Things That Used to Be On BET That Can’t Be On It Now

1. Donnie Simpson (too nice and polished)

2. Any news/public affairs program (black folks don’t watch the news, sez Uncle Bob)

3. Any video made by Public Enemy (Goodness, what would the white folks who own BET think? Heaven forbid!)

I just don’t see today’s BET showing PE’s videos for “Can’t Truss It,” “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos” or “Fight the Power.” For that matter, I can’t even see today’s BET playing the West Coasted-based rappers’ anti-violence jam “We’re All In the Same Gang,” let alone the original east coast-based rappers’ Stop the Violence Movement’s song “Self-Destruction.” Goodness! Taking about history and racism! Questioning the corporate media? Wondering about why our world is the way it is? Why, black children might get up and want to DO something with their lives! Heaven forbid! Turn it off! TURN IT OFF!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Things That Used to Be On BET That Can’t Be On It Now

  1. Things that used to be on BET that can’t be on it now: What are “Videos” for $5000 Snob?I never see videos on there unless they are on 106 & Park.

  2. The ad agencies on Madison Avenue has got us pegged right after all.. Blacks prefer sweeter & stronger juices, deep fried foods, naked women, louder music, and spicier entrées.

  3. grown: I can’t believe I forgot the lack of videos. Heaven forbid BET showing six hours of videos every day. I mean, I’d prefer it to Hell Date and reruns of the Jamie Foxx show, but whatever. No one at BET cares what I think.gerald: I still remember all those ads on old skool BET with Billie Dee Williams, and later Ice Cube, trying to sell me malt liquor and ads for S-Curl cause “it’s a man’s look.”And the ultimate classic BET commercial was for that slow jam collection LP that ended with the dude saying, “Oh no, my brother! You got to get cho’ own!”But I’m sure BET’s commercials now are sophisticated, high end trash as opposed to Negro kitsch they were back n’ da day.

  4. IW: It saddens me that an entire generation of BET watching children will not know the brilliant black commercials thrown together on shoe string budgets for soul records and S-Curl kits. And Billie Dee with that thick ‘stache sellin’ Colt 45!I can’t remember the Colt 45 slogan anymore. But “Oh no, my brother. You got to get yo’ own” will be with me always.

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