More on Negroes vs. White Feminists Verbal Violence

From my snob reader (and real life, long-time friend) Tiffany, an NPR sound clip about Kimberle Crenshaw and Farai Chideya discussing Chideya’s response to Gloria Steinem’s controversial, black men versus white women op-ed piece in the times and other grumblings over who should be “America’s ‘first’ in the Oval office — a black person or a woman.”

Chideya makes some good points about how this debate is damaging and debilitating because feminists have argued in the past against “ranking” their struggle along the struggle of others, but now that is exactly what they’re doing. She feels as a black feminist Ferraro and Steinem are making it harder for black feminists who want to reach out to their own.

2 thoughts on “More on Negroes vs. White Feminists Verbal Violence

  1. This has historically been a problem between white and black feminists. Even back in the day, the NWSA always ranked their gender over race. They constantly argued with congressmen to be granted the right to vote and work in certain areas before black men and even went so far as to make black women who supported their movement (such as Sojourner Truth) choose between being a woman or a colored person.Bottom line: Some of them are batshit crazy (Here’s looking at you G!) and they are truly convinced that they have been oppressed simply because they are WHITE WOMEN.

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