you’re breaking Keith Olbermann’s heart?

Hillary, it wasn’t supposed to get to his point, but you’ve left Keith Olbermann with no other choice. He’s whippin’ out two hefty scoops of “Special Comment” on your ass.

As many of you may know Keith Olbermann opened up a can o’ exasperation on Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton. Mostly Clinton with a beleaguered treatse directed at her friends and supporters.

Keith usually saves his “Special Comments” the high crimes and misdemeanors of the Bush Administration. But now Keith sees what many of us have been seeing for some time.

The Democrats are going to fuck this all up … again.

We have a president with a 30 percent popularity rating. We’ve got 60 percent of the country wanting to end the war. We’ve got a 13 point lead on people thinking they’d rather have the Dems in charge than the other guy.

Dick n’ Bush have served us up some victory on a silver platter and left it unguarded because all their troops are stuck in intractable conflicts. There’s victory, primed and right there for the snatching, but rather than keep our eyes on the prize we’ve opened up a new front in self-destructive black folk on old white feminist violence.

Olbermann just couldn’t understand … Why? Why now? Don’t you know he’s been screaming on the air for the entire Bush Administration about this? Why are you ruining this for everyone, Hillary? Why? You’re ruining EVERYTHING!!!

Senator, as it has reached its apex in their tone deaf, arrogant and insensitive reaction to the remarks of Geraldine Ferraro, your own advisers are slowly killing your chances to become president. Senator, their words and your own are now slowly killing the chances for any Democrat to become president. In your tepid response to this Ferraro disaster, you may sincerely think you disenthralling an enchanted media and righting an unfair advance bestowed on Senator Obama. You may think the matter has closed with Representative Ferraro’s bitter, almost threatening resignation letter.

But, in fact, senator, you are now campaigning as if Barack Obama were the Democrat and you were the Republican. As Shakespeare wrote, senator, “that way madness lies.”

Keith’s eyes glimmer and twitch. He is full of confusion and sadness and rage. And yet he goes on.

Senator Clinton, that is not a campaign strategy. This is a suicide pact. This week alone, your so-called strategists have declared that Senator Obama has not yet crossed some commander in chief threshold, but he might still be your choice to be vice president, even though a quarter of the previous 16 vice presidents have become commander in chief during the greatest kind of crisis this country can face, a midterm succession, but you only pick him if he crosses that threshold by the time of the convention.

But if he does cross that threshold by the time of the convention, he will only have done so sufficiently enough to become vice president, not president? Senator, if the serpentine logic of your so-called advisers were not bad enough, now thanks to Geraldine Ferraro and your campaigns initial refusal to break with her, and your new relationship with her, now more disturbing still with her claim that she can now speak for herself about her vision as Senator Obama as some kind of embodiment of a quota if she wishes.

If you were to seek Obama as a vice president, it would be to Miss Ferraro some called of social engineering gesture, some kind of racial make good. Do you not see, senator?

And then Keith finishes with some James Brown-style “Please, please, please!” begging, pleading for the Dems to stop fucking up our cakewalk. Don’t do what we always do. My GOD! Think of Reagan if you have to! Thou shalt not speak ill of your fellow Democrat! C’mon already! We’re one more Republican Administration from becoming a fascist police state!

This, Senator Clinton, is your campaign and it is your name. Grab the reigns back from whoever has led you to this precipice before it is too late. Voluntarily or inadvertently, you are still awash in this filth. Your only reaction has been to disagree, reject, to call it regrettable. Her only reaction has been to brand herself as the victim and resign from your committee and insist she will continue to speak. Unless, senator, you say something definitive, the former congresswoman is speaking with your approval. You must remedy this and you must reject and denounce Geraldine Ferraro. Good night and good luck.

The reviews of Keith’s impassioned, bellowing screed were a mixture of “shock and awe,” written with the hyperbole usually reserved for the camp of 1970s Adam West version “Batman.”

Huffington Post: “OUCH!”

Roland Martin for Essence.com: “I tried to write something regarding what he said, and all I could come up with was, ‘Damn!‘”

Wonkette.com: “We are four minutes through this video of MSNBC host Keith Olbermann’s special ‘Special Comment’ about Hillary Clinton. It’s the first time he has made a ‘Special Comment’ about a Democrat. It is a nine-minute video. He is the angriest person in the galaxy. SOS!”

Commenter Mister Anderson at Crooks and Liars: “The Clinton campaign is as deaf, dumb and blind as the Bush administration…. Strap up ladies and gentlemen, we’ve gotten off the Hindenburg to ride the Titanic!”

And Steve Benen of The Carpetbagger Report, not commenting on Olbermann, but the whole Sherman’s March to Sea, the burning Atlanta to the ground, destroying the heart of the Democratic coalition.

“Good lord,” Benen writes, “Note to the campaigns and the DNC: this is a problem in need of immediate attention. Fix it. Now.”

Yes, Steve. “Fix it. Now,” indeed. See what you did, Hillary? You’re making Keith Olbermann do “Special Comments” on his fellow Liberals. Can’t you see what we’ve become?

Samantha Power was right. You are a monster.

7 thoughts on “Dammit Hillary, can’t you see you’re breaking Keith Olbermann’s heart?

  1. Olbermann normally leaves me a little embarrassed for him, the few times I’ve been able to sit through one of his histrionic scoldings they’ve left me feeling like offering him a cup of tea and a nap. It was enjoyable to hear him say some of the very obvious points that have been slamming around the inside of my brain but really, what’s it going to do?I mean, I’m not sorry he said them and it looks like there are many, many people “me too”ing so there’s that but … she did her damage, didn’t she? It’s going to echo for a looong time to come with the folks who feel just like her.I don’t begrudge him his weeping and hand wringing but you know, where has he been these many long years? I can only hope that it’s not too little, too late.

  2. lolo: I always call Keith one of the greatest suffers of “white Liberal guilt” than any white person I know. Sometimes when he’s apologizing for things that don’t warrant apologies I just cringe. Not that he’s doing anything wrong, per say. I think he’s sincere in his contrition. Who would be that big of a lefty on purpose? But if you’re a hardcore Lib, he and Dan Abrams are it. It’s either watch them or wait until Jon Stewart comes on.Stewart is also prone so some hand wringing, but since his is a comedy show he can put his inner white Liberal guilt aside and crack some jokes about how lame he, and everyone else, is.But I think Stewart must “heart” Keith Olbermann because he makes fun of almost every TV host except him. He’ll beat up Chris Matthews during an interview but no mention of Keith’s habit of apologizing to every wronged woman, minority or gay person who comes on the show on the behalf of those bad white people who wouldn’t apologize.My word!

  3. liberal guilt or not, dude is right on this one. I really can’t see myself voting for Hillary if she wins the nomination. I used to holding my nose while voting, but I don’t see any difference between her and republicans at this point. I understand “take one for the team”, but its like she is daring me not to vote for her.

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  5. Her latest monstrosity is to say she was wise to remain on the Michigan ballot after having said the election meant nothing at the time. How many registered PA voters cannot see through her. I would say that would be her percentage of the vote.

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