Hell … to … the … no

I heard about this yesterday, but I’m just now getting to it: Conservative New York Times Columnist (and all around nut job) Bill Kristol is suggesting that … wait for it … Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, wayward Negro and resident really angry dude, should be John McCain’s running mate.

“He could persuade the most impressive conservative in American public life, Clarence Thomas, to join the ticket,” writes Kristol.

In fairness, Kris-Kris name-checked other questionable people for the veep spot, including Dem-gone-bad Sen. Joe Lieberman, Gen. David Petraus and Gen. Raymond Odierno. But Thomas, the man with the least experience who got through the most contentious senate hearings to become the nuttiest self-loathing justice on the Supreme Court is maddening.

Is this a case of “balance a black guy with another black guy”? Is this one of those “black people are stupid and will vote for any black dude” ruses? Because if it didn’t work for homo-fascist, daughter-hating asshole Alan Keyes when he ran against Barack Obama for senate, and it didn’t work for Michael Steele, JC Watts and bunch of other black candidates us Negroes gave the side-eye, why would it work for Thomas who black people cannot stand? I mean, really. A lot of black people hate his ass. I just think he’s a screwy and hates himself so much that he’s bent on destroying the lives of all Negroes in an effort to save us from nice liberal white folk and the government who apparently coddles us. Never mind that this same government that seems to enjoy prosecuting black folks because it doesn’t matter if you get it right as long as a darkie is in prison at the end of the day. But hate is not a strong enough word for other individuals.

For my opinion on Thomas’ tradition of “The Crazy” click here. For Bill Kristol’s column of horrors, click here.

3 thoughts on “Hell … to … the … no

  1. Snob is this dude for real? This is some kind of joke right? I have to say that I continue to be amazed at the complete cluelessness of some white folks when it comes to black people.I mean, some of them really don’t get us at all do they? The idea that Clarence Thoms should be VP for McCain is too ridiculous for words.I would certainly hope that this columnist wouldn’t presume to believe that we just vote black because it’s black.Wow! Only in America.

  2. If one would even remotely support the mute Justice Clarence Thomas for any public office, then I would strongly suggest that current Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice be the vice-presidential running mate for whomever garners the Democratic nomination.

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