Pot Calling Kettle: Ferraro talks to FOX and makes things worse, methinks

From PubDef.net:

Gee, Geraldine. Maybe you should give yourself my coveted “Not helping!” Award. You’ll get to share it with such dignitaries as BET found Robert Johnson and 42nd president of the United States Bill Clinton.

I know that you take umbrage at folks calling you a racist. No one likes to be called a racist. And I did not call you a racist. My attack was more along the lines that you were hypocritical, elitist and ignorant. But please do go ahead, try to explain to people how one can say “if Barack Obama were white” and have it NOT come off as a racially flavored bile. And tacking on how you only got the veep spot on the ’84 ticket because you were a dame is a pretty pathetic argument considering if Geraldine Ferraro had been Gerald Ferraro, he and Walter Mondale would have still loss the 1984 race because neither of you had snowball’s chance in hell of beating Reagan.

But in your defense I don’t think you should have to step down either. Although my take is mostly on the grounds that I didn’t think Samantha Powers should have resigned from the Obama campaign for calling Hillary a “monster.” After all, what you said only came off as bigoted and ignorant rather than rude and sexist in the most rudimentary of senses (unless you want to convince me “monster” is a sexist term). And while I agree that the Op-Ed piece by Orlando Patterson in the NY Times regarding seeing the KKK in Hillary’s 3 a.m. ad is totally el pollo loco, that doesn’t make your statements sound any better.

9 thoughts on “Pot Calling Kettle: Ferraro talks to FOX and makes things worse, methinks

  1. Over at MSNBC, they’re all like “She’s been sick, she had <A HREF="http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20527638/“ REL=”nofollow”>cancer, she’s been having chemotherapy” and then they say “She’s gone through so much, she’s emotional.”. I didn’t see ANY of that after the “monster” comment. Don’t you think Samantha Powers was sleep deprived? Frustrated? Emotional? Hmph.

  2. nonie: Oh my fuggin’ Gawd! Was my seven year old self AWARE of this garbage at the time when she wrote her well-wishes to Geraldine in 1984? I’m going to have to give that young, budding snob a piece o’ my mind!

  3. how is the country going to survive until the DNC in August with all these fools speaking their minds so freely?Geraldine Ferraro is not a racist as an opportunist…she knows women like her and Hillary benefit the most from affirmative action policies. The stats bear that out. She’s throwing her spoon into the kitchen sink approach to campaign. Again, how are we going to survive until Denver?

  4. TBS: Right there with you on this one. Ferraro was already demented and I don’t know what Clinton’s thinking.I posted about it.I’ve made my decision and put it up on Torrance’s blog. I didn’t vote in the primary because I was protesting that the AmericansAbroad Primary were given sweet fuck-all for delegates. And I don’t think it’s worth the hassle to vote for either Obama or Clinton in the general election because my vote counts LESS STILL in the general election. We have the taxation without representation tyranny and we get bullshit for electors. I obviously can’t vote for McCain.If Cynthia McKinney is on the ballot for the Green Party, she might get my vote because I like her and because if it’s a question of the Green party getting funds for next time, my votes counts 5 times or more than anyone else’s.I’m not advocating for anybody anymore, unless one of these two actually SHOW me something of a way forward AND continue to fight hard against each other. “Commmander-In-Chief” doesn’t work for me with Clinton. “Post partisan” doesn’t work for me with Obama.I will say that Obama’s gaining campaign savvy as he goes along and Clinton appears to be losing campaign savvy.

  5. Kelso and i am not star jones: I don’t think Ferraro is a racist either. I think she’s just pissed over Hillary not being in the lead and how Obama showed up and “crashed” their party by winning.I think all this feminist-on-Negro word violence is getting a shade ridiculous. This is even more stupid that the Mexican-on-Negro palabra assassinations. And you know the bigots in the Republican Party got the chuckles over this, ready to “wag the finger of shame” at the Dem’s for not living up to their “fairy tale” of tolerance.But this is what happens when you have as many waring tribes in one party. Being in a party of inclusion means you can’t exclude anyone. The Dems have never had this dilemma before and don’t know how to respond. Blacks and women, while important to the party, were not prominent in the running of the party. Now that is female Clinton and a black Obama are running around no one knows what the hell to do.Despite the ineptitude of Clinton’s campaign, if she manages to finagle the nomination I’ll be pissed, but since I CANNOT allow another Republican administration, I will vote for her. A couple supreme court justices are slated to retire this year and if another Republican gets in, no matter how moderate he is, he will appease the base by packing the bench with “activist” conservative ideologues who will magically “interpret” the constitution to give the president more executive powers and corporates more protection against discrimination and civil lawsuits and make it ever so much harder for women to choose to have an abortion or be in control of their own bodies.If two more conservative judges are picked now it will radically change laws for a generation. I just can’t live with that. I’m voting Democrat irregardless just because a future of more imperial presidents and being unable to fight if your rights are infringed is one I do not want to see.But I do hope Clinton doesn’t try some shenanigans to get the nomination because I don’t know if the party can recover from that. If you’re a liberal woman or a black person there are not many options politically outside of the Democratic Party (and a “Sisters Doin’ It For Ourselves With Negroes” Party isn’t going to happen any time soon). So many people have said, “Well, where are you going to go?” But my reaction is that we’ll go home. People just won’t vote and despite all the caterwauling the Democrats CANNOT win if Negroes don’t show up to vote in swing states. We’re the most reliable base who can push them over the top. They can not have the “Great Negro Not Voting Quiet Riot” of 2008 and still win back the presidency. McCain is already going to woe goo-gobs of white males to his side who are just oft-put by either a woman or a black person. The Democrats really need us.That’s why I wish, WISH that Clinton would have bite the bullet before she decided to let her campaign run all off the tracks and pushed towards party unity.It would have been nice if they’d both agreed to run competent, responsible campaigns pre-South Carolina, focusing on winning people over with their political pluses and oratory skills. And because Obama’s campaign has out-maneuvered Hillary’s over and over it’s hard to even focus on what abilities she brings to the table.If she had just recognized that we were in uncharted waters with a black person and woman running head-to-head that any signs of race-baiting or misogyny were going to be interpreted as the IEDs of the campaign.If she weren’t so dead set on being the winner no matter the cost, maybe people would be less polarized and more energized about the campaign and the prospects of a unity ticket. Now whenever Hillary drops these not-so-subtle hint it just rings of cynicism.

  6. Here is my cynical view from Inside The White Race (where few dare to go): Okay, hear me out – they have already lost the black vote, right? I mean – after all the race baiting and foolishness that has occurred. So – perhaps (adjust your tin foil hat, now) perhaps they are reaching out to the “blue collar, downscale voters” that are their base by reinforcing the belief these voters have that the “all these black people keep taking all the good jobs because of Affirmative Action”. If they can plant in these people’s mind that Obama is the “Affirmative Action” candidate and got where he is only because he is black, that stirs up all their Righteous White People Resentment and – once again – will damage Obama in the general election. But hey – it’s not just me saying that – Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe this mornig said pretty much the same thing.

  7. nonie: I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the Clintons’ goal at this point. That’s the only thing that makes sense here, especially since she didn’t ask Ferraro to step down. That was a signal that Obama is anathema to her and she doesn’t care if she has to murder the Democratic coalition to get to the nomination.I think this level of rhetoric is dangerous and highly reckless, but I think Hillary stopped giving a fug two months ago.And Chris Matthews also said something similar on Hardball last night. No one wanted to back him up, but being from Pennsylvania he knew what was going on in his state. Another cable TV news pundit on CNN said Pennsylvania was Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in-between. That’s why all the pundits see this state possibly going for Clinton.

  8. Damn right she don’t give a fug…all she wants is to win. To hell with the party, to hell with the country, to hell with any other democrats downticket hoping for some coattails. She is scorching the earth so that nothing will grow. Even she can now see that Obama will be the nominee, so she says “If I can’t live in this house, I’ll light that fukka up!”. She’s going to do as much damage to him as she can, (look! he’s black! he’s muslim! he’s naive!) then cross her fingers that he’ll lose to McCain where she can then say “See? I told you so…” and then she can run in 2012. My opinion? She IS a monster.

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