Obama brings the Hope Train to Rolling Stone

Jack and Jill Politics is reporting that Rolling Stone Magazine has made all of Barack’s Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show dreams come true.

The mag endorsed him, and my man, I’m sorry, Michelle’s man, who looks smokin’ hot like Luke Skywalker emerging from the deserts of Tatooine in an aptly named sci-fi epic.

I’m sure it will irk the haters that RS decided to bathe Obama in a gauzy blue, heavenly glow and they will insinuate that the liberal media is making Barack out to be the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Democrats, but I say, that’s just the Force making him looks so radiant and soft-focusy.

2 thoughts on “Obama brings the Hope Train to Rolling Stone

  1. Use The Force Luke! Looks like that recommendation is working. First calling HRC out in Ole Miss about her “Hoodwinking” and “bamboozling” tactics and now Rolling Stone Mag.This just keeps getting better abd better. LMAO! Yes he is Michelle’s Man Snob. Don’t forget that. 🙂

  2. OH YEAH!The Force is with him!Thanks, I think our town probably gets about 6 Rolling Stone Magazines an issue. Thanks for the tip. I’ll want to nab this one.Peggy Sue

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